How to Shoot a Medieval Longbow
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How to Shoot a Medieval Longbow

August 18, 2019

What we’ve got here is your Longbow, it’s a
very simple weapon made famous during The Hundred Years War, in the 14th and the 15th century.
It’s a very simple thing, it’s the heart and the sapwood, the inside and the
outside of the yew tree from the tree-trunk, the string it’s just linen
string , with piece a cow horn on each end and yet you have a weapon that can shoot one
of these well over 300 paces, but look at the arrow, it has a barbed point, its called a
broad head. Once it’s inside your body, you can’t pull it out it’s so simple you
put the arrow on, you look at the target, you bring him back, and simply let him go.
You had to train by law at least from the age of 7, you’d shoot for two hours after
church every Sunday. Thing about it is, because you’re training so much you don’t
actually look down the arrow, you’re looking at the target all of the time,
you fix yourself on to that point and the whole idea is you’re pouring the
arrow fast, accurate, and under power, straight into the enemy. you

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  1. nice vid but if the broad head cant be pulled out, how did he get it out of the target?:P im joking, im an archer, just seems funny:P

  2. no such thing as a right or left handed bow if your thinking longbow, just shoot it normally from the other side of your body ie: holding with your right hand, drawing with your left. hope that helps

  3. how powerful is the long bow? can it penertrate wood shield? i know its fire power is 180lb, which is 40 lb more than asian composite bow.

  4. I have a trouble with my longbow. It either goes to the left or to the right when I release, depending on which side I rest my arrow. I think there are no arrow rests on longbows. How do I…?

  5. i used to have a kids bow, i'd train 2-3 hours every day and it wouldn't porpoise or anything, then it broke :(. The new bow i got keeps porpoising and fishtailing. And now seeing this awesome longbow makes me want to make one.

  6. No, you can make a longbow from other trees, but Yew is a natural for it. The prized Yew bow staves didn't actually come from England, but from Europe…

  7. Training a longbow archer is a long process. As he states, most trained from the age of 7. Now, you can learn to use a musket in a week. It may be slower and more sturdy, but you can train many, many more soldiers in a short time to use a musket, rather than to use a longbow.

  8. You have a good question, even at the time of muskets long bows were truly a superior weapon because of their ability to be fired quickly and their accuracy and effective range. However warfare has significant psychological afflictions and it was far more intimidating to use a weapon that was going BOOM BOOM instead of bows that make almost no sound. That is the truth

  9. what was one major factor to the adoption of muskets was that to make the armour proof against musket balls it became cumbersome and heavy severly hampering movement. Also the learning curve for muskets is very short, a few days versus years of practice with a bow.

  10. In fact, depending on the range and the type of arrow used (Bodkin, for example) arrows could very well pierce a good amount of plate if they hit squarely enough. After the introduction of the Longbow, armor had to develop to regain the superiority.
    By the time you are armored heavily enough to avoid risk from archers, you can hardly walk, so the archers would shoot your horse from under you instead.
    The musket was an inferior weapon in most regards until about 1815. But it was easily trained.

  11. i dont understand how can he be so accurate when using the method of " fixing himself on a target" a shoot like a blind man when fixing on a target. Arrow helps me to shoot.

  12. on another video it showed an arrow from a longbow pierce a sheet of metal (typical armour thickness) plus like 5 inches of ballistic gel, pretty deadly weapon.

  13. As a matter of fact… there are several archers, including myself that draw 100 – 150 lbs LAMINATED warbows.. to the EAR.
    32" draw-length

  14. Four months late, but… here goes:
    1) Steel got better, even the Longbow(no bow) couldn't pierce newer armour. (main reason)
    2) Bowmen need a lot more training.
    3) Psychological warfare. Bangy noise is much scarier.

  15. Maybe cause ye don't need to fire a musket 2 hours from years seven after church at sundays to actually hit the target..

  16. armor was developed to protect soldiers from arrows sepcificaly. an arrows strength is limited to the materials and strentgh of the archer, so eventualy guns became a better option, but i guess when guns were first invented they were a worst option because of the slow rate of fire

  17. Instinctive shooting seems so much more appealing than using sights. It puts the art into archery. Nice video and nice commentary as well… love your back yard too! LOL

  18. yea it looks effortless but when i shot my friends longbow today my shoulders seized up after!
    they have like 100-200 lb strings

  19. What poundage does your bow shoot? He's been shooting for years and is used to the draw weight of a heavy bow, which is why it looks so effortless.

  20. He's a great shot. But he would have to be a lot stronger to have the same accuracy and consistency with a bow of warbow poundage (90lbs and up).

  21. What do you mean it's harder to pull than his bow? What info are you basing that observation on? How does the color make a difference?

  22. I prefer a two finger draw, myself. Im much more accurate pulling back with only two fingers, plus with the slighly sharper string angle, thats slightly higher energy going into the arrow.

  23. He's the great great great great great great grandson of Nicholas Hook!
    (Anyone who knows what I'm talking about gets muffins for eternity)

  24. Thats a nice longbow you got there, can I has it : D anyway nice shooting, and nice area to, wish I could get into archery, but how do you in the U.S.A.? like nowhere sells real bows, only stupid compound, and then where do you shoot it? Not in your back yard thats for sure!

  25. This type of bow was "invented" by many different cultures.. Even Ötzy the Icaman had one quite similar, so did the Nubians, the Cherokees, the Vikings and many others too. Not only the Welsh and the English. Of course there are small variations, but the general idea of a long, heavy bow made from a suitable piece of wood launcing war arrows is a great idea quite easy to figure out.

  26. Doesn't really matter who made it, just the English were the best archers in the world, that's why tales about Robin Hood were bought out, but not just tales, you should read about the battle of Agincourt if you want to find out more.

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