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How To Ride Steep Jumps | Mountain Bike Skills

November 4, 2019

(laughter) – Welcome back you beautiful people, and today is that day Where I say yes to that video that you keep asking me to do and that is, How to ride super steep lips. (upbeat music) okay, look how steep this is, this my friends can be
very, very intimidating. Riding steep lips with gaps is scary because you’re gonna have to be super comfortable when it comes to a steep lip like this with a gap. Now, before we even get into the gap steep jump section, lets move over to the table top. (fast upbeat music) Now the great thing about the table top is when it is steep you can start to learn technique off this table, off this lip because it is gonna pop you, it is gonna fire you in a different way, so your body position
is gonna be different to when you are riding
a really mellow lip. Now, with a table top you can learn your technique by popping and
gaining your distance, and you can just land on top, which is pretty easy, pretty key. So you can hone in your skills on the steep take off. Now, lets move on to the technique. (upbeat music) Well, lets break down this technique into a few simple steps before
getting up into the air, and it all starts right over here at the beginning of
the jump and basically, we’ve taught this before and you don’t really want to be low down on your bike when it comes to steep take offs just like this one, you want to be quite high up, but you want to start loading that gun, and what I mean by loading is, you want to get into that attack position, you want to be quite central on your bike. You’re looking ahead on that take off and then when you start
to come up that take off you basically push in through that, that’s just the loading of the gun, you’re pushing up this lip, and as soon as you start
getting to this point here now is the second
step is where you’re gonna start to pull that trigger and when you, take a look at the slow-mo actually, as you can see I’m standing up, I’m forcing myself up into the air, I’m bringing that bike up with me, I’m using that momentum from that lip to fire me up into the air. Now to bring that bike up into the level position in the air,
you gotta use your hips, so you’re gonna curl
your feet on those petals to bring that rear wheel up, and once you’re doing this you’re pushing forward on your handle bars just to level out that bike. Now, the next step is the landing. Okay, now you find yourself super level in the air but you need
to negotiate your landing. Now, is just to curl
your feet on those petals as well to bring that back wheel up a little bit more but
once you’re doing that you’re pushing forward as well to drop your handle bars and you’re gonna land front wheel first and then your back wheel is gonna follow nice and smoothly. (upbeat music) Alright, so now you’ve been practicing on the table top, you’re
clearing it nicely, you’re getting a little bit more air, your comforted, now its time to progress to a gap jump, a steep gap jump, just like this one right here. Now, when it comes to
a big jump like this, confidence starts to drop, its a bit intimidating
because there’s a gap, the gaps bigger, there’s
a hole in the middle, it just, it gets a bit crazy, but it’s the same technique, it’s just you’re going a little bit faster and there’s a hole in the middle, that kind of gets in your
head, and starts to think, what the hell am I suppose to do? Now, when it comes to
progressing in your height, it’s all about that explosive, it’s all about pulling that trigger a little bit harder, so standing up a lot harder, just be a bit more aggressive with it to get more height, it’s not necessarily about the speed, it’s about the technique coming into it to get the height to clear the jump, it’s all about practicing
to getting your height. And confidence because, I struggled when I was starting out, I caved so many times,
and I broke some wheels, but all apart of learning how to ride steep jumps because if you can ride jumps and trails just like this, you can ride anything. (upbeat music) So there you go, that’s
how to ride steep jumps that you guys have been asking us in the comments down below. Hopefully this is giving
you a little bit more help and how to get there
and ride steep jumps, but if you’ve got any issues let me know in the comments down below and you want to see another video on
how to ride steep jumps, let me know and I’ll happily do an add on because riding trails is super fun. But if you want to see how to build a small jumps so you can learn how to jump, click just over here, don’t forget, hit the globe to subscribe cause you’re definitely missing
out on some rad stuff and give us a thumbs up like, and I’ll see you in the next one. See ya!

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  1. Great vid once again, I have trouble with steep lip jumps on my trail bike, I can clear gaps but I feel like I let the bike and the lip do all of the work can I send a video of me doing it and you can help me out? Cheers.

  2. Cool video Blake! but you could have shown us mortals how not to ride steep jumps ?? and my 5min GMBN fix won't last 24hrs ?

  3. interesting difference i noticed about jumping : sam pilgrim : its all about speed vs blake samson/gmbn : its all about technique.

  4. I doubt I'll ever jump a bike again. I'm on mellow street now, but if we'd had these bikes & tracks in the 80's I'd have spent half my childhood in the air.

  5. Its like you read my mind..just started learning this at the local bike park and had no idea what I was doing…THANKS BLAKE!

  6. Ofcourse blake is awesome. I will say Niel stressing the bunnyhop has been important for my technique. ??

  7. Ive seen the video on easy jump tricks. But how about a detailed how to do a beginner whip on steep bikepark jumps. Its become so natural to blake. How do we make it natural for us?

  8. I'm progressing from tables where you just use speed and it's all good to actually having to do something.
    The idea that I can control my bike in the air for the landing is beyond me yet.
    Last weekend I was slowing and landing steep tables on top because as a habitual tail down first guy I was scared of landing on the backside tail first or just jumping to far and landing flat.

