How to Play a Desk Chair Prank on a Co-Worker
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How to Play a Desk Chair Prank on a Co-Worker

August 24, 2019

How to Play a Desk Chair Prank on a Coworker. Lighten up your office with this quick and
easy prank. You will need A chair with a pneumatic pressure
release Electrical or packing tape and an unsuspecting coworker. Step 1. Choose a coworker with a good sense of humor,
and get in before them one morning, or wait until they step out to lunch. Step 2. Make sure the office chair that your coworker
uses has a pneumatic pressure release underneath to regulate its height. Step 3. Tape the lever to the bottom of the chair. This leaves the valve completely open. For extra fun, put tape loops on the bottom
of the chair’s wheels, which will make it difficult to roll the chair around. Step 4. Wait for the fun to start. When your coworker arrives for work or returns
from lunch, the chair will sink all the way down when they sit on it. Step 5. When your coworker stands up to see what’s
wrong, the chair will return to its highest setting. Hopefully your coworker will sit down again
and repeat the hilarious process. Did you know Charles Darwin created one of
the first modern office chairs by adding wheels to a regular chair, which allowed him to get
to his specimens more quickly.

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  1. its more fun when they are already sitting on the chair, and you sneak behind and pull that lever. Especially when they are heavy, you can see them jiggle when they hit the lowest setting.

  2. It's funnier if you unscrew all the bolts that hold the chair together and just balance it on top, so when the person sits down the top half of the chair falls off.

  3. By the way – which stupid people give such videos such high ratings? Rated 1 star! It's pure shit what howcast is producing lately!!!

  4. When someone leaves their chair, they usually don't push it in. I'll then go over and lower the seat as far as possible. When they come back, they never notice that they're going to drop a couple of extra inches when they sit down. A much quicker prank to pull off and just as funny to watch.

  5. more quickly is also correct. (according to my translator :P) and if not, everyone makes mistakes so that would make us all retards then wouldn't it?

  6. wouldnt it be more fun to unscrew the chair and wait until they sat down and broke it? then laugh and mock them as they put it back together

  7. hey kids
    you can also hook a 3000 psi canister of Co2 to the chair cylinder.
    when he pulls the lever because the chair is too low…
    he gets launched through the fricken roof.

  8. Anybody else annoyed when illiterate people use the word "da" instead of "the"…? Especially over the internet when they're the top-rated comment?

  9. Why not take this prank one step further and attach an air horn to the chair? When your unsuspecting coworker sits down, he'll sink down with the chair, his weight will set off the air horn, and he'll be back out the door in less than a second!

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