How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC   [Dolphin Emulator]
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How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC [Dolphin Emulator]

January 26, 2020

hello everyone and welcome back to yes
guy gaming we’re here today to go through a tutorial on how to play
GameCube games on your PC computer so as you can see here I’ve got Paper Mario
the thousand-year door setup on my computer but I’ll show you how to get
other games onto your computer so first thing we want to do is download the
gamecube emulator the program that’s actually going to be running your games and the
one that that I use is here on emulator zone I’ll post all these links in the
description of the video for you to follow along with but all you need to do
here is go and grab the dolphin emulator now depending on what what type of
Windows computer you’re running whether 64-bit or 32-bit I’m running a 64-bit
computer if you are you just grab the Dolphin 5.0 emulator download that
wherever you need to go and then install it after a short install it should be
should be ready to go for you the next thing you want to do is grab some rom
files or ISOs these are files that are the actual game that’s going to be
running on the program so to do that there’s lots of different sites you can
use tons of sites that have these high so or ROM files online I like to use emu
paradise but there’s lots of lots of different sites out there again I’ll
post this link in the description all I need to go on here is grab the file if
you’re using this site you can maybe let’s just pick Super Mario Sunshine
here you want to click download links it’ll take you down here and then you
just click on this link here and it’ll open up the a new link or you got to do
a CAPTCHA this is usually the first time only once you put that in then all it
takes is it’ll just download the game and then you’ll be good to go so once
you’ve got your game and your emulator downloaded you’re gonna need to there’s
a few steps a few key steps that need to happen before you’re actually able to
play the games the first of which is when you download the ISO file it’s
going to come in this zipped archive type of file what we need to do is on
this file right click and hit extract files or extract here either way both
are going to extract whatever is in side that that folder and bring it out
so you can use after you do that it’s going to give you a file that looks just
like this and that’s the one you can use so once you’ve done that you can go
ahead and open up your dolphin emulator by double clicking I’ve got a sort cut
right here but if you’re having trouble finding where it is the game the
emulator usually installs under the program file see if you search in there
you should be able to find it there’s a file called that shouldn’t have dot exe
you just double-click on that and it should open up your dolphin emulator
right here you can already see I’ve got a bunch of games already on there
normally what will happen is there won’t be any games here when you first open up
you’ll have to click on this browse button what that’s going to open up is a
browser that’s going to allow you to go in and find exactly where you extracted
that ISO file you just double click on that folder it should load up all of the
games that you have in that folder I usually recommend having all of your
ISOs in one folder so that this can easily keep track of all of them so once
you’ve got that all set up all you need to do is click on the game click play it
should open up a window and then run run the game for you and so that’s how you
you download and play GameCube games on your PC computer thank you everybody for
watching I hope this video was informative if if there are any
questions or you need any more help feel free to hit me up in the comments below
I’m more than happy to try to do my best to to respond and and help out as best I
can but thanks so much for watching this video and we hope to see you next time
on yes guy gaming

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  1. Hey man, I noticed after I close the game after saving the program wont re open the games but when I try a new game it works but only once. Once i try and re open it, it stops working

  2. Hey man I downloaded windwaker but every time I load it it runs perfectly until I see the Nintendo sign then it just crashes 🙁

  3. Hey, so I was booting up Luigi's Mansion and as I did so it was lagging really bad and I'm not sure to do. Do ya think you help me out? Thanks man!

  4. can some one tell me is it safe to download this when i i tried to downloaded this it ask if this program can make changes to this pc should i let it???

  5. Ok so I'm new to all this so bare with me. So I downloaded some gamecube iso files online. When I use WinRAR to extract them it looks exactly the same as it did. If I go into properties to look at it it will say type of file is WinRAR archiver (.iso) so it doesn't say zip like it did before but it doesn't look any different. Anyhow the game won't show up when I look for it in dolfin emulator. I just need help on what I might be doing wrong.

  6. i can not play the gamecube game that i downloaded it is telling me something about a memory card and i do not know how to fix it

  7. How did emuparadise worked for you? I thought it was shut down like 2 years ago. Will other sites work for this though?

  8. This is insane.. I've downloaded from a few sites.. Did 3 different zips and nothing. Then get corrupted messages. Am I on the wrong download sites? What am I doing wrong. Tried several different games 😡🤨

  9. So when you say to extract the emulator and rom into the same folder, does that mean I should have the extracted emulator shortcut in the same file as all the roms?

  10. I think Emuparadise is replaced by Romsmania or Romsmode, they are the first results that pop up whenever i download a rom…
    And their download is actually not working, its fast

  11. Can someone please send me the link for luigi's mansion, super mario sunshine, and legend of zelda for all gamecube thanks. It's not showing up for me?

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