How To Refund A Game On Steam | 2019 Tutorial | SEE DESC.
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How To Refund A Game On Steam | 2019 Tutorial | SEE DESC.

October 9, 2019

alright boys what’s up today I will be
showing you how to get a refund on. steam! for just those horribly crap games
basically you want to do is first of all you have to ensure that you haven’t
played the game for more than two hours or else your refund will not be eligible
and also not or but also that you haven’t owned the game for over two
weeks so less than two hours of gameplay and owning the game for less than two
weeks is a surefire way to always get you a refund
so what you want to do is obviously go into steam alright top left of the
screen you should see Steam click on that go to settings alright navigate to
account it may on be it may be on something different depending on what
you were on left so the go to account then view account details in the top
right view purchase history all right like as you can see I’m refunding squad
it’s just not for me it’s not a crap game it’s just not for me but say I
wanted to refund Mortal Kombat X now this was over two weeks ago so it’s not
going to work but I will apply for it just to show you guys how it works
simply click on it alrighty click on I would like a refund
I would like to request your refund we’re fun to my steam wallet or refund
to the Visa Card or whatever card you use to buy the game
I’d like it to go to my steam wallet alright
choose your reason for example for squad for me I simply put it’s not fun because
it really isn’t a fun game to me I don’t enjoy the game but and then yeah
so a note simply put I don’t whatever you thought of a game go ahead and hit
submit request and there you go your helps request has been submitted to
steam support and within two hours or so two hours to six hours your requests
should be reviewed and they will send you an email then simply come back to
steam and you should see at the top it should say however much money you’ve
paid for the game it’s pin it’s pending so click on that
alright available within three hours usually it’s 24 I did squaddie yesterday
my refunded squad yesterday so within three hours this will now be in my theme
wallet so in three hours I will have exactly forty five dollars in my Steam
account and to spend on a different game other than squad now squad will not be
automatically removed from my inventory or from my library the data at least so
you would uninstall it but um yeah I’m not going to just in case it doesn’t go
through I don’t know it’s I don’t know I’m just being cautious
um anyway thank you so much for watching if this video helps you please share it
with a friend it thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already thanks

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  1. I dont think that it matters if you had it for over 2 weeks and played it for 2 hours because i sended the request I think it may work

  2. its great because i came to this video in hopes of getting a refund for squad as well. The game isn't for everyone. I wont say it sucks. but its honestly not good.

  3. couldn´t refund the game rust its says i played rust 3 hours the most time i spend on the loading screen. Still good video

  4. Thanks! I got so worried when I saw my game wasn’t compatible with my computer. I thought I lost a solid $20 on The Forest and I can’t even play it lol

  5. So I pre-ordered NBA 2k20 today and needed a refund cause the game will be released on September 7 so it's too long so yeah thanks

  6. thank u man i want stuff for fortnite so i had to refund something and put it back to my mums paypal as she doesn't have enough money at the moment, thanks alot

  7. I have a grand strategy game that I thought I would like. And because it was a grand strategy game, It takes a long time in order just to do one game. So I stoped at six hours, and the question is, will they accept the refund?

  8. I needed to refund bendy and the ink machine but Ive played the game for multiple hrs and enjoyed half of of no less than half thaats like 10 plus hrs ill never get back

  9. i was trying to refund Abzu, in my library it said i have played for 2 hours, when i was gonna refund, it said i have been playing for 3 hours.

    what an unlucky day

  10. Squad is fully amazing! For me, that is the best tactical game today. Check the game again some that. Since 2017 to 2019 the game has MANY changes. 😉

  11. I'm actually refunding a game on steam thats not crap, A hat in time, I'm refunding it because my PC is awful and I don't have a Graphics Card.

  12. This needs to come on ps4 i accidantally bougth a game for 40 euro's and i calld PlayStation and they say i cant get it back (sorry for my bad english)

  13. Mind say " These funds will be available for use on Oct 8. Until then, you can view any pending Steam Wallet funds at the top right of the Steam Store page, below your available wallet balance."

    What that mean?

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