How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : Understanding the Pin Sight in Archery
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : Understanding the Pin Sight in Archery

August 15, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. At this moment, I’m going to explain to you
about the pin sight, and how the yards work. You notice; there is one, two, three, four,
five pins. They are all toward different yards. One is twenty yard, the second one is thirty
yard, the next one is forty, the next one is fifty, and the very last one is sixty.
I have this site set for those yards, and the distance. You notice the colors are different.
One’s green, orange, green, orange. Some sights will come with red, green, orange, or yellow.
There is many different types of sights, and this is one of the sights. You notice, there
is a level at the bottom of the sight; to level your bow, so your arrow and your bow
are level. We look through that, and you notice there’s a line across, up and down, to set
up my sight that I might look at my target.

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  1. Ok videos. If you guys could put a number to each of the videos will ne nice. Just jumping random order get you all confuse what to see next. Also too short videos, if could put more info on ech of the topics will be nicer.
    So far you are the best instructor I have seen, other guys just talk to general.

  2. As an "expert," you should label this video correctly. That is a Compound bow. It is NOT a Traditional bow. I could care less about Compound bows. There are no "sights" on a Traditional bow. Those of us who use Traditional bows, actually have to have something called, "skill." A compound bow requires little actual skill. Sorry to those who are offended.


  3. i don't understand this elitist attitude of traditional or recurve archers that are leaving comments…

    being new to archery, i appreciate these videos from experts village. they've taught me a lot of good basics.

  4. i dont think anything except the cam is a worthwhile improvement on the long bow ! i wud want to fit a cam on a very strong recurve bow and i wud have made an improvement.

  5. why be irritated so what if they use fancy equipment they are only missing out on the experience they can gain from it the equipment takes away the skill of archery but you get to live it don't sulk over others using fancy equipment boast that you are skilled enough to shoot accurately without and of their fancy equipment

  6. ROFL, Bow with an illuminated sight and all the shebang. That's like a shotgun with a magnfying scope. All I say is KISS.

  7. I've been watching thses videos for hours now and I've learnt absolutely nothing! If there's anyone out there who is an expert please tell me whats the best bow. Recurve or compound? Thanks.

  8. depends on what you really wanna do. you will get a longer hunting range genrally speaking, with a compound, there easier to hold back. and prob more comfertable. go to a club range or store with an indoor range and have a go.

  9. Definitely compound for hunting, but a recurve is perfect if you are a beginner, just wanna have fun shooting, or are not yet strong enough to pull back a decent compound bow

  10. bows are better for hunting because they are silent (granted yes you can silence rifles etc) if ya shoot and miss there is a lot less chance to alert the prey where as rifle ='s boom ='s miss ='s target running away!

  11. Isn't it achery supposed to be a marksman skill? I mean what's with all these pins and meters? not saying it would be very easy but sure would be easier with this than a good old bow.

  12. @JDFS22 go tell a sniper then to take his scope of his rifle. everything evolves. plus this guy is probably going for consistent accuracy while doing target practice. if u like it the old way go and do it the old way.

  13. his bow isn't set up right the pressure button isn't far enough out thats why the dots go off creating a curve instead of a straight line

  14. This guy is a tournament archer. He knows his bow and the basics but cant explain for shit what the video title claims. I've seen a few of his videos and it's mostly him bragging about his expensive bow rather then him explaining what the title claims.

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