How to Play SNES Games on PC [SNES Emulator ZSNES]

September 24, 2019

*How to Play SNES Games on PC*
hello everyone and welcome to yes guy gaming today I’m going to go to a short tutorial about how to setup a super nintendo emulator onto your computer so the first thing that we got to do is we’ve got to download the emulator that’s what i’m running right here with super mario world so to download the emulator you go to this site or this is one of the sites that i use you can use any any other site that you want but i usually trust this one emulator zone again i’ll put the link in the description you go down to the bottom here this said SNES you click that should download here i’ve already downloaded a few times so should download that will come up in your downloads so that will go there then what you need to do is get a rom so the games these are what the what the emulator is going to use to run the games for you so again i’ll put this link in the description it’s emuparadise dot emmys the site i use for all my roms you can see it’s got a list of your most downloaded top-rated you can sort alphabetically so you just click on the game you want click number 7 download links that will take you down here to this link right here above the pictures you click that then you scroll down to this direct download click click that and it should download the game there so now at this point we should have our emulator and a game here in our downloads so what I usually like to do next I want to put these two in the same folder so I make a separate folder called the SNES emulator you can call it whatever you want and I’ll move these two items here into this folder just so that they’re in the same folder so we’ll wait for that to copy for a second what we’re going to need to open these files is a program called winrar just because the format those files are in you’re going to need this to open up i’ll put this thing in the description it’s really easy you just download you run it installs really simple the one thing you got to be careful about is if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system i am running a 64-bit system there’s an easy way to see that so you go to control panel under system and security and then under system it should say right here under system type what type of system you’re running so then you find this is the type of file that matches your language and your system so if you’re 64-bit you go to them the 64-bit English download that install it then you can open up these files so then what you want to do is you want to head over here your your emulator folder that you just made and because we just downloaded and installed winrar we can extract these files so i usually click extract here so you right click click extract here and it brings out these two files the docs folder and this this is the emulator right here this is what you’re going to be using then what you want to do is extract the ROM file so I’ll do the same thing extract here and that our up comes the game file that’s the file that you’re going to be using to play the game so now what we’re going to do is open up the emulator so we open that up and so here we’ve opened up the the emulator so there’s a bunch of options here but how you play the games you can configure your input so you can configure your keyboard and what types of controls you want to use you can use a gamepad all that stuff’s compatible here that’s where you sort it out but to load the games you just go to game load and because we’ve got the game there in our folder now we can open it up super mario world USA double click it then it should open up and there it is so that’s how you download and install a SNES emulator onto your computer hopefully this helps you guys out and you guys can go online and enjoy all the retro games back from the Super Nintendo days but I want to thank you guys for watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming you
*How to Play SNES Games on PC*

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