How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Use the Peep Sight to Aim in Archery
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Use the Peep Sight to Aim in Archery

August 17, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. Now we are going over aiming at the target.
Now we will show you how to look through the peep sight. This is the peep sight; they come
in different styles, and different sizes. This is the sight that you’re going to look
through. You notice mine have one, two, three, four, five pins. My very first pin is twenty,
second is thirty, next one is forty, fifty, and sixty. So, when I pull there, I will look
through this peep sight; put the rim of the peep sight around my sight. If I’m shooting
twenty yards, I will put my twenty yard pin on the target. I will pull back now, to show
you how it will position. Now I will pull my bow back; look through my right eye through
the peep sight into my sight. I’m looking at my twenty yard. When I see my target, then
I release. This is the position you should be at. Never drive far a bow without an arrow.
It could break, and could be hazardous.

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  1. yes Never dry fire i let my sisters boyfriend see how hard it was to pull back my compound bow and he dryfired and broke the peep sight

  2. lol he says " never dry fire a bow without an arrow" well its a bit hard to dry fire a bow WITH an arrow isnt it?? lol

  3. Like a Beginner has that type of bow.
    Mines a recurve
    I have only been doing archery for 2 months and I don't need a sight.

  4. i could just do with a good old longbow, bows like the one this guy has are just too confusing. though simple compound bows are cool, big complicated ones like that just go overboard

  5. For me that fucking anti-aircraft "bow is to much, to….gordious.Where is pleasure in shooting a simple bow, maybe not a recurve, but a simple bow used for archery, not those spacelike bows that look like you can drill threw a car from 60 yards….

  6. god dang … that bow must be slow … i have a lights out compound (72 lbs) .. i use my higest pin from 15 to 47 yrds ….

  7. ahaha, expert ? I don't know, I'm in it only since 3 years but the bow isn't straigh, and it seems he is fucking shaking, even if use 70 pounds is cool, you must use the power you can control 😛

  8. at least they dont say "uhh..go to your pro shop and they will tell you what to do" like all their other vids

  9. @ZarkSniper whY? b/c of a possible dry fire? If thats the only reason thats a bit silly, I do it all the time. I would rather dry fire it/miss fire and maybe hurt myself than pull back and miss fire an arrow.

  10. @ZarkSniper It's called dryfiring. My idiot brother did that once to my Hoyt Easton Compound Bow once, and the friggin' thing EXPLODED!!!!!

  11. @xxir0nmanxx I have a Tru Ball Beast… It's just like how you don't load a gun indoors; there's no blatant risk, you just shouldn't do it.

  12. @Armyboypyro well the way i see it its basicly if you have a stick of wood with some string and you can hit the target.not bullseye but hit the paper you are better than the worlds best with all the fancy gadgets.
    anyone can cook when given the recipie and anyone can hit bullseyes when the bow has a fucing peep sight.
    hell as soon as i seen he had the sight i just turned off this vid

  13. @ZarkSniper. I am no archer myself so I speak softly here, but isn´t aiming at the camera man with an arrow attached the equivalent of aiming a loaded gun?

  14. @ZarkSniper what? He didn't dry fire, he even says to not to in the end. It is OK to draw the string as long as you don't fire, that's how ppl measure draw length

  15. good thing he said not 2 draw the string back and fire dry like the above thingy says like someone would ever do that if they learn from a more then .50c booklet

  16. You can draw back a bow with a release aid without an arrow if your not a moron. Its not hard. Just don't put your finger anywhere near the trigger. to dry fire the bow you have to pull the trigure. HE does not pull the trigure in this video. also, He is aiming at a camera guy so im glad he doesnt have an arrow nocked.

  17. I use to use to arch until I almost killed my girlfriend with an arrow…. We both were taking classes and she dropped a arrow in front.of me while I was about to shoot…after that I gave up for a while

  18. Guys, thats a modern compound bow. It isnt anything amazing.
    Sure, its above, a regular bow but we arnt in the '90s anymore. Those things wont take town a buck or say bison.

  19. Its not "Drive far", its dry fire.
    Dry firing is pulling the string of the bow, and letting the string go as if shooting with an arrow.

  20. Thank you, but do you think you can show us how to shoot with the bows that are provided at the Cornucopia? I'm going to need to know how to shoot with the proper bow if I'm going to survive the Hunger Games.

  21. oh yes they will people use those back in the day its not like there heads got harder they arrow and the bow and the animal stays the same

  22. Hey guys my buddy and i have just started an outdoor channel our preview for what will bring kinda sucks ill admit but ill answer any of your questions about hunting for any type of bow im a traditionalist at heart and ive made a few bows before to but i shoot everything from fancy compounds to a home made bow so check us out of you have any questions or want a video on something about shooting that you cant find on youtube and it will be made ill post the link right after this comment thanks

  23. wow im beginning in archery and this thing looks like its some olympic 10000poundsbow all pimped out n shit i wanted a beginners beginners guide

  24. just wondering cause your bow looks like a Bowtech Gaurdian like mine and I didn't spot a sight like that on E bay. I like that one.

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