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How to: para-alpine skiing visually impaired category

November 20, 2019

go, go Skiing for visually
impaired athletes is not a lot different to normal skiing. The only difference is that we have a
guide In my case that’s Miguel. The piste used is naturally matched to the level of impairment The jumps are limited because It’s really hard for visually impaired athletes to do the jumps, if they don’t see. The speed is not as fast as the able-bodied because the
track is a little bit more easier but that would be maybe the main
difference between the able-bodied and disabled skiers. In our sport we go to different places
where the snow is different the terrain’s different so that’s what makes our sport
difficult. In visually impaired there’s B1 who are completely blind There’s a B2 that is semi-impaired and B3 only has a little impairment. It’s very important for the guide to stay in contact with the athlete if they lose touch the athlete loses
confidence. We therefore have a
wireless connection via bluetooth That let’s us stay in permanent communication during the descent I get his instructions over the radio
about what I have to know for example the gate sequence or changing
terrain fast and slow turns. I try as hard as I can to follow my guide’s commands She gives me all the information I need. What I discuss with him relates only to
the gap between us and what he says to me relates only to the line of descent.
And I really talk a lot. He has to trust me 100 per cent
because he has to be able to rely on everything I tell him or it won’t work. The gap between athlete and guide is stipulated in the rules. During the descent we must be more than
one gate apart otherwise you get disqualified In the slalom disciplines it’s not more
than two gates and if the athlete has a fall the guide is not allowed to help them. If you can imagine going down a slope
blindfolded It’s hard enough skiing when you’re able-bodied
but if you’re doing it either blindfolded So we try to do as
much training as possible Exactly an important
competition like Sochi increases everything more people
higher-profile you have to be even more focused. You have to mentally prepare for all of
that otherwise it’s such a big event it can be simply overwhelming.

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