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How to: Para-biathlon – visual impairment category

August 15, 2019

[lively electronic music] [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: The guide plays a very important role because we couldn’t make all those turns alone. Everything seems whiter than white. You can’t see anything. For example, for a right turn he says “turn right!” and points in the direction. He’s basically my eyes. [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: One look back is enough for me to see her condition completely. If it is hard for her, if she has any strength left. [guide calls directions] [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: I don’t have many hobbies now as sport is very time-consuming and in between training there is only enough time to rest, recover, and gain strength. [speaking German] TRANSLATOR: Your average person on the street can’t really begin to understand. How can a blind athlete ski 12 kilometres with a guide? How can a person with just one arm hold one stick and travel forwards? Whenever people see this they’re totally flabbergasted and instantly impressed by the sporting prowess. [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: I do all the work. What she does, I also do, and so I keep myself fit. But it gets hard sometimes. [crack of rifle shots] [speaking German] TRANSLATOR: The first competitor to arrive has to take target 1 and the positions are filled one at a time like this. So the competitors are given some guidance on the line they need to shoot. [music and rifle shots] TRANSLATOR: We shoot at sound; you need to choose the highest sound. [warbling electronic whines and beeps] [gun trigger clicks] [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: It’s not quite the same as the biathlon, where spectators applaud every shot. Things are a lot quieter here, because any noise would disturb the athlete’s concentration. [click of gun being cocked] [electronic music and rifle shots] [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: There are athletes, for example, who approach the shooting range with a particular pulse. I don’t do that. I don’t monitor my pulse. I get to the range and I can have any pulse, and it will still be comfortable for me to shoot. [speaking Russian] TRANSLATOR: Almost everything demands attention. The trail, descent, ascent, the snow, the way the athlete feels, ski preparation, everything that concerns the race.

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