  9. Still one question isn't really answered: How do you avoid literally getting your ass kicked by those lips? I mean how do you manage to not get bucked over the bars?

  10. One important tip for steep lips is bike setup. If your tires are soft (sub 30 psi) they will sometimes fold and cause you to loose control, I would personally recommend 50psi+ for DJ applications. Same goes with suspension, soft dampers will suck all the energy out of your pop.

  11. I'm going to buy a jump bike, looks so fun and helpful when riding a normal mountain bike.

  12. Hi guys, Glenn here. I'm a big fan of the show 🙂 I just want to ask, how to keep my feet on the pedals? everytime I practice jumps and take off the lift, my feet pops out of the pedals. any tips? thanks and God bless 🙂

  13. Just bought a second hand dirt jump bike. It's a Bergamont Kiez 040 with 8 gears, in nearly new condition. Payed 400 CHF for it (new it's ~1000 -1200 CHF). So what is the easiest way to build it into a singlespeed?
    The other thing is that it feels for someone tall like me pretty hard to jump (only been on a pumptrack yet). Any tips?

  14. Blake, I would like to see a video on how to ride steep lips with a full suspension bike (150mm+ rear travel). What do you do if you can't scrub speed before the lip, & are going to land to flat?

  15. I don’t get how GMBN still comes out with new topics… I think you’ve covered it all but then you get out another video and prove me wrong

  16. Nice video. Do you have any tips not to land nose heavy and eventually go OTB? I already checked my rebound settings.

  17. Awesome, this has helped loads. Can you do a skatepark how to with steep drop in ramps, and maybe a few basic 180-360 moves over hipped ramps?! Deakonator was riding Prevail Skatehouse in Poole, Dorset. Inspired me to get a DJ bike and try riding ramps. ?

  18. Some of the Gap Jumps I have encountered in the Bush have very much intimidated me. Especially when there are tree trunks and branches thrown in the gap. Think faaaa – -k if I come down in that – I'm off to hospital.

    The loaded gun pop is a good thing to remember. Thanks Blake.

  19. This is filmed at 417 in Cheltenham, absolutely smashing bike park they got some awesome trails and uplift aswell

  20. Blake, what about nose dive?
    How can i prevent it, and what should i do, if i will feel it? Just pull off the bike and get ready to fall down?

  21. Nice vid. We have a park in town where most of the jumps are steep like that, none of them tabletops, and I haven't yet plucked up the courage to try them out! Would the technique be any different on a regular-size full sus MTB, compared to Blake's dirt-jumper?

  22. My problem is I fall back on my Bmx racing roots and I always try to push through the jump or lean forward. I’ve got able to fix that and clear some good size jumps constantly and comfortably, but I just can’t grow a pair and hit the big steep gaps.

  23. Can you guys do a video that breaks down how to jump. Something more detailed and less generic? Where to pump, when and where to unweight, etc for us beginner jumpers

  24. Good video as always, thanks guys! I'd appreciate further videos on steep lips (more detailed breakdown of timings and technique when approaching and on the jump, how not to get bucked etc.!)

  25. This is great! I can't get the hang of steep jumps yet. Only thing I'm not clear on is what you mean by "push up the lip."

  26. I crashed twice on a jump called thombstone at Woodward Tahoe, and both times were because I nosedived but on all the jumps before it I can jump perfectly fine without getting bucked. I did the exact same thing on all the jump but I got bucked on thombstone because it had like a 7 foot tall. If anyone knows if there's something different to do when it comes to way taller jumps please tell me. Also I nose dive a lot on my enduro bike because I feel like my seat doesn't let me get low enough to no get bucked up.

  27. So push into the jump with your legs like pumping a berm? I've been practising alot but not quite there. Not sure what i'm missing?

  28. Go to a bmw track and race the nippers. Easiest way to learn. Take the little blighters cash too…teach em early to not mess with the guvnor.

  29. Yes please insist on step jumps like this… I'm just learning that but I'm struggling on the landing because I land "flat"… Luckily the landing is not too steep otherwise I would have crashed… Thanks

  30. Thank you very much blake because I know how to jump on the skate park but whenever I hit the steep jumps on the trails, I always eat dirt. so this video definitely clears the confusion and gives me hope with motivations. Thanks again.

  31. Blakie! I needed this so much. I just had my worst crash to date last week on a steep jump I wasn’t ready for. I went into it with my body low at the lip instead of standing up like you. I immediately got bucked forward and launched off the bike and landed shoulder-first on the back side separating my shoulder? The only upside is I got it on video and the crash is spectacular ?? Can’t wait to heal and get over my bad habits. Great video at the perfect time??

  32. Don’t the same principle apply in one of you previous videos, where you explain how to jump a MTB…by applying the bunny hop technique and driving that back wheel into the lip, then raising your hips to get more lift…?

  33. Hey, yesterday i tried big jumps and now i am kinda scared on them :D, before landing, it feels like my front wheel is too low and i will roll or crash, which i eventually did, any tip?

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