How To Make AeroPress Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2017)
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How To Make AeroPress Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2017)

October 7, 2019

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] hey guys it’s Alex from your pink of the trip and I hope that you enjoyed this our prisoner selfie from Polina Polina is one of the main characters of our brand new documentary called our press mode if you ever boot our press if you ever saw anybody brew our press so this is a documentary from you it tells a whole story so check it out on our press or our person will be on all social media thank you and enjoy the film [Music]

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  1. I did exactly the recipe, it didn't look as light as the one in the video, but truly it was mind blowing! I didn't know I could taste different notes in a simple black coffee drink, but the problem is 35 grams is way too much for a single cup of coffee.. Its true that it uses 320-400 grams of water which can make it a two cup recipe right?

  2. I was surprised at how much volume 35 g of coarse grounds occupied in the AeroPress, how little water was used and how little time was required. The pressed coffee came out dark and rich, adding 200g's of water post-press made sense. The coffee was very nice but not impressive enough that I'd begin dedicating 35g's of grounds to replicate this recipe. Fun to try, thanks.

  3. The instructions at the end are wrong. She clearly flips the aeropress at the 1:05 mark and then presses. The instructions say to flip at 30 seconds

  4. Recently got an Aeropress and just now watched this video. What's up with all all these naysayers and negative comments focused on the color of her coffee? Paulina deserves more courtesy and respect! She may very well have used a light roast. Without knowing the roast of the beans she used, judging her coffee simply by its color is just wrong!

    These negative commenters should try brewing a cup with light beans to the dark/opaque color criterion they're using…and then try to drink it. The flavor of light roast is much sharper than darker roasts, and packs a punch…way higher in acidity and caffeine content than dark roast.

    As for me, I'll withhold judgement until I experience her recipe. I applaud Paulina for her spirit to enter the competition and win it…and for sharing her winning techniques with all Aeropress lovers.

  5. Ever since my mass spectrometer broke my brew seems a little off and I think my friends have noticed and are beginning to talk about how I've lost my touch and I think my therapist agrees with them but maybe I'm just paranoid about those old Taster' Choice ads that made the ladies of the sixties paranoid about their coffee.

  6. I’m sure it’s great coffee, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not overkill. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, and this is essentially French Press turned into a chemistry set.

  7. I just started using an aeropress, came out really strong, not quite espresso, didn’t know I should add water to the brew. Will try that!

  8. Really cool thing to travel with… cleanup is easy and uses your coffee grounds more efficiently. If she’s doing 205 degrees vs 183 than that defines roast according to the directions. My kettle only does 183 and I don’t do inverted. So this thing is really versatile. And can make espresso so I’m pleased. I’ve heard you can add mint leaves as well—super bomb cappuccino with a hint of sweet mint and almond milk.

  9. Hello i just bought the wilfa WSCG-2 and a aeropress and wonder how coarse/fine should i grind the beans for my aeropress?

    I would like maximum sweetness and fruityness and less of the roast dark tastes.

    Any tips to achieve this result? Less or longer time before i press?
    Coarser or finer grind?
    Hoter or colder water?

    I want the maximum taste of the fruity sweet delicous coffe that i get when visiting places with good baristas.

  10. Tried this morning un drinkable, maybe to weak, maybe my coffee beans not as good as she used… at elast she already win the championship with the recipe…congrats…Paulina..

  11. Im very happy with MY recipe which Im gonna share: 28-30 grams coffee w 130ml (+5ml for rinsing the filter) of water at 90-95 degrees C, 3min brew time, 15 second press time. Use freshly roasted and ground coffee ofcourse. Dont add any water and sweeten with natural Chestnut honey (if available 😉 or light muscovado if you have to use sugar (sadly). Cheers ☕☕☕

  12. I was thinking of buying an Aeropress for travel until I saw this. I think I'd get better coffee out of the plastic coffeemaker in the hotel room.

  13. 2 mins coarse grind is not my cup of tea, but in an interesting option for people who caffeine may not sit well with.

  14. woo!!! I tried Paulina Miczka recipe I drinked a really amazing cup of coffee with this methode, I'm cupper, coffee producer. I only can say thank you for sharing your recipe!

  15. Don't think her coffee looks good.
    Fine, make a better coffee cup, upload a better video and while you are at it, win a better competition. There. Easy.

  16. Such weird comments. Lorena is a lightly roasted Ethiopian coffee grown in Costa Rica. However light the brew looks, I'm pretty sure that the taste is exquisite (you can't buy it).

  17. I got a electric kettle and a aeropress for my birthday. Just now I used both and the recipe for the first time. I didn't knew the Ethiopian Mocha Limu has these flavours! Normally I use a simple kettle and a clever dripper. What element had the most impact on the taste? The temperature? The difference between clever and aero cannot be that different.

  18. Those of you saying it "looks watery" haven't been around coffee at all. This extraction is perfect.
    You haven't even been around coffee enough to see it in different lighting. If you did, you'd know that medium roasts in a large vessel often appear very amber. They're not the ebony concentrate you're used to seeing at the bottom of an opaque mug in a coffee shop.
    If your comment says "the coffee looks watery", then you're just a dilettante.

  19. Its interesting but, it does seem to be labor intensive and very gadgety. Might just stick with my 1950,s dripolater. Nice video though.

  20. Really enjoyed this but I prefer my coffee stronger. Espresso is the one true coffee I enjoy. #italy'sfinest.

  21. I wish these videos would include temperature in Fahrenheit as well. You know, Americans watch these videos too. And I guarantee 99% of us have to look it up to convert it in temperature we are familiar with.

  22. Aeropress is excellent…. I use mine mostly when camping.

    However recently watched documentary on turkish coffee, who helped introduce coffee to the world

    Basically boil the coffee & you add sugar during this bit , then sometimes Re boil

    So it does make me question some of the high maintenance coffee set ups…..

    when originally it wasnt as technical but possibly more theatre to the event coz having a brew was a big deal

  23. Part of me feels that all of this quirky, overly fastidious hipsterish OCD bean-wrangling rigmarole is clownishly ridiculous and, therefore, deserves to be ridiculed. However, I must hereby acknowledge that these things do make a damn fine cup of coffee…

  24. whoah — that looks like some very very weak ass coffee. am i missing something? Looks like something you would find midway through a metropolitan sewage line. I don't get it.

  25. No one expects anyone to have a refractometer for making your morning coffee, but if you want to win a competition, you do what you can to make the best possible coffee. Also, given that it was judged and won, it's probably not just terrible, weak coffee, just lighter in color than you're used to.

  26. А нет ли способа, чтобы ещё больше кофейного зерна использовать для одной порции напитка? Чтобы сразу всю пачку 250 грамм?

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