How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Score the Target in Archery
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Score the Target in Archery

August 11, 2019

Hi my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village to talk about beginning archery. Now we’re going to go over your target. Targets
can vary from different types of shapes. We’re going to go over how it scores. There’s very
many different types of score. It just depending on the league that you join. Now this is one
of the target that we use in the league. This is a beaver. They come in many type of animals.
They come in either raccoon, deer, antelope, elk, havalina, Russian boar. Any type of animal
that you can hunt, they will have the size. The smaller they are, the closer they will
be to you. The bigger they are the farther they’ll be to you. Now let me explain you
the score system. You notice there’s a small line here and there’s another line outside
that line. Then you have the body. Most of time, this target will be clicked on into
a four by four or a three by three board that will protect from the arrow if you miss the
target. Now, the middle circle is a five. The outside the five is three and outside
that is a one. If you miss a target, it’s a zero. In our league, if we hit the line,
they consider it out. In some league, if the line is touched, they consider it in. The
target can vary in many position. It can come straight, it can come in an angle, or it can
come facing towards you. The target that’s close, it’s not necessarily you will shoot
at twenty, sometime you will shoot it at thirty yard, just depending on how your bow is set
up. When the target’s far, it’s harder to shoot so definitely join your league and practice
and learn the distance. Pacing the distance, shooting the bow is easy, it’s placing the
arrow at a certain distance, and you have to take a guess. So know your distance.

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  1. cant u just shoot on top of its back or something and pierce thru it then itsll get stuck on the ground when the arrows in the ground or tree..lolz

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