How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Kneel When Shooting a Bow & Arrow
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Kneel When Shooting a Bow & Arrow

August 14, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. This moment, I will show you another position;
in case you’re hunting animals at the woods. You don’t have time to sit down, or stand
up; you must be behind a tree. Kneeling is another way, or sitting down is another way.
This is kneeling down position. Stabilize yourself; I put one knee down. You could either
sit down behind you ankle rest, or kneel up; whatever you’re comfortable, or depending
on the situation of your target. More comfortable for me is sitting down against my back of
my heel. I’ll be more stable; just like this. Another way is to put both knees down. You
can either kneel, or shoot; just depending on the position, or the obstacle you’re shooting.
I like to be sitting down on back of my heels; that gives me stable. You notice, the position
of my body is the same position while I was standing, or sitting on a chair. This is pretty
much the angle I want to sit. Most time; with this position, we’ll be shooting at some obstacles,
or a target; there’ll be something in front of you. Sometimes you have to lean forward,
or just have a better balance sitting down behind your heels. This is the best position
for me. You just have to try it for yourself; practice at this position if that will work
for you. Notice, I’ve got my bow on top of my thighs again, just to be set, so I don’t
do a lot of moving around. When I’m ready to shoot I just lift up; like this, look at
my target, and shoot.

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  1. screw u chad screw u dylanmaster101 and screw u booboo. this guy teaches me aloth. thank you hesotz kylesdad shotbydaleonewolf.

  2. you know if you just listen to the audio it sorta sounds like a sex position vid…."i like this postition, its comfortable, and you can just try it yourself" XD hahaha

  3. that is fking uncofortable and you not gonna sit around whit a 50' hungarien reflex bow like that πŸ™‚

  4. this is if there is an obstruction above your head when hunting that you can't stand up straight he's just giving you options on how to shoot your the fucking idiot if you didn't know that

  5. the only protection needed by most beginners is the arm guard and the finger tab thats about it but if your gonna fool around with the bow i suggest don't buy one at all because you can seriously injure yourself =)

  6. you don't have to be chinese to be flexible you just need to put the fries down get off the computer and stretch, exercise do something if you can't even kneel down with a bow. and stop with the fucking racial comments

  7. lol its just so funny how you guys fight keep going on with it i have gotta see this -gets popcorn- and i gotta phome finger already

  8. oh wow im that dumb i couldn't figure out how to kneel on my fuckin ass damn Asian,philippino what ever the fuck u are!

  9. Lol! God love him, he likes to explain every little thing. Reminds me of a teacher I used to have at school a while back.

  10. @hegaross yes but there are others that work better like judo pounts. blunts. g5 makes soem cool lones. there are stopers you can buy to put behind your feildpoints that will help. there are alot of things you can do but feild points will work

  11. @hitshitthefan While I don't agree with the profanity, you have a point. Compound bows have all those sights and stuff like that on them for cheating, while I'd prefer a good, plain old longbow or something, just a piece of wood with a string. Staying simple.

  12. @TheLegolasguy- have u ever tried shooting an arrow accurately at 60m.

    with a compound like the Monster 7.0, u can actually hit the target, but with a traditional bow, longbow or recurve, it is nearly impossible and thts not fun when ur trying to find ur arrows, when I the compound shooter are taking them out of the target.

    as well, i'm talking about #d animal targets, not gigantic butts

  13. @hitshitthefan traditional is oke but compound is one of the best bows for hunting.
    because a big recurve is a little clumbsy in the forest

  14. @hitshitthefan oke but I agree with you that a compound has to many new stuff that takes the fun of archeryI i only shoot compound when i am going hunting, becaus i dont want to hurt the deer moor then necessary. i dont want to mis the deer or hit him in the wrong place. i am a better compound shooter then traditional. πŸ˜€

    greet from turkey

  15. you dont need to be taught how to shoot a compound they take all the guesswork out of archery. Longbows actually takes practice and skill to master. warbows are faster!!!!

  16. @hitshitthefan Yeah i just got a traditional bow that is at about 25 pounds. This is my first bow and arrow and it makes me wonder how the indians ever got food aiming with these things.

  17. the only differences is that it has a "scope" and is more powerful.
    just because it has more to it doesn't make it any less than a bow.

  18. you just explained the differences. compound bows cheat. They have special gears that gives it more power. And yes, this is more than just a siomple bow.

  19. I'm not saying it doesn't. Just admit it. This is no traditional bow. It is a big compound, big, cheat, powerful bow.

  20. Oh no, you're right but the statement 'is that what the world turned into???" is a bit much, don'tcha think? xD
    Using guns is cheating. ):<

  21. Yea, I wish they never invented guns and just used traditioal bows for fighting. It'd be a lot more fun. πŸ™‚

  22. I want a bow and arrow….but mom says no until she thinks I'm mature enough,have my own room,and am old enough….sucks

  23. That is so fucking dumb, I don't even know what to say.
    You obviously have never been in a fight. Especially not in a life or death situation ,because fighting is never fun. Not with a sword, not with a bow and not with a rifle either.
    Do you also think they should've invented cars? Because horses are cooler? What about the wheel? Do you think the world would RULE MORE DUDEEEE if there'd be no wheels? Do you like houses at all, or do yo prefer caves?

  24. What is it then, if not archery? It's hardly horse racing, so what could it be?
    When did shooting a bow stop being called archery?

  25. Hunting fast animals isn't harder than hunting slow animals. You never shoot at moving animals, so there's no difference between a slow walking deer or a running deer. You don't take a shot at either one of them.

  26. They shot 40 arrows in one bufallo and then chased the whole herd off a cliff to cut the tongues out and leave the rest to rot.

  27. No, there are special small game heads. You could hunt them with broadheads, but they would absolutely destroy small animals like rabbits and squirrels (and thus the meat).

  28. i was kidding ^.^ i know thats a compund bow and i know a crossbow is considered a bow im just amazed because its so high tech

  29. not every were but in turkey if you have a lisends for hunting you can hunt, it doesnt really matter if you hunt with a bow or rifle. most prefer rifle do.

  30. yeah i am from kayseri and mos of the terrain is mountin and trees, we hunt boars and rabbits we dont have that many animals in the mountin that we are allowed to hunt. πŸ™ and we cant hunt much its illigal we cant hunt in 1 month: 5 boars pp and 20 rabbits. if the caught you hunting illigal the fine is 3000 turkish lire

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