How to install android apps games .apk and obb file in Bluestacks
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How to install android apps games .apk and obb file in Bluestacks

September 7, 2019

What up guys this is Rahul Singh. and welcome
to another great tutorial today we are going to install a game in blueStacks having data
already downloaded. The first step is that you have to install
your apk file. For doing that simply double click on the
apk and its going to be installed. Here’s the game we just installed a few seconds
ago. then press windows + R key and paste the following
address. by the way this is a shortcut link of a folder
we will be using later. Check out the video description for it. Then copy the game data in this folder. Then install ” es file explorer ” or if you
already have it awesome. Just open up es file explorer>go to local
>windows>btShared folder>copy your game data from here>then press home button>go
for android>data>paste the data here . Depending on the data size it may take some time. After its 100% done you are good to go. And your game is fully installed. And now you can play your game. Thanks for watching guys. Please do Subscribe.

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  1. Hello ,
    How do you get that theme ? That's a launcher or it's by default ? My bluestacks show list of sponsored apps.

  2. +sai teja just PRESS win + R key and the paste this " C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder " without the quotes. and you will have access to that folder.
    HOPE it helps.

  3. Start >> Run and type in 'regedit' and hit Enter. This opens up the Registry Editor.
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBlueStacksGuestsAndr oid SharedFolder.
    Right Click on 'Path' and click on 'Modify'. <— thats your path for bstsharedfolder

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