How to make a Bow and Arrow for kids
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How to make a Bow and Arrow for kids

August 20, 2019

Hello! I’m Robert Lisac and this channel
is all about being safe, fit and prepared and today I’m going to show you how to
make a bow and arrow for your kid. When you’re choosing a stick for the bow for
your kid it should be thick about 1 thumb this is enough. So it looks like
this stick here. This hazel stick here is just perfect and this stick here looks
like a future arrow to me. So let’s start with the bow. It’s important that
you peel off a little bit of bark at the end of each side of the stick. Voila and
the other side… Perfect! You need the ends of the bow
shaped like this so you can better attach the cord to it! So wrap this cord here
around this end like this. Make a knot here, or two, or three. Voila! And now you will repeat the same on the
other end, but before you can start to wrap the cord around here, you have to
bend the bow like this! …and here go underneath here and pull
this this here up, because it will hold the whole thing much better and now make here some knot like this. One, two and three. As you can see, the bow has
a little bit a strange shape, so you can fix it like this! Much better! Cut off this piece of cord
here, because you don’t need it anymore! But it’s always better to start with
more cord that you need than with less because so you have enough of it, so you
can wrap it around this end of your bow and now let’s make the arrowhead! Oops! If you want to have an arrow which is
flying in a correct way, it has to be balanced. Peel the bark off from here to
the to the end of the arrow. Not bad at all and now it’s time to make
the end of the arrow and you make it like this here. First start like this. Here you see and then you make the same
from the other side uh-huh okay and you see the stuff here
in the middle? This is what you try to remove and then you will get a gap like
this where the cord of the the bow is perfectly fitting into. So you see this
part is going here and now you can start to shoot. If you’re going to make a bow
and arrow for your kid it’s also your responsibility to teach him about how to
use the bow and arrow in a safe way. The most important safety rule is that if
the target you’re aiming at is in front of you, everyone else has to be behind
you! If you’re not sure that your kid will
obey this rule, always be with him when he’s practicing with his bow and arrow, because you are his parent and you’re
responsible for his actions. If you don’t know the safety rules about how to
handle a bow and arrow, I will post them in the video description and make sure
to check them out. Subscribe to my channel if you want to be safe fit and

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