How to Play Pool : Various Bridges on the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners
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How to Play Pool : Various Bridges on the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

October 8, 2019

This is Richard on behalf of,
I’m going to show you continuation on two basic bridges that you will encounter during
your pool playing games. We cover the close bridge on the last one, this one we will show
the open bridge. Open bridge is basically you are setting up the same way as you do
for the close bridge. You are going to start off with your hand flat on the table, supporting
yourself, form a V with your thumb sticking up a little bit and you get the little V and
your are setting your cue ball in there and all we are doing is cuing the ball from there,
you are just sliding across the thumb area. The thing about this bridge is a lot of people
prefer this bridge especially on longer shots, it seems to give you a better aiming lining.
You have the close bridge the knuckle a lot of times because a lot of people will cue
down and they will get very low on their cue and you are looking over and you are seeing
your knuckle and this other way you are seeing nothing but ball as you are making another
shot. The other bridge that I want to cover is where you are shotting close to along the
rail. Your cue ball is sitting back close the rail, you are shooting across, you are
approaching the ball, if you go into a close bridge you are actually going to be shooting
way up on top of the ball, if you are shooting off the open bridge you are going to still
be shooting over across the ball, if you want to try to hit the center you are going to
have to raise up. Raising up is not a good idea, you always want to try to keep your
cue level as possible. What you do in this situation is you set your ball, you set your
cue right on the rail, you come in, you form you tuck your thumb underneath and you just
kind of wrap your two fingers right over the ball your shaft goes up right up against your
finger and your other finger and you just set yourself and you are shotting right off
the rail. The rail itself is your bridge and all your bridge hand is doing in this case
is supporting your cue.

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  1. Thank you Expert Village.
    I have been playing for a few years but am self taught. I watched all the videos and found most of them all informative in quite a few ways.

  2. I could never figure that rail bridge out, I'd always use open bridge for rail shots and raise up too much. Now I know what to do from now on, thanks!

  3. i have a totally different techniques to what anybody uses…i have never seen anybody who uses the same one as me EVER! i bridge the cue between my thumb and my first finger and underneath the thumb. It works for me and ive used it for years and don't want to change my technique 🙂 it has led me to numerous regional championships but thinking about turning pro now im 18.

  4. omg! you forgot to mention the beginner "fist bridge"! lol.
    good video though. i use closed bridge to break with and open bridge shooting. well, with some distance shots i may use a closed bridge, if im hitting the cue ball pretty hard to stun it or stop shot it.

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