How to Play Sega 32x Games on Android! Sega 32x Emulator! Sega 32x Games on Android Tutorial!
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How to Play Sega 32x Games on Android! Sega 32x Emulator! Sega 32x Games on Android Tutorial!

September 16, 2019

Hey guys my name is Scoby today, I’m gonna be showing you how to play Sega 32x games on your Android device This is gonna be a nice quick and easy tutorial on screen right now you can see me playing some Knuckles Let’s jump right in today so the first thing going to do is open up your Play Store and we’re gonna be searching for and installing Retro Game Center Now Retro Game Center is gonna be the emulator we’re gonna be using to play Sega 32x games on our Android device what you want to do is get this installed And while you’re on your Play Store all it’s gonna be backing out we’re gonna be installing one other application We’re gonna be searching for and installing Z archiver we’re gonna be using Z archiver a little bit later to extract and use our games the archiver is 100% free it works similar to Winrar or 7zip for pc But i’d recommend having this regardless for other emulators and for a bunch of other things It’s great for managing stuff on your phone So get both of these installed once both are installed the first thing you want to do is open up retro game center for the first time If this is your first time opening up the software you may have to allow access to your phone storage You are gonna need to do this because a little bit later on we’re gonna be needing to locate to where our games are So, this is the UI for this software, it’s kind of clean and it works really really well we’re gonna be getting into more the specifics later on once we have the game set up But if you click on our menu on the top right first thing we will be doing is coming into our settings we can change A couple different things here we can change the image width and the text size These are the main things you can do with these settings you can reset them by clicking the box on the right and that’s pretty much all we can do with the settings if we go back to the browser section we can search for games here and we can link the games I’m gonna be showing you how to link the games in a second but what I’d recommend doing is backing out of this going to Z archiver and Creating a new folder by clicking on the three dots on the top right clicking create And then create a new folder named Sega 32x or whatever you’d like to name it I already have one created down here which is Sega 32x Where I put all of my games and this were I’d recommend putting all of your games to move any games all you do is long press with ZArchiver click copy Locates wherever you want to put them and then click the green box on the bottom right and that’s how you copy your games to wherever you want to move into with ZArchiver I’d recommend doing this it just hosted organization a little bit now the only time we’re gonna want to extract our games is when games come in a .7z file If they come in a dot zip it’ll be no problem for our emulator to open them up But if they come in at our .7z or .rar file we’re gonna have to do is click on them and then click extract here which will extract all the files of our game out now? We are gonna need these later on if you want to link them to our emulator I’m also gonna mention now that I’m not gonna be showing you in today’s video or to download games But games are really really easy to find the quick Google search will help you out But once you have this done you’ve created a new folder for all your games We’re gonna be backing out and going back to our emulator and from here what we’re gonna want to do is search for whatever game you’ve currently downloaded Now, You cannot actually download games in this emulator despite how it kind of looks that suggests that You have to search for the games once you have them downloaded to link them to the game in this emulator So I’m gonna be searching for Star Wars because I have a Star Wars game downloaded for the Sega 32x And if we search this here, we’re gonna be able to link it to our actual file by clicking into our game We can click link ROM right here All you wanna do is locate to where your game is as you can tell live Star Wars dot zip right here click on it The game will automatically link and then to play your game all you need to do is click Play game You can start from the beginning or resume from where you were you can relink the file if you wish if this file does not work you can download it from another source and relink it well I’m gonna be doing starting from the beginning and your game will run as simple as that and it’s as easy as that to play Sega 32x games on your Android device this emulator works really really well and it’s a really nice emulator to use You can close down and open up your on screen buttons with the arrows down here at the top and bottom we can close down our game by clicking the power button on the top and once you have your games linked with this emulator we can really easily find all linked games by clicking menu on the top right clicking play on the top left And then I’ll show all currently linked games, which is really really nice We can easily click on whatever game we want We want resume from last time or start beginning In this case I’m gonna be resuming from where I was last time and it works really really well. This is the best Sega 32x emulator I found it’s the easiest to set up and it’s the cleanest between the UI and the whole linking system It’s really really nice to use and I’d really recommend it Anyway guys If you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to drop a like subscribe if you’re new check out the other videos on the channel I’m gonna leave a link down below to my paypal if you found this video helpful And you want to support me of course there’s no pressure if you can’t Anyway guys. Thank you so much for watching until next time as always Keep it saucy Peace

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  2. The app doesn't work anymore, so here is my little help. I hope it works. See ya friends!! 😉

  3. Thanks for this! Only used retroarch but it couldn't play nba jam t.e. for the 32x but apparently this can! You da man! 👍

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