How to listen to Premier League Football outside the UK on Android
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How to listen to Premier League Football outside the UK on Android

October 7, 2019

If you live outside the UK but still want
to listen to BBC sports events then Hola Free VPN is the perfect Android Application. To briefly summarise and simplify what it
is, Hola is a virtual private network that tricks the web browser or application into
thinking you are in a different location. Global rights restrictions mean that, for
example, Premier League Football can be listened to on BBC radio from a UK location. So with this app if you press the three dots
in the top right hand corner and then press the flag symbol you can set a fake location
for your device. Now with my location set to the UK if I scroll
down the screen I can choose an application to open with this new location. If the app
doesn’t appear press the more button. Today I am going to use Tunein radio so that
I can listen to a Premier League football match in the UK from my current location in
Canada. So now that I’ve opened Tunein Radio via Hola,
the application should think I’m in the UK and when I go to BBC Radio Five Live station,
instead of a rights restriction message playing on repeat that you heard at the beginning
of this video, I should, instead, hear this… …now this can affect the speed of your internet
connection and it will occasionally drop out, but it’s better than nothing right?

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  1. I used to use Hola, but it got a bit spotty for a while. Might be a bit better now so worth people trying as it's free. Personally I now pay to use, as it is pretty cheap and had great uptime.

    Mainly use it to switch Netflix regions, but the other week had to switch back to UK to catch the Dr Who Christmas special on iPlayer

  2. Can't really trust Hola after reading this –

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