How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : Safety Tips & Advice for Archery
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : Safety Tips & Advice for Archery

August 14, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. At this moment, we’re going to talk about
safety. The most important thing about archery; always think safety. When you’re shooting
an arrow, the arrow could travel a long, long way, and it will go very, very fast. If you’re
shooting at the backyard; you have to consider you have neighbors, animals, obstructions,
buildings around you. When you’re shooting out in a field; you’ve got to consider how
far your arrow will fly. If you’ve got to retrieve your arrow; you’ve got to know the
distance your arrow went so you can retrieve your arrow; because arrows are very expensive;
just depending on what type of arrow you have. Safety; another thing about the bow is if
you pull the bow and dry fire it; dry fire means no arrow on the rest, or no arrow on
the bow; if you let it go; several things could happen. The bow could explode; the limb
could break the string; many things, and it can hurt you, because you have no safety protection
over your face. Now; if you’re shooting around a lot of people; let them know that you’re
shooting, and make sure they’re behind you, not on the side of you, or in front of you.
At the league, when everybody is done shooting, they will say “clear,” and everybody must
look left or the right; make sure that it’s clear, because if it’s not, somebody will
say “wait, one more shooter.” So when you say clear; another person on the other end
will say clear, to make sure that everybody is done shooting, and they’re pretty much
walking the same time to retrieve their arrow, look at their score, look at their points.
On the way back, you must wait; then everybody gets back behind the line before you can shoot.
When the league goes on break; they will say “fire in the hole”. That means it’s ready
to shoot. You must stay behind the line when you hear that sound that says fire in the
hole. When you’re shooting at the 3D target; out in the woods, you have to make sure that
the next target you’re shooting at; all the people is gone, and moved on to the next target.
So you say clear, and they will yell out clear. That is all about safety. The most of all;
think safety in archery, and it will be a fun, enjoyable sport.

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  1. All that energy that would have gone into the arrow has to go somewhere. Huge amounts of shock and vibration can put excessive strain on the bow.

  2. this guy just couldn't speak, that was funny…
    when he said that the arrow is fast, he was right a compound's arrow is flying about 300 km/h and a recurve's bow is flying about 220 km/h , I've got one so I know how dangerous it might be

  3. LOL, I know what he meant, same thing as flying shards and force mentioned by some of the other guys posts. BUT regardless, explode is severe, its also funny when someone, anyone doesnt matter about race says the bow could explode if dry fired. LOL good video, he could have said could damage the bow, instead of standing there and saying the bow could explode, Man I love this VIDEO, I have an archery tournament on april 29 tuesday. first sports tournament I have been to. LOL EXPLODE

  4. in dry firing the potential energy stored in the limbs of the bow arent transferred to anything, the kenetic energy then would resonate throughout the entire bow and the bow may not be able to handle the vibrations and snap the potential energy is tranferred when the arrow has left the bow string it's all physics

  5. just to clarify: Bow stores energy in limbs, energy is transferred to arrow, bow isn't damaged by anything.
    with dry firing: Bow stores energy, energy is not tranferred, energy violently shakes the bow with vibrations, bow can snap.

  6. i had it happen on me 2 times: one time, i just dry fired to check it strength, it snapped in half. The other time, a friend of mine did it, and he had to get stitches. i had to clean up all the splinters.

  7. on a recurve bow, if you pull the string with no arrow, the bow will snap completly in half (never pull the strign with an arrow on it beyondyourace,as the arrow could jam and snap and will dig right ino your arm that you'r holding the bow with)

  8. ok so he says evryone MUST be behind you when you shoot not in front and not on the SIDE
    and the video showed me everyone standing in one line SIDE to SIDE with eachother lol

  9. I need help… I shoot in my backyard 50-60 feet from my target…. I have a compound bow, beginners, and 26" carbon arrows. How to I make my arrows fly more straight?

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