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  1. Probably the most vague video I've watched in a while. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't understand what he's saying, but the title is "How to selecta hunting knife" and this video does not address that very well. Basically he named a few knife companies and 3 styles of knives and that's the video.

  2. After a few years of using knives it gave me a good idea of what I wanted in my hunting knife, or camp knife, lately I've been looking at 9" blades as a survival knife, I like a choil with this blade lenght to add versatility of use, but as far as a camp/hunting knife I remember something Mors had said in what he thought a knife should be that thing was it's got to be strong, as part of my hobby, I have knives in several sizes, but most article call for a 5-7" blade, so yup I started off with a 6" blade, first of all I picked a knife that I consider one of my fav's the Ratmandu and a thickness of my Rodent 7 I looked at the Rodent 6 but I didn't like the tactical look so I got an idea what if I could have it thinned down to make it a great slicer a good virtue of a camp knife, and then take the top gaurd off to lighten it up and make it look more like a camp knife, I had those things done at their Custom Shop (Swamp Rat) I finally got my perfect knife IMO it look's like a beefy Ratmandu on steriods which I think came out great, you can't tell it was a Rodent 6 to some a 6" blade might to too big but for me it's just right, all I need is a pocket knife (my Case Proto XX double blade) or I can pair it off with my Rodent Solution which is a Lil Tank, a compact saw and a double bit hatchet and withought out trying it something that came from the G. Washington Sear's Nessmuk book, as close to a perfect knife as it came out IMO I enjoy using tool's and I find there really isn't just one knife to do it all although my new Rodent 6 is now my favorite.

  3. if you want get a skining knife get a nice fillet or butcher knife and slowly grind it to your desired shape

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  5. For guys that use steels to sharpen and don't care about a sharp knife cause they never have had a scarry sharp knife.

  6. i think a exellent hunting knife should be 10cm + long and should be thick whit a good grip and razor sharp for perfect skinning

  7. For a long time I use knives from Arno Bernard and time proved their quality. They are absolutely perfect and fantastic to hold.

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