How to Refund A Game On Steam – Fast And Easy!
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How to Refund A Game On Steam – Fast And Easy!

October 9, 2019

Are you a gamer or a streamer and you
bought a game on Steam and it’s not what you thought it was and you want a refund
so you can get your money back and move on with your life I’m gonna show you how
to refine a game on Steam quick and easy let’s get into it if you need to refund
a game on Steam it’s really easy log in under your steam account and navigate
yourself to the top bar where it says help tick on that and you will see steam
support go ahead and click on this one steam support loads you will see the
most recent purchases if it’s one of the games that you recently purchased you
can click on here but if the game is not listed here go down to purchases and
click on that go down to the very bottom where it says view all purchases and
when you tick on that you will see all the games that you have purchased on
Steam simply navigate yourself to the game in question that you would like to
refined and click on that once that page populates at the very top of the options
you will see request a refund when you click on that it’ll take you to another
page about a few other things but at the bottom of that page it’ll have a button
where you can click on that says I’d like to request a refund when you click
on request a refund it’s gonna check the eligibility to see what the request can
do for you on Steam now there is a little bit of a policy here because you
only are allowed a certain amount of time to refund a game you have to play a
game for under two hours of gameplay time and you have to do a refund within
14 days now just to let you know steam will actually allow you to request a
refund beyond these time limits but it’ll go through an approval process
where if it’s under that timeframe generally it’ll happen very quickly when
you’re ready to proceed with your refund it’ll ask you what payment method you
would like back select which one is best for you and continue through the wizard
it’ll ask you to fill out a few things of why you didn’t like the game or some
other feedback so that way steam can take it into consideration and submit
that in you’re all done see it was super quick and easy now if
you did everything correctly you will receive a successful email in whatever
account is associated to your steam account so check there in a few moments
after you hit the refund process button hopefully all you gamers and streamers
out there found this video very helpful and if you are a gamer or a streamer you
may want to take a look at my channel in the past videos there I give out a lot
of knowledge on how to be a bigger and better content creator and
streamer and if you want to continue your knowledge you may want to visit
over to where it’s got a lot of lessons and guides to make
sure you can be the best content creator you can be my name is wild thank you so
much for checking out this video I will catch you all later peace

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  2. Great video i liked😊 Really hope i can have a great fan base like you soon🙏🏽 Thanks for the great content 💜 Can you heart this

  3. Hi i watched ur bids on twitch growing. I growing easily. I just played creative destruction cos it not too popular and not many streams so i appeared at top. Thanks for help dude 🙌🔥🔥

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  5. Hey fellas/wild, I started my channel about a month ago and not seeing much growth. Could you tell me what might need improvement or ways to reach people and find my audience? Thanks

  6. We are unable to refund this purchase to your Steam Wallet at this time. Your playtime of an included product exceeds 2 hours (our refund policy maximum).

    Can anyone help,I cannot refund

  7. I have a question. If the game I want to refund has DLCs do I have to request a refund for all the DLCs? Or is it enough for me to request the refund from the main game and all the values of the DLCs will be refunded along with it? Thanks

  8. What happens if you refund a steam game thats on sale? Do you get refunded the full original price or do you only get refunded the sale price?

  9. when im refunding a game called rocket leauge and i plyed for 8 hours and when i refundet it then steam is sending me a code…

  10. How do you change the refund location, like from steam wallet to card, because I can’t change the location

  11. I refunded and they even sent me a email that they received the request. But on my steam wallet the pending money isn't showing.

  12. I have 3 hours and 40minutes on a game and didnt like it but they wont let me refund it so im stuck with a 40 pound game im not going to play

  13. what if you kind of like a game but there is a better game on steam and you don't enjoy the game that much but then like a few mounths later can you still buy it and not get banned from steam?

  14. im not from america and i bought the game with debit method and how long does it take for steam to refund to debit
    please help

  15. Now I had no idea that steam had a refund feature, the games would never start on my computer and I have no playtime on them but it’s been a while since I first purchased them, will they still refund it?

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