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How to Pick a Proper Spined Arrow | Archery Lessons

August 16, 2019

Okay, in addition to setting your bow up,
one of the first accessories that you need to buy is the arrow. The arrow of course, is just as important
as the bow. You cannot shoot a bow without the arrow. Now, a lot of people don’t realize that there’s
a lot of different size arrows. Besides having a lot of different materials
that you can choose from like, wood, and aluminum, and carbon, and fiberglass, there are different
size arrows. Now, when I say size I don’t mean just the
length of the arrow, which obviously is usually cut to your draw length. So an arrow, first of all, must be chosen
by the poundage of the bow and what length the arrow will be once it’s cut. So, when you go out to choose an arrow, you
have to know two things, the poundage of the bow and the length of the arrow. By using these two things to determine the
size of the arrow, the thickness. For instance, arrows come in different diameters
and in different wall thicknesses. Those two things determine the ability of
the arrow to bend. This is called spinning. It’s very important that you get the proper
spine arrow for the poundage of the bow and the length of the arrow. There are charts to tell you what that is. There’s a chart, an arrow selection chart
that’s put out by the manufactures of every different brand name of arrows that will let
you put in the length of the arrow and the poundage of the bow. And determining those two things will bring
you to a specific size or a specific spine for the arrow. Very important to get the properly spined
arrow. If an arrow is too weak and you shoot it out
of a heavy bow, and it bends to much, it could break. And if it breaks, it could drive the broken
end of the arrow right through your hand. Which is actually holding the bow. It’s dangerous. It’s also very inaccurate. The more the arrow bends as it’s going through
the air, the less accurate it becomes. So, you’ve got to get the spine proper that
when it goes through the bow and comes out past the bow, it is travelling in a perfectly
straight line. You don’t want it to come out bending this
way. You want it to come out straight.

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  1. You actually DO want the arrow to bend coming off of the string… It snaps back after leaving the sight window and wiggles all the way to the target or animal. It's called archers paradox. This guy is an idiot. If anyone has any questions on arrows or flight of the arrow. Send me a message and I will answer any questions you have. Aloha

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