How To Make Surprise Candy Unicorn Horn Ice Cream Sugar Cone Cupcake Chef Ava Kids Cooking Crafts
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How To Make Surprise Candy Unicorn Horn Ice Cream Sugar Cone Cupcake Chef Ava Kids Cooking Crafts

August 17, 2019

– Hi guys, welcome back to
Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Chef Ava and today
I will be showing you how to make a DIY… Unicorn horn, candy,
surprise, ice cream cone. (applause) Using cupcakes. For this recipe, you
will need white frosting, edibles golden spray, a kabob sticky, some candy, ice cream
cones, rainbow sprinkles, and some cupcakes. So first things first. I’m gonna grab a ice
cream cone and a cupcake. And you want to grab a butter knife. Just cut out the cupcake, so
it’s the same size as the cone. Alright, so it’s the same exact size, now we just want to get our kabob stick, stick it on like this and then
our edible golden spray paint and spray it gold. Let’s go outside to do this. Shake it up, up, shake it up, up. Alright, I think that’s good. Let’s go back inside. Alright, it’s all sprayed,
now we gotta get our candy and dump it in there. This is the surprise part. People will take a bite
in it and then surprise. (surprised sounds) And you just want to fill
that all the way to the top. Now to hold the candy in, we’re just gonna put the cupcake on top. There we go. Alright, ta-da. Now we just gotta frost it
so it looks like ice cream. So I’m just gonna grab my ice cream and put it in a cup to hold it. That way I can frost it with both hands. This is gonna be a lot of frosting. There we go, ta-da. See it looks like an ice cream cone. And a unicorn horn. Now the finishing touch, sprinkles. I like a lot of sprinkles. See it looks like an ice cream cone. (applause) Do you like my ice cream cone? It also doubles as a unicorn horn. You wanna see how? – Sure. This is why I hate being with sisters. (laughs) – You. Alright guys, thank you so
much for making this with me. It was so much fun to make. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment down below on what
your favorite ice cream is. Bye. (screams) Surprise. Hey guys, welcome back to
Kids cooking and Crafts. I’m Chef Ava and here I have
my trusty assistant, Corbin. – Hello. – And today we’ll be
showing you how to make a colorful, rainbow tie-dye cake. Let’s get right into it, pew-pew. – As you can see, we’ve
separated the cake mix into six different bowls. We’re going to use food coloring to change each one a different color. Alright, let’s see what happens when we mix two of these colors together. – Alright, I’ll put it yellow. – And I’ll put in red. – What do you think it’s gonna make? – I don’t know, let’s find out. – Oh, that’s cool, look at that. – Whoa, that looks so cool. It kind of looks like lava. Whoa, it’s making orange. Alright, now let’s mix some other colors. – Alright, I’ll use yellow again. – And I’ll choose blue. What color do you think it’s gonna make? Let’s find out. Whoa, it’s kinda turning green. Alright, now, I’m gonna try the red and Corbin’s gonna try the blue. Let’s see what this one mixes up. – Here we go. – It kinda looks like purple. Oh yeah, now it’s really looking purple. Now we’re just gonna do,
blue, yellow, and red. Look at all these cool rainbow colors. Now comes the funnest part. First you wanna get your red
and get one-third of a cup and put it into the pan. Right in the bullseye center. – Now that’s it all flattened out, we’re gonna add a scoop of orange. Now we’re just gonna do the same thing, but with the yellow. – Right in the center. Here goes the green. – Oh yeah. – Whoa, this is so cool. Last color, time for the purple. – [Both] Oh yeah. – Alright, we’re just
gonna repeat the process, but there’s twist. We’re putting it in reverse. – And kurplop. That kind of looks like an eyeball. It’s like one of those archery targets, kinda what it looks like. We’re gonna set the timer for 32 minutes. – Yeah. (alarm rings) – Alright guys, our
cakes are all finished. Corbin had to go to his lacrosse practice, so, it’ll just be me and Axel. Check out his cool shirt. That is so cool, it’s like our cake. See how this cake and
this cake our reversed. This cake has red on the outside and this cake has the red on the inside. Now we’re just gonna
frost our first layer. Alright, now it’s time to
put the other layer on. – I think we’ve frosted the top layer. – I can’t wait to see what it
looks like when we’re done. – Yeah. This is the whitest cake I’ve ever seen. – This will kinda trick people. Because they don’t know
it’s rainbow on the inside, because it’s just plain
white on the outside. There we go. Alright, time to decorate. We have these little
chocolate candies here and they’re all super colorful. – Pink and red, and then red is orange. – And then we restart. There we go. – Yes. It’s like a king’s crown,
with the little points. – Yeah, it kinda does
look like a king’s crown. What do you guys think? It looks like a normal cake, but in the inside it’s all rainbow. Alright, let’s cut it open and
see all the tie-dye colors. – Just like my shirt. This is gonna be– – Whoa, look at that,
that is already so cool. – Perfect.
– Whoa. Check this out. This is so cool. Look at the inside of that. That is so cool. – Let me see. That is the best type of
cake I have ever seen. – Yeah, this is so cool. I can’t wait to take a bite. This tie-dye cake totally reminds
me of Axel’s tie-dye shirt we made, you guys can check that out next. Well that’s all guys. Thank you guys so much, for
making this amazing tie-dye cake with us, it was so much fun to make. – Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, comment down below on what you favorite color is. – Bye. (upbeat music)

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