How to Make Heated Office Chair using a LAN Cable – DIY (winter heater – lifehack / heated seats)
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How to Make Heated Office Chair using a LAN Cable – DIY (winter heater – lifehack / heated seats)

August 26, 2019

Hi guys, welcome to Electrical Projects Channel in today’s video I am going to show you how to make simple DIY heater, you can use it for an office chair, or for your bed, or where you want I just want to share this simple Idea with you For building this device you need a LAN cable, and a 5 volts and 3 amperes or more, power supply I am going to use my old PC Power Supply. So let’s start building first you need get rid of the insulation, we need only the wires. The idea of such device is very simple, when an electric current passing through a wire, electrical energy transforms into heat energy Now I am going to connect all wires sequentially you can just connect them, but, better solder them, because if these connections will have a bad contact, they’ll become very hot Now let’s solder them perfect… For insulation I am going to use some thermal shrinking tubing Okay… Now let’s connect on the other side Like this… now let’s solder them and thermal shrinking for the insulation perfect… Now all of the wires from the LAN cable connected sequentially and we’re ready connect them to the power supply We need to connect them to red and black wires these wires provide us with 5 Volts DC But there is one more problem, I am not sure that I have correct length of the wires, and it is very important because if you use less wire than needed, current will be too high, and the wires became too hot so I am going to use an ampere meter for measuring and check that everything ok My target current would be around 2 amperes, which gives me around 10 watts of heat Now I need to start this power supply without PC, to do so I need to connect Green and black wires Now the Power supply works Here we have current 1.5 Amperes and with this current the wires are slightly warm, and maybe it enough, it depends on what you needs Feel free to experiment, just don’t make current too high, I don’t recommend increasing current higher than 3 amperes Now, let’s solder the wires, and we are ready for testing. For testing I am going to use an electrical thermometer Sensor of the thermometer is touching the wire as you can see the temperature is increasing, but not very much. So after that I decided to make a little experiment I made the wires shorter I made the wires shorter, and after that the current increased from 1.5 to 2.5 Amperes, well, let’s see how it affected the temperature As you can see, now the temperature increasing much faster and the wires are much hotter For better spreading of the heat you can put a layer of aluminum foil, and a layer of cloth For the safety you must connect 4 or 5 ampere fuse sequentially Never leave this device unattended when it is on and working That is all that I wanted to show you, thanks for watching, and subscribe to my channel

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  1. temperature rating of those wries are very low. Very bad idea. Use teflon insulated wires for safety (30awg, teflon, look them up on ebay)

  2. How much current can those cables take without damage? I suspect that 2A is above the limits but i know there is POE powered devices as well.

  3. I wouldn’t be heating Teflon up either. To my understanding it’s toxic. Also I’d be afraid I’d smoke my power supply or set my ass on fire ??

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