How to Make Money on Twitch: King Gothalion Makes Over $100,000 Playing Video Games
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How to Make Money on Twitch: King Gothalion Makes Over $100,000 Playing Video Games

August 21, 2019

– I didn’t set out to make six figures and raise a family up on getting in front of a camera everyday and playing video games. Well, I’m gonna go live. Hi, I’m Cory Michael. I go by King Gothalion on the internet. I’m a broadcaster on The way that I always explain it to people that don’t know what Twitch is, it’s like YouTube, but it’s live. There’s direct interaction
with the broadcaster. There’s a chat. What’s up guys? I got a camera crew in
the house this morning, from the Penny Hoarder, recording me and taking
pictures and stuff. Gabe you’re gonna be on camera. (laughing) – Hey. (laughing) Everybody in chat says hi to Gabe. I didn’t warn him that he
was gonna be on camera. Silly Gabe and his man bun. (laughing) Before I was streaming I
managed at a restaurant. I hated it. – It was constant work,
overtime, just go go go and paycheck to paycheck
pretty much, if that. – I was a stay at home dad
after that for a while, just trying to figure out
what I wanted to do next. And started doing twitch as a hobby. It was never like this
is what I’m gonna do. – Well I just saw it as more of a hobby, and sometimes to be completely frank, not one that I was like
super stoked about. But then it just started to grow, and it was just kinda like wow, we’re not living paycheck to paycheck. At first that was just
like the biggest joy. – Like honestly, I probably took it as my main income too soon. Like it was probably a dumb choice, but it was like money’s coming in. – For a while, I think I
had to explain to my family that his online entertainment
was not pornography. – So money on twitch comes
from a few different sources. The first is like direct,
it’s like tipping. Then there’s subscribing. Subscribing is where they
will give you regular money, on like a monthly basis. Yo, Unclebriser, thank you
for the brand new sub dude. So it’s five dollars a
month to sub to a streamer. And then there’s ad revenue. And depending on your ad tier, you’ll get a split of ad revenue
played during your stream. Thank you for attending MrElectricNick, thank you for three years
dude, three freaking years. Great. All right, so let’s go
check out Speakeasy. (upbeat music) I wanted it to be like a stark difference from the rest of the house. We do podcasting, and
then just fun streams, like night streams, drinking
and play video games, messing around and stuff
that’s like a little less business-y than my normal broadcasts. Voila, there you go. Working from home, it’s
great cause I’m home, but it’s also not great
’cause I’m always at work. Because if you’re not broadcasting you are rolling backwards. I would say I probably take
like three days off a month. I’ll stream like 50 to 70
hours in a week usually. Just disconnecting stuff, and it’s something I don’t
really complain about, because I’m very fortunate
to be doing what I’m doing, but it’s not a cakewalk, it’s probably the hardest thing I’ve done. Just from like a mental
exhaustion standpoint. – Sometimes it’s hard for me, if I’m being completely honest, to, okay he is at work,
he’s gone, (laughing) because he’s right there. I’ll pop in the room, I’ll
pop in the room with the baby and say hello or I’ll
bring him something to eat. – You’re such a joy, I love you. Hi buddy. Chat look at how cute my son is. I used to be this cute, I
don’t know what happened. Guys, that’s gonna wrap it up
for me for the morning stream. I will probably be back
this evening I believe. In the future I want to be
done broadcasting everyday. I mean, you know relevancy is something that’s really stressful
to constantly fight for. I want to walk away, because it has been such a
wonderful time in the sun, but now it’s time to lay in the shade. That’s my goal. Limit null when Elp good. What does success look like, this? I mean taking care of the family. – Hi sweet baby. There we go. – Not fighting about bills, and healthy children, that’s success. (soft piano music)

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  1. He's lucky. Got a hot wife, playing video games for a living while making money.
    I don't think I could do that, but props to these guys!

  2. Wow he’s got a legit setup. He doesn’t mess around, he really makes it professional.

    Good stuff my man. Keep it up!

    I don’t like how often streaming is “begging” for money

  3. I discovered goth from destiny 2 two weeks ago.. I follow each day now, he is a great streamer, and seems a great dad..

  4. what would be your advice for someone getting started? I play on console and feel almost as if you're not a top tier player you won't get subs. does personality go a long way or is it all about skill? also seems like battle royales run shit nowadays, how can one stream a game such as destiny 2 and be successful ?

  5. Good for him. I’ve watched Goth for a while. Granted “over $100k” where I live isn’t even enough income to afford a house. Let alone retire uncomfortably.

  6. I found Goth back at the start of D1 on Twitch. He has a great personality and is a joy to watch. I’ve bought his merch and subbed just to support good funny enjoyable entertainment.

  7. Awesome to see goth become so successful. I came across his channel after watching Professor Broman Vault of Glass raid stream and haven’t stopped watching since then. He’s still the same goofy fun entertaining dad figure

  8. It's interesting to think about the whole relevancy part, once you become relatively big and people begin to become more a community, then i dont really think you'll really fade away if you did less.

  9. Wait, he streams 50-70 hours… holy shit I mean I’ve been watching him since the first iron banner but I never realized. That would be so tiring, I mean I loved destiny but to play that much? Good on him he deserves it

  10. It's a damn shame that clowns like this get to make this kind of money while getting fat in their chairs while school teachers , firemen and police officers who actually save lives get paid 5x less. Gotta glorify the nerds and the cancer gaming community , this generation needs to be nuked.

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