How to install Android on PC and play Android games on computer **With subtitles**
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How to install Android on PC and play Android games on computer **With subtitles**

September 9, 2019

Hello everybody. In this video, I will
show you how to install Android Oreo on your PC. Whether it is a desktop or a
laptop, it doesn’t matter. So, at first let’s go to a browser. I use Chrome
browser and in our browser you have to go to Drag it up a little bit and go to
android-x86-8.1-release, which is oreo. Now, I will click on it. It will take me to another web page. And here there is a link and I will click on that link also. it takes me to
the download page. OK. In download page you can see various formats. I will
download x86 64 bit and I will download ISO file not rpm file. OK since I did this I will skip this part. Now, in the first stage, I download the required file to install android oreo on my computer Let’s close the browser and go to our
VirtualBox. I will initiate it now. OK. Now, let’s go to “New” section. OK, it will ask a name. I will say Android AndroidOreo. Okay, it’s a linux version and I have to
select other Linux 64-bit and I will say ‘Next’. OK. Even in simplest forms right now, 2 or 3 GB is normal. So, I will select for memory
2 GB. Now, we’ll say ‘Next’. Here, go with default options and say ‘Create’ and now
let’s say ‘Next’. ‘Dynamically allocate’ is good. and 8 GB is generally sufficient
but if you want you can increase it. I will say 8 GB and now I have an Android Oreo virtual machine. Before starting it, I have to right-click on android oreo and go to settings When Settings screen come up, I will go
to Storage. And in Storage, there is adisk icon and I will tap on it. Now here, IDE secondary master section, I will click on the disc. Choose
virtual optical disk file. OK, since I have already downloaded android x86-64-bit, I will select this one and I will say -double click- and I will say ok here. Now, you have to start your virtual machine In the first stage, we
download the ISO file. In the second stage, we set up our virtual machine. and now we are at the third stage. We have to install our virtual machine I will say ‘Start’. Okay, now the virtual machine is starting. OK, now you have a few options. With your arrow keys, go down to the third option, to the installation option. And now let’s start installation. Okay, installation has started. OK, select C in your keyboard and I pressed C: Create and
Modify partitions. And I will tap on OK right now with Enter. Do you want to use
GPD? I will say no and now the help is active on the screen. Since this is a black screen you can’t use your mouse. You have to use your arrow key and I
will go to -with right arrow key- I will go to ‘New’. OK, I want a new primary
partition. I will tap on enter again and it says 8 GB: yes. I will press on
Enter again. Is it bootable? Yes. Let’s say yes and ok.
Now, I will -after I pressed enter again-, I will go to -with right arrow key- I will
go to Write. It says ‘Are you sure you want to write?’. Yes, I am sure. Let’s write yes and press enter. Writing the partitions to to the disk right now. And I have to go to ‘Quit’ after I wrote the partition. Don’t forget that. I have
to go to Quit. Now, as you can see, I have a partition called sda1 on screen and
I will say ok. That’s all. and which filesystem do I have to format it? I will say ext4. Are you sure you want to format the partition? With left arrow key,
go to yes. and press Enter. Now, it’s formatting the
partition sda. Do you want to install bootloader GRUB? No, I will say skip. Do you want to install system directory? I will say no. And now, it’s writing the
files to your virtual hard disk Basically, it’s installing the system. So, okay, it may take some time depending on your system. I mean, your
processor, your RAM etc. Okay copied the file. I will say ‘Run Android’ and I will just press ENTER. That’s all. I mean, you don’t have to change anything here. Android is starting. It may take some
time to start it. Okay. Main screen has come up. But before doing anything, let’s go to mouse icon on the bottom of the virtual machine. And go to
select orange option mouse integration. The green here should turn into orange
and then. This means that the guest operating system will capture your mouse
or your cursor. If you want to release it you have to press on right Ctrl
button. Ok, now: Yeah, it says it’s capturing and I will say start.
That’s okay. Okay, now. It’s going on. It’s setting up your system and I am pressing on right ctrl. As you see, my cursor became white. Now, let’s set up our screen
size. Go to ‘scaled mode’. It’s better and I will say switch Ok, for a phone screen,
it’s much better. Now, we can see everything. Ok, capture again my mouse and
I want to start, ‘Setup as a new machine’. Ok, as you see, it’s checked checking some information. Kkay, it asks an email. Let’s enter an
email. Okay, let’s say ‘Next’. Now, we have to enter our password. Okay, I’ll say ‘Next’
and I agree with the terms. I am selecting the default selection. Next. It’s still setting up. Please turn off
all of the options, since this is a virtual
machine. It is not a real machine and let’s say ‘I agree’. No, thanks. I don’t want
another email and adding finishing touches. Let’s see. Our system is coming
up Okayi I’m selecting ‘Launcher tree’ and
for always. Here we go. Our VirtualBox, our Android Oreo on VirtualBox has just come. Ok, we have just finished it, installed Android Oreo on our
computer. Now, what can we do? Basically, you can do everything you do with a
normal Android machine, even though the performance may be different. You can
test your developed code here or you can play games here. I will do the second one. I will go to Play Store. Ok, let’s say ‘Capture’. Now, and I can write my favorite game’s name here. Ok and now. I can just say ‘Install’ it. It may take some time installing it, depending on your internet connection
speed. Okay, as you see, it’s downloading now and then I can start to play with it and you can do it with other games also. You can test even your own software here to see performance, to see video issues etc. Now, it’s installing on my machine and I can go to my home screen. Okay, by tapping the circular button and. Yeah, here we go. Helix jump is just here. If you want to
see other software’s installed installed, other apps installed, you can just go
here. See all of them and again I am coming to my home screen and I’m
starting Helix Jump. It’s coming up and it may take some time to set it up to
eat the permissions etc. but at the end of the day, you can start to play
with it right now as you do on your phone. And I will say I got it. Okay. Now,
the rest is up to your talents. Have a great day guys and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and don’t
forget to turn on notifications. Ok, have a great day!

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  1. Really good video! I have a little problem, following your procedure my VM is stuck at your video's minute 5:08 with the blue square on the black background and " x86_64:/ # " blinking but doesn't load the black screen with the "ANDROID" word… any suggestion?
    Thanks 🙂

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