How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games)
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How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games)

October 9, 2019

– This video was paid for
by Parsec, a 100% free app available at However, I would never
make a dedicated video if I didn’t genuinely love the product, and think that you’d love it too. So, as always, all opinions are
my own, and in my own words. Enjoy. (dreamy instrumental music) – I wish I had friends to play with. – Bob!
– Aaaah! – Come play Mario Party with me! – But Medraut, you live all
the way up in Canadia land and I live down here in New York. How are we ever supposed to play Super Nintendo and 64? – With Parsec. – Parsec? What’s that? – Come onto my cloud and I’ll show you! – I can’t, we’ve already run out of time for any more animations in this video. – Oh, well hop into a Discord call and I’ll show you Parsec. – Okay. Let’s get this out of
the way: in emulation ROM refers to the game file
and Emulator refers to the program that plays that game file. I’m not gonna sit here and lecture you about the ethics of ROMs. No matter what I say I know
that you’ve got some ROMs over there on your
computer, don’t lie to me. But I’ll say it anyway, make
sure you’re only playing games that you already own, or
games from defunct companies. Okay? Okay. Lately, with Nintendo
cracking down on ROM sites, it’s becoming harder and
harder to find good ROMs. Look, I don’t care how you get these ROMs. Maybe you have a device
that rips the ROMs straight from the cartridge which is
the only way to legally play these games digitally
according to Nintendo. Maybe you typed into Google
“gimme one of dem SNES emulators my dude” and it comes right up. OBviously, these games don’t
have online multiplayer. These emulators don’t have
online multiplayer either. ROMs are literally just rips of old games and emulators are just a
means to run that file. This is where Parsec
comes in, my guy, my dude. Parsec is essentially a
remote desktop software. It takes whatever is on
your screen and streams it to another user. The difference between this
and other remote desktop programs is that it’s so
blazing fast that it feels like there’s no input lag at all. This is why it’s marketed
towards video games. I did not believe it would work this good and trying it for the
first time it blew my mind. It can even do 4k, up
to 60 frames per second. Oh is that you, I’m in the wrong place. – Parsec isn’t just for old
games or emulators either, I play WWE 2K18 over
Parsec and it actually has less input delay than the
game’s built-in online mode. It’s the closest thing you can
get to having a friend come over and plug their controller
into your computer, online. This is the perfect fix
to the age old problem of the best PC multiplayer
games being local co-op only. Games like Overcooked, Tower
Fall, Enter the Gungeon and Spelunky can all now be played online with no extra cost other the game itself! – I framed this video around
ROMs because retro games are our shtick here,
but you can use it for literally anything that you want. It just gives the other user access to use their controller on your computer. You can use it for more than just games. Maybe play music through it. I know a guy who edits
4k video on his laptop from his desktop at home seamlessly. “But Bob” you say, all the way over there “My computer can’t even
run Chip’s Challenge!” Maybe you wanna run Cuphead
on your Compaq Pasario. Parsec has an option to
rent a powerful gaming PC from the Parsec Marketplace
for you and a friend to remote into. “But Bob!” Hey stop interrupting
me over there, gee whiz. What if I don’t have any friends? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be
such an asshole to everybody you meet all the time. Or, you could just use
something they recently added called Party Finder. You can post the game you want to play, or you can browse the selection and see what everyone else is up to. If there’s a multiplayer game out there that you want to try, browse
for it in the Party Finder and play with someone totally for free. But you know, if you end
up liking it and you want to play more, you should
support the developer. There’s also a new feature
called Parsec Communities and oh, would you look at that? Here, creators like myself
can give viewers access to play games with them, or
host parties for the community to play games with each other. I’ll leave a link to that
in the description as well in case you guys wanna
play games with each other. You just start a party, it’s that simple. – I originally found out about Parsec through pro wrestling game
communities on YouTube using it to play all kinds of WWE games from the PS2 era all the
way through to today. It’s amazing being able to
go back and play these games online with friends even
if the games don’t have online support anymore. Also thanks to Parsec
you have the control over who’s able to use keyboard, your mouse, or even just their controller,
I’m able to connect with whoever I want and not
worry about what they might be able to do on my computer. I could even just play
with viewers on my stream! – The latency free streaming
is the whole draw to the app. It really is amazing what
they were able to do with it. I’ve used other gaming
services where the game is being streamed remotely
and because of my experiences with those and how just okay something like Playstation Now is, I was blown away by how well the peer-to-peer
connection works. Hell there are games on the
Switch that have input lags when you’re playing
online and somehow Parsec is able to pull it all off. But to me, the true potential is unlocked when you take a game that
isn’t naturally meant to have online multiplayer,
and you turn it into a game that you can play online
with your friends. And yeah, this includes
pre-internet games. That’s what really got
me jazzed up about this. I learned about this app
when MDB actually asked me to play Mario Party with him,
so that intro was 100% real it happened. (yelling) And again I was blown away
by how well it worked. Then I ran into the Parsec guys at PAX and I talked to them for a little bit and now they’re paying me
to talk about their product that I came to them to talk to them about in the first place. It all comes around. Also the app is free. So they’re not even asking for your money they’re just giving it all away. So what do you guys think
about now having the ability to play your old games
online with a buddy. Does this open up a whole new
world of potential for you? Leave it in the comments below. @ me on Twitter, all that
other social media garbage. Make sure you go to to check it out and if you have any questions,
they’re very receptive. They have a Discord channel
or you can just tweet at them and they’ll get back to you immediately. They love the product they’re working on and they’ll be more than happy to tell you whatever you want to know about it. Anyway we’ve got new videos
and live streams all the time. Me and MDB are gonna be
streaming some retro, I’ll let him tell you about it. Because I don’t know, we
haven’t set this up yet. – So we’re playing Mario
Golf on Tuesday night on both of our Twitch channels. Cause we’re professionals and we just set this up
right now during the edit. – And join me over on Twitch.TV/Wulffden where I stream stuff like Pokemon Yellow. That game is so long it never ends. But as always the most
important things that you can do is just subscribe and share
this video with a friend. A friend that you want
to play these games with. Thank you guys very much. You have yourselves a great day. (upbeat music)

