How to Shoot a Bow with Both Eyes Open | Archery Lessons
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How to Shoot a Bow with Both Eyes Open | Archery Lessons

August 12, 2019

All right. As we had discussed before, in another segment,
eye dominance plays a big part in archery. One of the reasons that eye dominance does
play a big part is because usually it’s advisable to shoot a bow with both eyes open, and your
dominant eye is the eye that’s doing the aiming. So, if you’re right-handed and you’re right
eye dominant, then we have no problem, because you’re only seeing out of your right eye to
begin with. If you bring the bow up and you aim it, and
you pull back and you anchor, both eyes are open, but she’s only seeing the aimer out
of her right eye. If I close this eye off, it wouldn’t change
anything in her picture. If you are left eye dominant, and you shoot
the bow with both eyes open, being a right-handed shooter, if I shut your left eye off, which
is the eye that you were looking through to aim, your bow would actually move over this
far away from the line of aim. So, shooting a bow with both eyes open is
advisable only if you’re shooting with your dominant eye.

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  1. looking through comments , hoping that someone would say '' I used to …. until i took an arrow to the knee ''

  2. people need to get over the damn movie it sucked
    it was 80% advertising 10% high budget and fancy props and 10% ignorance of the books
    like really the books are better than hollywood's crap

  3. Am I the only one not thinking of the hunger games and noticin how bad her form was? And how as an instructor, tony soprano jr didn't correct her at all, therefore losing all credibility as an authority on the sport? And I'm just a noob. Brings great shame to teachers around the world : (

  4. I've just completed a level 1 coaching course and awaiting final assessment and hear totally what you're saying. There is too much wrong with her technique to list and also with what He is coaching. He's Idea of a good form is elbow too high, shoulders hunched and a dead release as she goes from a pulling action to a holding action instead of a continuous pull and release. Not good!

  5. Even if you have "Contra Dominant vision" (Shoot right handed but are left eye dominant) it shouldn't be a problem if you can close the left eye and shoot with the right. if this is difficult then you should shoot with some kind of eye patch or other device to obscure the dominant eye. either way you should still shoot with both eyes open to keep a good sense of balance and depth perception. the patch should only do enough to stop you seeing the target and should not stop the vision completely

  6. you could also just learn to shoot instinctive, meaning that you know your bow, knows how much it drops and leanrs to adjust the direction and angle and just let the arrow loose .. try looking it up 🙂

  7. It's a bit embarassing how he says that closing her left eye won't change a thing, and yet she immediately moves the bow aside to see the camera…

  8. same with me, no biggie just draw with your right hand and hold the bow with the left as a right handed shooter would. you just need to get used to it

  9. Ah, too late for me. I've already been shooting left-handed. Honestly, I don't know which eye I'm dominant with. But I know that I can see better with my right then with left.

    Some time after I posted that comment I got glasses. Now I see the same through both. So, kinda confused on what my dominant eye is.

  10. I came here to learn, I appreciate her looks but the guy speaking is what I wanted from the vid, maybe your not focussed on the archery so much?

  11. There is no such thing is dominant eye in archery – because it goes against the very nature on how our eyes work. We have 2 so that we can calculate depth. Now Depth is rather important in judging Distance. WHICH is what archery is all about judging distances!

    And i say this as a fellow archer who might i add 😉 am pretty good at my skill.

  12. Not only that, but shooting a recurve is predominantly instinctive versus compounds with tech sights and such. I can't shoot instinctively with one eye, doesn't work lol

  13. Elbows bent, gripping bow too tightly and torquing it, pulling with arm not with back, not even anchoring string, terrible form 2/10 would not bang

  14. Um there is to. You just happen to be using the strong side of your body that happens to be your dominate eye on that side. You can train yourself to be that way. It took me a long time to do this with shooting. I never understood it until I started shooting skeet. Both eyes on target, as soon as gun cross's it's path pull trigger. Thats with both eyes open.

  15. Easy, look through a scope with both eyes open, the eye that comes into focus is your dominate eye. Switch scope to that eye and do it again, you should be able to look right through the scope. Thats your dominate eye because it is doing all the work and comes into focus before the other eye.

  16. "Shooting a bow with both eyes open is advicable only if you shoot with your dominant eye" Say what? If you are left eye dominant, you should change hands and use right arm as bow arm. You can retrain muscles, but not eye dominance. And you will fail if you shoot righthanded but aim with left eye and vice versa. In short; worst advice ever 😀

  17. I train too, recurve olympic style. Target shooters are more dependent on dominant eye that field/3D shooters that need to know distance rather than being 100% accurate 30/30 shots. But eye dominance is a "big thing" in archery, there are tons of articles written by archers about it.

