How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About Arrow Tips & Heads
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How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About Arrow Tips & Heads

August 16, 2019

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. At this time, I’m going to show you some types
of broadhead, blunt, and field tip that’s used for the arrow. This is just a few items
that I’m going to show you. This is full field tip. This is for your target practice. They
come in different colors, different sizes, different brands. This is a hunter grade field
tip. This is good for target practice. The next one is the blunt. This is good for hunting
small animals at close range; twenty yard, or thirty yard. You can hunt rabbits with
them; birds, squirrels, or any little game that you will choose someday; you don’t damage
the meat. The next one is called the open-blade broadhead. You’ll notice; it’s got three blades
on the side, and they’re all sharp. Sometimes they have to be sharpened, and it goes on
the tip of your arrows. They come in the same size; a hundred grain; a hundred twenty five.
The next one is called the mechanical broadhead. This broadhead; it’s got three blades that
will open up; on the side; just like so. When it hits a target; it will open up, and it
can be re-used; if they’re not damaged; just like so; the blade. There’s many type of broadhead
that you can purchase, and this is only a few of them that you can purchase.

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