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  2. I have no friends and no one joins me I’m a lonely grumpy sad sack so I am going to automatically give this a 0/10

  3. the concept is cool but i tried using it and failed miserably. It has weird framerate and it goes super pixely.

  4. I think they need to add multiplayer. Like in mario kart ds. Fix spilt screen. Although i guess they cant do that

  5. this is amazing! I've got a friend in mind that this is perfect for us, we mostly only played retro games that we haven't been able to play together since he moved away. You just saved our friendship!

  6. As someone that uses Parsec, I can confirm that it's cool in concept, but absolute shit in execution. Only way to enjoy it is to have the highest of high end PCs. On anything else, lag makes everything practically unplayable, despite being on the lowest settings possible (both in-game and on Parsec). Until it's better optimized for the general PC owner, I can't recommend this to anyone.
    And I know people will ask this, yes I have a gaming PC. I can run most modern games at high-max settings with 60 fps.

  7. wait, I can play melee over internet on my actual GameGube?
    "This program streams your display on your computer-"
    oh, damn…

  8. that's pretty cool reminds me of when ps3 had a thing called adhoc something or something that did basically what parsec did but for psps only. played a lot of peace walker online with that thing

  9. “Well maybe you shouldn’t be an asshole to everybody you meet all the time.”


  10. I already knew Parsec but your explanation is better. Sharing this video with friends who don't know this app.

  11. It's like people have never heard of netplay features before, every mainstream emulator supports netplay and doesn't require a godly internet speed to stream the video, anyone with half a brain would know that this idea is kinda worthless other than the being able to play on a crappy computer part

  12. Parsec reminds me about Parsec Productions and Parsec Productions about 2012 and that year reminds me about slenderman… man that's long ago

  13. Nice concept but since we're talking about roms here we can just use RetroArch's "netplay feature" to achieve the same, no matter from which platform as long as it has RetroArch.
    That means I can use RetroArch on my Wii U to play with a friend miles away who's using RetroArch on his Win/Linux/Mac PC to play multiplayer games.

  14. wow. what a really cool concept. My best friend actually just moved away so now we can complete in house co-op games like we use to

  15. I use this to play Tekken when the other person doesn't have Tekken. I also use this to play Tekken 7 on my phone… with a bluetooth controller. Awesomesauce.

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  18. Nice fucking commercial, you shameless sellout! Protip: It is more likely that Parsec will become sentient, reach a hand out of your monitor and jerk you off than provide low latency 4k streaming at 60fps.

  19. How do you solve the echo problem. I feel dumb but last i checked, parsec doesnt have a voice chat, so programs like discord or skype cause really bad echo since you hear everything your friend hears.

  20. this sounds awesome! I can finally play more games with my friend who moved to Cali. My PC isn't the greatest and until I upgrade it can't run everything hers can. This sounds like a great go around so I can play games with her or play some classics together.

  21. That's worrying af. The app is free and they're paying you to promote it????? Could they end up using your computer's performance for something else without you knowing?? It's quite worrying

  22. So uh what about emulator websites that let people play retro games online? How hard would it be to take it one step further and add online multiplayer for a game like Nintendo Ice Hockey from 1988?

  23. i loved that parsec invented , me and my friends use it alot, because we dont have time anymore to go to an arcade to play old games or newer games like tekken or street fighter. but bcoz of parsec we can play it again even me and my friends are miles away haha! thank u to all the people who created this!

  24. What if…
    I alt+tabbed during the gameplay and accidentally open up some uhh, you know… private stuffs that aren't meant to be seen by other people?

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  30. So how does this work? I wanna play with my cousin on some nintendo 64 what do we both need to make this work? Two computers n64's? What else?

  31. Just tested this with my cousin. For some reason, our set-ups have been out of sync for years. He owns a PS4 and Mac Book, I own PC and Switch. It's been years since we last played something together. Parsec is the ultimate solution for both of us. Thank god they have a MacOS Client! I can simply host any game and we're good to go. I just tested it on Fifa 13 for a couple of hours with him, and after sorting out some intial connection hiccups it ran flawlessly. Very glad to being able to relive a part of our past again. This app is dope and– HOLD ON IT HAS EXISTED FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!? Dayumm

  32. First I thought the latency can't be so good. But it really is! This is one of the greatest software ever made. It's totally worth a try!!

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