How To Install Games With Apk And Data/Obb Files Android
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How To Install Games With Apk And Data/Obb Files Android

September 12, 2019

Hey what’s up guys so today I’m gonna be showing you how to install games with apk and obb Files for Android First you’re gonna go to this website I’ll
put a link to it in the description Then you can go and choose you phone like
samsung and the os like mine is 4.4.2 Kit Kat And now go and search for the game you want to download like for an example i want to download Leo’s Fortune Scroll down until you find download and then
download the both files the apk and the obb file But sometimes it says zip files it’s ok it’s the same as obb Wait for it to download it might take some
time it depends on your Internet connection After that go and create a new folder and
drag and drop the downloaded files Now after that connect your phone to the pc And then go to phone storage android and obb
now go and extract the files from the zip file And put it in the same folder Now go and move the extracted folder to the obb folder and after that move the apk to the phone storage Now disconnect the phone from the pc And open your phone go to my files And search for the apk file that you just moved to the storage and It should like like the game that you
want to download click on it and install it After you’re done don’t click open just click done and go open you game it should work Thank you guys for watching this video if you liked this video and found it useful give it a huge thumbs up And don’t forget to subscribe peace out

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  1. yo . I downloaded gta san andreas and it was succesfull but at the end when i press the launch buutom on my phone there was a note: Download failed because you may not pay the app. So does it means there isnt any solution to this problem? Could you help me pls?

  2. but when i install dead trigger and put its cache into obb folder it says couldnt find downloadable datas cause you may not have purchased it…….

  3. hay I download gta 3 obb file and the apk file but when I try to run the game It says that u need to download additional files for this game but it all ready to fix this.

  4. i have done this steps when i am installing until dawn your companion but it is not worked

  5. I did the same steps but the game is not starting
    Its downloading the data .Even though I copied obb

  6. i downloaded the file and pasted the file. I tried both way by pasting it on obb folder and data folder in android. still it asks to download the file again. please help what should I do?

  7. I do this ,, with my nfs game..but not work… I copy the file in to android-obb after axtract…then I install apk… but when I open it…its not work..the game need wifi or internet..for downloing this game. can u help me plzzz

  8. dear wail fuoad i dont see obb folder in file manager.i am unable to install cache file for nfs mostwanted .plz help me

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