How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About Types of Bows for Archery
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About Types of Bows for Archery

August 10, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village to talk about beginning archery. At this moment, we will talk about different
types of bows just depending on what you’re going to do with a bow. This type of bow,
is for competition bow. You notice the colors a little bit fancier, the stabilizer’s a little
longer and the sides are different. This is called a single-pin side and they’re adjustable.
And this has a light, comes off and on so I can see my site. And this bow is just strictly
for competition bow. Indoor bow, outdoor. It’s not a hunting bow, it’s not a bow that
I would take hunting; it’s mostly just for having fun at competition. And you’ll notice
how long the stabilizer is. I have another stabilizer here, to balance my bow and it’s
a little heavier. The heavier the bow is, the more stable they’re going to be, just
depending on the person and kind of know what they like to shoot. You’ll notice this bow
is camouflage. It’s for hunting. It’s a little shorter, a little narrower. I use this for
hunting. You could use it for fun, target practice; you could use it for competition
too. They have many divisions. This bow has got a drop release that locks, it’s got a
rubber piece that goes around the string to make it quiet. This side’s a little different;
it’s got more pins in it. They’re adjustable but they’re not a set pin. Notice the stabilizer
is a little shorter, it comes in different sizes. I prefer this one for myself. It’s
just depending on the equipment you want to hook up on this. There are many many parts
you can hook up with this bow. This, I use it for, strictly for hunting, this bow.

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  1. you are here to talk about starting with arching…and 5 seconds later you show this ridicoulus 15000 dollar bow…Yeah…

  2. well try and find out hat your dominant eye so if your left eye is dominant than hold the bow with your right hand and vise versa for tghe right eye

  3. what do you mean.. 'obsolete'…???

    if you search for 'warbow' on youtube, some people will show you how obsolete it is! ;o)

  4. those new bow or compition bow have aiming?wow, so they can't shoot from an wolden? and have 2 use an aiming dot, no offense

  5. @CriticsConfession
    Yeah, these things don't even look like bows, I'd like to have a standard bow, like the one Robin Hood used in the film, know what I mean?

  6. @CriticsConfession I don't have a compund bow hell i made my bow. not of wood but out of pipe. obviously not as good as a compound bow or a proffesionally made but it is still ok. I'd say a PVC pipe bow is good for a begginer

  7. why is it called "Beginner's Archery" and then hes showing only top-of-the-line bows…and not actually saying anything important about them.. The only difference he showed between these two bows is that one is camoflage. The sights are different, but you can put whatever kind of sight you like on any bow, and that goes for the stabilizer too

  8. I made a bow by picking up a stick and tying string onto it. It shoots 40 feet with ease. I picked up shorter sticks 4 arrows 🙂

  9. Why is the video called "all types of bows"? He only talks about competition and hunting bows which are quite expensive. What about traditional bows, like recurve and longbow? Im looking to buy recurve but I dont know where… I live in Ireland and im looking for beginners one

  10. In your opinion what's a good bow to learn on a traditional bow or a modern bow? I wanna teach my niece I've been doing this for years. But what would be good for her? I just want her to Learn on something that will let her have the ability to use whatever bow she needs after she's already learned.

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