How to Reinstall Steam Games
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How to Reinstall Steam Games

October 10, 2019

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’ll show
you how to reinstall a Steam game. Steam games can take up a lot of space on
your computer’s hard drive. As a result, if you stop playing a game for
a while you may want to uninstall it to free up space on your computer. However, if you get an itch to pick that game
back up later on, Steam makes it easy to reinstall that game and pick up where you left off. Now let’s walk through the steps to reinstall
a Steam game. Step 1. Launch the Steam client on your computer. Step 2. Click “Library” in the row of options along
the top of your Steam client screen if it isn’t selected already. A list of Steam games you own appears in a
list on the left side of the screen. Step 3. Right-click the game associated with your
Steam account that you want to reinstall on your computer to display a context menu, and
then click “Install Game” in the list of options. An Install window associated with that game
appears. In this example, I’ll reinstall Total War:
Attila. Step 4. Choose whether or not you want to create either
a desktop or Start menu shortcut for your game, and then verify or select a different
path to install the game to. Click “Next” after making your selections
in the Install window. An end user license agreement for your game
is displayed. Click “I Agree” in the end user license agreement
to accept the outlined terms and conditions associated with installing the game. A window appears informing you that the necessary
disc space is being created for your game. Step 5. Click “I Agree” in the window after the necessary
disc space for the game has been allocated. Another window appears tell you that your
Steam download has started. Click “Finish” in this window. Your Steam game will begin reinstalling. The amount of time the Steam game will take
to reinstall depends on your Internet speed and computer hardware. You can track installation progress either
to the right of the game title on the left side of the screen, or along the bottom of
the screen. When the Steam game re-installation is complete,
you can right-click the name of the game to open a context menu, and then click “Play
Game” to launch it. Congratulations! You now know how to reinstall a Steam game. Thanks for watching. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments
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  1. When you reinstall a game, does it reinstall with all the saved data from prior sessions or do you lose all progress and have to start the game from scratch?

  2. im so annoyed im having a problem with train sim world and it keeps crashing i cant fix it so im gunna uninstall and then reinstall

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