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  19. Saying that if you are left eye dominant that you need to switch to left handed shooting is not true. It might be better, which is arguable, but you don't need to. I learned to adjust by shooting three under. I can get my left eye right down that shaft, and I nail cotton balls with my recurves and longbows. Do what's comfortable for you. There is no "right" way. 

  20. …Most people who do competitions with traditional bows do not use there dominate eye; they use whats called "instinctual aim" because it uses hand-eye coordination instead of actual dominate eye aiming, thus it is more accurate when you don't know the distance of the target (which you don't in traditional competitions).  this guy has no idea about proper form and technique for traditional bows.

  21. With a traditional bow, instinctive shooting is a better learned skill IMO. It provides that naturally cognitive connection between the target and the eeys that is not possible any other way. Once you have the bow nicely balanced, havethe basics of anchoring, shot release, etc., down, simply concentrate on the target and put the arrow there. Of course, it takes some practice, just like anything else, but it is truly a satisfying way to use a bow.

  22. "shooting with both eyes opened is ok if you use you dominant eye" isn't that pretty obvious??? what you wanna to know is if it's better to switch the bow to the side your d.eye is :/

  23. Please help. I am right handed left eyed. I shoot bow as left handed, holding it in my (stronger) right hand and pulling with my left. I use mongolian draw with arrow on the opposite side of the bow, as if I were right handed (which I am, but I shoot leftie). How do I aim correctly?

  24. Eye dominance should be neglected, just shoot right handed, if your right handed and vice versa. I'm left eye dominant, an shoot with both eyes open, but I shoot right handed. No problems

  25. i understand about eye dominance however i would hasten to add with my particular vision i have to close one eye, as i'm long sighted anything within about a meter and a half is doubled up and closing one eye allows me to be able to only see on sight and riser allowing for an accurate aim. NB//: i only say this as i don't see anyone who has posted about this yet and it could help someone who's struggling. 

  26. So if I'm right eye dominant and a right hand shooter why is it bad to close my left eye when aiming?
    Surely it doesn't have any impact on my aiming?

  27. So what does it mean if I can change dominant eyes at any time? Like with the dominant eye test I keep getting different results. I just tried aiming with both eyes open and am seeing double images – maybe because both eyes are dominant? The girl is amazingly beautiful by the way…

  28. I am right handed but left eye dominant. I am having a hard time to aim because the string seems to be so far from the scythe. Having a hard time to align.

  29. I am an instinctive shooter. Right handed, left eye dominant. I focus distance & close my left eye just before drawing to snapshoot.
    thanks for confirming that i should be closing my dominant left eye, i will continue to shoot this way.

  30. Is it normal for people to aim with their bow already drawn? Save for endurance shots, I was always taught to aim while knocking and drawing the bow, so that it was one fluid motion with the arrow being released at horizontal. We were specifically taught to not attempt to make excessive corrections after the bow was already drawn as this would just over correct and ruin the shot.

  31. I do not have a dominant eye so I pretty much have to close one eye. As for the depth perception…I close the eye near the last second before i shoot… or even squint the other eye seems to clear up the picture. My right eye would have been dominant but it does not see far so for years my left has done all the work and steals dominance when it can. Without glasses shooting right I can only shoot instinctive… I should probably get eye surgery if I ever become serious about Archery.

  32. This video literally teaches nothing about "how" to shoot in any way, much less "with both eyes open." If anything it could be titled "very vague recommendation to shoot with both eyes open."

  33. You should have added depth is your weaker eye. The same applies to fine throwing of Darts. I am severely left eye dominant and right hand thrower. You can block out the right eye with the flight, but in archery your doing it with the whole bow. Closing the eye actually is a huge improvement, but since your at a Oche aka Line your used to throwing in the same spot. Archery could be harder with one eye closed because you may move your starting line, such as skiing, archery, or bow hunting. So it is very recommended you learn to use both eyes for depth and accuracy. Same applies to gun shooting.

  34. Bought for my 11-year-old son. he loves it.>>>     Ready to shoot right out of the package, but we reduced the draw by backing off on the limb bolts 1 turn, equal to a reduction of about 1.5 lbs draw weight (instructions provided in owner's manual). Made a big difference. Nice package with bow, quiver, 5 aluminum arrows, and arm guard. Allen wrench for adjusting draw also included in package. Highly recommend this kit for young shooters.

  35. I noticed she has some type of arrow rest, above the shelf. Can someone explain the benefit and where I can get one for my bow?

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