How to Prepare for Hunting Season | Knife Review
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How to Prepare for Hunting Season | Knife Review

August 20, 2019

It’s almost hunting season guys and most
people are thinking about their bows, their guns, getting everything set up. They’re going to the range of practicing
hanging stands, planting food plots. How about you’re knives? What about having a high quality knife
and skinning system in your pack? That’s one of the most important things
you can have on pack elk hunters that are about to crank up in September.
Do you want to have a dole knife? Do you want to have the sharp nut you
want to to the great skinning tool, check out Raptorazor knives. All the great products they are making
and I’m telling you this T-handle design is one of my favorite knives I’ve
ever used. Replacement Blades, super sharp and multiple
blades. You can even have a saw, this thing and what those big
animals to help them under town, where you whitetail hunters, when you go to skin one of these
big animals that t handles, you can get a big swipe or big pull if
you need to when you’re using the gut hook or if you’re using that saw or if
you’re doing some finish skinning and even caping with the straight
edge. I’m telling you, checkout Raptorazor knives and
all the great products that make, that’s what we use here
on Savage Outdoors.

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