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How to Replace Bow Strings | Archery Lessons

August 15, 2019

On a recurve bow it’s very simple to replace
the bow string, but this is what makes it safe. This is called a bow stringer. This is the way you should always replace
or remove a bow string from a recurve bow. The cup goes on the bottom. The sling goes over the top. You put your foot on the bow stringer. You pull up, you remove the loop, and you
let down. Therefore now the string has been loosened
and can be removed. Very simply the string is off the bow. In order to put the string back on the bow
it’s basically the same thing. You put your loop on the bottom, and you put
the cup over it. You put the sling over the top and in front
of the loop. You step on the stringer. You pull up, push the loop to the end, make
sure it’s secured, let down slowly, and the bow is strung. The bow stringer has to be used with recurve
bows. There is no other way safely to remove or
to replace a bow string on a recurve. On a compound bow it gets a little bit more
complicated, because you need what we call a bow press. It’s a device that is found in most pro shops. I would suggest that if you don’t own a bow
press that you bring it to a pro shop in order to get a string or a cable replaced or repaired.

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  1. he is wrong about there being no other way of replacing a bow string on a recurve bow, you can use ur left leg step through and place the bottom of the bow on ur right foot and bend the stop recurve to put the strong o. after all thats how archers did it in the middle ages

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