How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Fit the Draw Length of the Bow & Arrow
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Fit the Draw Length of the Bow & Arrow

August 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda I’m here with
Expert Village to talk about beginning archery. Now were going to you want to purchase a bow.
The bow is a complicated movement you will have to size up and the length just depending
on your size of your draw length. The draw length is a when you pull back. Your best
purchase is at your dealer and they will size you. They are recommending what size. They
will very from I am a twenty eight draw length inch and the will tell you what size of arrow
you’ll need and what kind of bow and what size of bow you will need. For them to do
that they will put a, you will have to pull back and they will measure you. They have
got an arrow that has a measurement on it and they tell you if you?re a size twenty
six or thirty one the taller you are or the longer your arm is or the taller you are is
the longer your draw length. The draw length is here. You will notice I will pull back
I have my left hand when the arrow is slightly bent and my right arrow is pulled all the
way back. This will tell you what is your draw length. If your to short it will go here
and it wont become here the way and If your to long this is what it will look like if
your to long. That means you will not ever shoot properly. This is proper size of draw
length my position of the arrow. The string in my nose and my arm and my throw length
is this position. The best way to get your draw length is to go to local dealer and they
will help you with your draw length.

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  1. At 1:29 he says that is his draw lenght LOL he is about 1" too long. What a loo**r! He does't know what he is talking about!

  2. WTF with these compound bows!? -.-
    They do all the work to you… it's ridiculous, you just have to aim… ¬¬

    Where is the emotion of real archery? Pull the string like a man! Go traditional, GO MEDIEVAL!! WHOAAAARRRR!!!11

  3. @85wifebeater … Ok nice username by the way. Technically he wasn't dry firing because he didn't let go of the string. He kept his grip on it so that way it wouldn't hurt the bow.

  4. What size bow and draw length would you think I would need for a 18 year old girl (height 5"4 / 5"5 ) ? Thank you 🙂

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