How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About the Parts of the Bow
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About the Parts of the Bow

August 14, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Lambarda. I’m here
with Expert Village to talk about beginning archery. At this time, we’re going to talk
about the parts of the bow, what makes the bow work. Now, this is called a stabilizer.
What it does, is it stabilizes your bow. It comes in many sizes, many shapes and many
colors. This is your site. They sell thousands of sites. You just, what you prefer, what
to look at. Let me turn it around so you might be able to see it. They have sites that will
go all the way up to 20, to 60 to 80 yard site. There’s many many different type of
sites, so ask your local dealer about those. I’ll show you the string. This is the string,
what powers the bow to release your arrow. This is the cam. The cam, depending on the
size how fast they go and they could be adjusted for the length of your arms. This is the limb.
This can be adjusted for the poundage, how heavy you want to pull. The bow will pull
from 30 all the way to 75 pounds. This is your rest, what holds the arrow. This is called
drop-release rest. When you pull the string it goes up, when you release, it goes down.
There are many many types of releases depending on what you prefer, that fits you. This arrow
has a light; I put a light on this arrow so I can get more lighting if I’m shooting indoor.
This light, I will turn it on, there’s many different lights. It’s got a blue light; you
can use it for a flashlight or to see your pin more. This is your, this safety cord goes
around your wrist so you do not drop your bow. They come in different sizes and different
colors on the bow. This bow is very quiet; it has this rubber piece on the string to
make it real quiet when you’re hunting animals in the woods so you’re very quiet.

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  1. I live in MO and it legal to posses a crossbow here as long as you don't hunt with it without permit.

    Can the government confiscate my crossbow in times of social unrest, martial law, (hurricane Catharine) etc. I don't own any fire weapon but I'd like to owe a crossbow. But I get the feeling that if I buy it, the gov will probably know I have it, and then they can bust my door, steal my bow, and label me a terrorist

  2. oh ho! man… he's a Filipino. man he's got a really strong accent… just like my dad this is hilarious.

    PS. i don't want to offend any one I'm Filipino to.

  3. I thought this video was supposed to be parts of a bow,not accessories for your bow.Except the string and cams it's about things to put on your bow.

  4. im new to the sport i want to beging to be more involved in the sport but dont want to spen alot of money on the bow ne suggestions for a good bow for 100 dollars

  5. this guy is no expert he can barely speak of the basics you only need half a brain to know hes a lugnut or you can just watch this video lol

  6. Eric how old are you ? If your a youngster 8-12 yrs the bear warrior 2 and the bear whitetail jr are both great bows for entry level ..both under a $100 , the Razors Edge is beautiful .. a little more $ but it will grow with you . I shoot a bear element got the combo for $400 shoots like a high end bow only with a substantially lower price than a Hoyt or Mathews..I love it . Or you could start with a recurve if you want to keep the price down .

  7. … compound bows.. .gahhh
    do they also make coffee for u when ur waiting for the bow to say wether u shoot in the cross or is it just waiting?

  8. Does any1 know any good cheap-ish bows? I'm 12 and I'm guns start hunting soon so I need a bow(of corse) but I don't know anything about bows/arrows

  9. Many people look down on compound bows as a "mutation" of real archery but they ain't right.I like all types of bows.For the haters my advise is to go and spend 1300-1400$ on a high end bow and equipment and you will see that the power and accuracy are totally unmatched by anything else and this gives you a great feeling.It's a lot of money but it lasts for many years.In the mean time keep shooting traditional.

  10. @fellowismellow go with martin bows, they make bow just as good if not better than all the other brands for half the price. i live in NZ and am getting the Martin Cheetah 2010. can beat martin.

  11. @pimmatjuh
    That would do it for me too.
    Although I want a sight on my bow. Not to make it easy, but to make sure I hit my prey nicely and wont make it suffer.
    All that shit about releases is some blown up crap. You absolutely don't need it, both me and my father refuse to use hem.
    In the end it's all about training, and why would you make the training period shorter by using a release??

  12. i don't see the point in all this new modern archery techniques, you have all these components on this metal frame and all you get it a slight more accuracy, i prefer the basic Long bow with the basic wooden frame and the basic style of shooting, fuck all this modern crap, try pulling a 200lbs English War Bow, then you'll know the true meaning of archery.

  13. Why can't asians put S's on the end of words. "They come in many different shape and size." "There are many type of sight."

  14. @pimmatjuh Take you and me both out to the wild with our choices of bow, a few arrows and nothing else, then we'll see whose laughing. But seriously I respect that.

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