How to Make Your Desk Chair Ergonomic for Less than $1
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How to Make Your Desk Chair Ergonomic for Less than $1

August 31, 2019

How to Make Your Desk Chair Ergonomic for
Less Than $1. Make your back happy at work for less than
the price of a hot dog. You will need A paper towel roll or empty
one-liter soda bottle A towel or pillow Telephone books and tape. Step 1. Place your hands and forearms on your desk. If your elbows are not level with your workspace,
raise or lower your chair until they are even. If your chair is too low and you can’t move
it any higher, sit on a folded towel or pillow. Step 2. Now that your chair is at the optimum height,
check your feet. If they cannot be placed firmly on the floor,
create a footrest with telephone books. This will remove stress from the shoulders
and neck. Step 3. Sit up straight, leaning slightly back, with
your feet on the ground or footrest. If there’s a large gap between your back
and the chair, tuck a roll of paper towels behind your lower back. Remove towels until it fits perfectly, then
tape it so the roll won’t unravel. An empty, one-liter soda bottle can be used
in place of the paper towel roll. Step 4. Keep both feet on the floor as you work; crossing
your legs puts stress on both your back and neck. Did you know In many countries in Asia, workers
sit on a cushion on the floor.

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  1. pillows are 4-6 dollar 2 liters of pop are $1.89 so you do the math. that hot dog better be fuckin covered in gold.

  2. The paper towel trick is definitely helping. It's amazing how you can spend hundreds of dollars on a chair and it's still uncomfortable. Thanks a lot Office Depot.

  3. I hate this idea because it causes more back pain on this setup which makes more uncomfortable to work. This idea is inexpensive method which is good for little amount of time.

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