How To Karate Chop Rocks in Half With your Bare Hands!
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How To Karate Chop Rocks in Half With your Bare Hands!

November 29, 2019

Some of you guys know I grew up in Canada and while I lived there, I had a scout leader who taught me how to karate chop rocks in half with your bare hands. And today that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do. Now to get started, you’re going to have to find a rock, something like this, you know, anywhere between a quarter of an inch to a half an inch in diameter and somewhere around 8 inches long. That’s going to be most useful and if you’re in a mountainous area that has granite, don’t use granite. You’ll probably break your hand. So, just walk down to a local river or a dried up river bed and scour around until you find something that you think might work. If you’re just getting started, a rock of that thickness might be good. You can see, it’s really strong, it’s not super thick. That’s going to be perfect for beginners. Maybe a little bit longer though. Now, when you’re ready to get chopping, you want to find a very stable platform to hold it for you like this and just wind up, and power straight thr- No! I’m just joking. We’re not going to do that. That’s going to bust your bones up. There’s a much better way to do that and that’s by using a big rock surface like this one over here. Now, the secret to chopping your rock. You want to grab it with your pinky finger and hold this end about half an inch above another hard surface like another rock. And when you hit it, don’t just hit it and let it smack like that. You want to power all the way through it. You want to think through the rock and pretend you’re going to smash right through. See? No broken bones. So check it out. Just with one clean slice, I broke this rock in half. It actually shattered into 2 pieces on the end. My hand actually doesn’t feel too bad. It’s a little bit numb and tingly but, considering we just broke a half inch rock in half, it doesn’t feel bad at all. Okay, so that one worked pretty well we’re going to take it up to maybe 3/4 of an inch. And the trick is, you want to hit it with this meaty part of your hand. Another little I was taught to do was to was to tuck my pinky finger up, just like that. It kind of flexes that and give you a little bit of oomph. And you want to stay away from hitting the bones at all. That’s going to kill. So we’re going right for this meaty part here. And the trick is in your mind. You want to power right through it when you hit that rock. You want to go all the way through. You can’t stop. There can’t be any hesitation. You have to be fully committed. Now, if I hit this like this right now, it’s not going to work because that’s flat on the rock. What you need to do is tilt your hand so it lift’s it up about half an inch and then it’s good to smash. Judo chop! Ow! I flinched. I flinched. That one I hit right on the bone. I was concentrating to much on my awesome powers judo chop and I totally missed it. So, that is killing me. That is not what you want to do, folks. Okay. I’m trying that again but, this time I’m actually going to concentrate on what I’m doing. Let’s see if we can get any better results. Yeah! Man! That was a clean cut. Grant’s brother: That was a nice cut. Yeah. I was a little bit worried about that second because it was quite a bit shorter. I wasn’t sure if it was just going to go but, man. That just worked perfectly. Grant’s brother: I’m surprised it broke. And you know what? My hand isn’t much worse for wear. So, that time, I hit it with the meaty part of my hand. I did tuck my pinky finger up like that just to flex the meat a little bit. Stay away form this bone. That’s what’s going to hurt a lot. So, there you go guys. Now you know how to break rocks in half with your freaking hands! Now, a couple of years ago, I had a friend named Darren Dike for a channel called, “Beyond Slow Motion” filming me doing this experiment in my house. If you watch my fingers the moment my palm touches the rock, look at the way flop all over the place and I promise, this isn’t nearly as painful as it looks. But, you can also see how the rock sheers right down the middle and divides in half. How incredible is that? Now, I do have to suggest that if you’re going to try this if have to be mentally committed. If you’re only going to go half way, your hand is going to be extremely sore. Now, this is a cool trick. Take your girlfriend down to the lake, grab a rock, and karate chop it in half with your hand. How much more manly can you get than that? Well thank you for joining me for this experiment. You guys, go have a lot of fun and I’ll see you in the next video. Talk to you then.

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  1. I did try this BUT I ignored do not use granite personally I couldn't tell the difference when you said you got fully commit I did but does they is a cast around by hand

  2. Grant you talk about Canada ?? like it’s I jungle. Trust me it’s probably more developed than where you are

  3. I'm not a strong guy, honestly I can barely rip paper and kids would pick on me for that, I did this today and they didn't rlly bother me a lot lol thx grant ur the best

  4. Weaklings I smash my bones in walls and rub on steel to condition and make stronger I highly recommend before doing this to get strong bones if not don't do it when your 18

  5. Um ur grabbing rocks that are so weak and thin that you can simply snap them with your hands without chopping….you are a wuss

  6. I tried it on my phone because there were no flat rocks near my house…

    Dad can i get a new phone?

  7. Well this kinda backfired. I took a potential boyfriend down to the lake and karate chopped a rock in half. He ran away screaming…THATS WHY IM LONELY

  8. Instead of with your hands you could have used another rock to smash it then you won’t be committed to breaking your bones or feeling numbness

    No offense

  9. Try doing the same thing on a flat surface without ( Holding the rock in a diagnol angle so it could SNAP) bet you cant break the rock then

  10. I always use the bone to hit my friends on the top of their heads because it hurts more but since its flesh instead of stone, it doesn't hurt me as much.

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