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How to Plan a Treasure Hunt | Sophie’s World

December 8, 2019

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today we’re going to do something really fun
we’re going to go on a treasure hunt now there are many different kinds of
treasure hunt but the kind I’m going to teach you about today is called
a destination or clue driven treasure hunt you’re probably wondering what is that
well a destination treasure hunt is when you get a clue like this that leads you
to a destination now at that destination you’ll find another clue that leads you
to another destination at that destination you’ll find another clue
that leads you to another destination and another and another and another
until you get to the final destination where you’ll find your treasure now the
great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be a treasure chest like
ours filled with goodies in fact it can be something as simple as the birthday
cake or even a stuffed animal that has one missing it can be anything you
really want it to be the joy here is the hunt now to get to the hunt you’re going
to need clues and what I’ve done here is I’ve just taken piece of paper and I’ve
put an image of a treasure chest on it now you can use anything you want it can be something as simple as a piece of paper with a big giant red X on it it
could be a little note that’s rolled up into a scroll and tied with a little
ribbon it doesn’t really matter it’s just that you need to make sure that
you’re consistent so the kids know what they’re looking for at each destination
now I will show you what I’ve written on this one that leads to the last treasure
hunt clue which is the treasure itself the important thing that I find with
destination clues is when you’re hiding them to do them backwards that’s where
there’s no confusion you don’t get lost as you’re setting up your hunt so what
I’ve done here is I’ve written my clue ahead of time so I can read it to you
but let me tell you my one pointer make sure that you tell the kids that the
last thing that they’re finding is the treasure I can’t tell you how many
parties I have done where we have this amazing treasure the kids open up the
door and here’s this treasure chest there’s all this gold and sparkles and
everything and the kids go where’s the clue so anyway this is what
I’ve written this last clue will fill you with pleasure because it leads to
your treasure to find your chest make sure you don’t pass the green and waving
tall thin now because I like to do rhyming clues I leave the last word off
the kids get really excited when they fill in grass and then they know that
they’ve got to go find the tall waiting grass that’s what I like to do now this
clue is not going to get hidden here it’s going to get hidden someplace else
now let me look around and see I got it let’s go over here so I found the
perfect hiding place this garden trellis so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
take that clue that I wrote and I’m going to hide it now I’m going to hide
it in a way that the kids can still see it because there’s nothing more
frustrating than being on a treasure hunt and not being able to find your
clue now the next clue that I’m going to
write is about this trellis here’s what I wrote for this next clue please don’t
be jealous just check around the garden now I need another place hmm I see one
over here so what do you think about this hiding spot I’m going to take my
clue and I’m going to put it right in here just like that now of course if you
have older kids you can be a little more tricky with where you hide your clues
but you get the idea now I need to write the clue for this one so I’ve written
this Clues sure we’ll hit the spot it’s hidden in the flower starting to get the
idea now I need one more place to go I see it over here so I’m going to hide my
clue now I hope you’re getting the idea
basically we’re working backwards from destination to destination to
destination writing a clue each time and then hiding it at the next destination
once you get to your first destination that is going to eventually lead you to
your end of your treasure hunt you’re going to hold on to that clue because
this is the clue that you’re going to read to the children just like this
treasure hunts are lots of fun gathering clues one by one for your first clue no
need for pushing just check under the seat you get the idea I hope you’ll have
lots of fun with your treasure hunts we certainly do remember you can use
anything to hide a clue it can be anything in your surroundings if you’re
indoors you might want to use a refrigerator or the mailbox or under a
pillow on the bed it’s really whatever is around you so have some fun treasure
hunting and don’t forget to check us out at for other
treasure hunting ideas and outdoor activities in general

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  1. It's a great treasure chest isn't it? I got it at target years ago! and I've never seen one like it since. I could never sell it though…I use it at too many birthday parties!

  2. You should add one more key word "idea to set treasure hunt game" I mean your video doesn't come up at first, when i search regarding treasure hunt ideas. I am conveying bcoz u explain it magnificently.?


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