How to Hunt Deer on Public Land with no Scouting (Ground Hunting and Stand Hunting)
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How to Hunt Deer on Public Land with no Scouting (Ground Hunting and Stand Hunting)

August 17, 2019

how do you bow hunt deer in an area that
you have not scouted and only have a limited time to hunt in that’s what
we’re gonna talk about in this video on this particular hunting trip I had two
days to move into public land I was not familiar with set up a stand and hunt
from dawn to dusk normally I like to follow the five P’s proper planning
prevents piss-poor performance this means I would typically Scout my hunting
area and set up a tree stand in the preseason however sometimes you just
don’t have the time to do that but you still want to get out there and hunt
that’s the situation I was in in this video despite the lack of preparation I
still had a ton of fun saw some deer found some cool-looking mushrooms and
now I know the area better for my next hunting trip if you guys enjoy this
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the comments section below alright let’s get to the video Hey guys, I’m out here in central Alberta on Crown land land I
just parked my vehicle and I’m going to look for a spot to set up my tree stand
so I’m just gonna pack myself a small day bag with some essentials in it and
I’ll show you what I’m packing up before I leave the first thing I’m going to
do before I head out in the bush is apply some of this scent killer in this
case this is supercharged scent killer by Wildlife Research Center I’m gonna
spray it all over my backpack my clothing and my bow I haven’t used this
stuff in the past but we’ll see how it works out
so basically when you’re applying this stuff all you want to do is just give
yourself a light spritz all over your clothing and your equipment alright now II’m going to pack up my day bag
and I’ll show you what I’m gonna put into it so I just have a basic day bag
here it’s not camouflaged or anything it is water resistant and it’s waterproof
it has a really good rigid breathable structure on the back so that’s really
all you need I’m not too concerned about camouflage at this point if you want to
and you have a backpack similar to this you can put a camouflage camo cloth over
it or a camouflage cover the first thing I gotta put into my day bag is some
water I’m gonna put some nylon rope into my day bag in case I need to tie
anything off or drag a deer out of the woods
the third thing I’m gonna pack away my hunting regulations and tags and a map
in Alberta you always need to have your tags on you if you want to take a deer
it’s the law I’m also gonna take my Bushnell rangefinder this is good for
ranging out an area if you’re setting up a tree stand got my Bushnell binoculars
and I’m going to take a basic deer call I’m just gonna wear this around my neck I gotta bring a scarf make sure you
bring something where you can cover your face because your face is is very
noticeable to deer unless you put camo paint on or something over top of it so
in this case I’m bringing just a basic scarf and if I want to set up in a shooting
position I could just wear it over my face just to give me some extra
camouflage then I have my bow just have a 60-pound draw bow, I’ve got some
mechanical broadheads three of them when you have these mechanical broads just
make sure that the blades are fully retracted before you take them out and also if you’re wondering what this
is and just a Go Pro that I’m using to take footage all right guys let’s get
out there all right guys I’m coming up to a cut line right now so when you peek
around a cut line make sure you move very slowly because every inch you move
is gonna open up a ton of sight lines as you’re moving along you want to be
looking for deer sign, in this case if I found a small game trail on the side of
a cut line, as you can see the game trail is very faint but you can tell the deer
use it as a corridor you can see the trampled ground and you can even make up
some old hoof prints as you’re moving along make sure you
look back behind you every few minutes or so you want to make sure that deer
are not sneaking in behind you when you’re moving in the bush you want
to make sure you’re moving very slowly the easiest way to see more things is to
move slowly and stop every few minutes to look around
and listen as you’re walking make sure you’re
moving on the side of your foot so put down your heel first and then slowly go
along the outside edge of your foot until you reach your toe like this after walking for approximately one
kilometer I came to a crossroads of two cut lines I moved very slowly at this
point just to look down the cut lines to see if I could catch any deer or deer
sign. Later I would decide to set up my tree stand in this area. It was a good
area because it’s wide open you have very good sight lines for long distances
and it’s a nexus where there was a lot of deer tracks
so I decided on a tree on one of the corners of the cut line to set up the
tree stand and later in the day I took most of the day to set the tree stand up
which I would then go into the next morning there’s a deer right there it’s a
whitetail I just saw it flag. I’m gonna knock an arrow now really quickly okay I just bumped a whole bunch of
white-tailed deer so I’m gonna leave the camera here and I gotta go up this cut
line; see if I can get one all right guys
I just bumped a couple whitetail they didn’t move very far the first time
I bumped them – only about 50 meters, so I don’t think they’re that spooked. I
don’t think I’m going to do much good chasing after them so I’m going to set up in the bush
right across from this cut line and I’m going to try to do some calls to make
them interested; try to get them to come into me. Maybe we’ll get an opportunity alright, I’ve been sitting here for a
while and I haven’t been able to call anything in so I think I’m gonna take a
short break take water and then move on see if I
can spot that group of deer again. I’m also gotta leave my pack here for now I
know I’m gonna be coming back to this area and I think I’m going to see some deer
pretty soon, so I don’t want it to slow me down or make me more noisy. All right my GoPro just died so I’m just slowly
walking with my deer call in my mouth in case I bump something I want to give it
a good grunt and maybe I’ll get an opportunity to shoot if it startles the
deer and it looks back so that’s why I’m doing that Alright I’m going to head into the bush
where I bumped those white-tailed deer and see what I can see. Maybe I can find
a bedding area or some other deer sign to determine how many deer are in the area Alright I’ve located the bedding area.
As you can see, lots of trampled down grass, tons of cover. This is a place
where the deer can hide, they can rest without being seen.
There’s also this weird Blair-Witchy looking stump thing in the middle that
kind of freaks me out but I don’t know I guess it looks natural…kind of. Right
next to the bedding area I also found something very interesting – Poop! So this poop looks pretty fresh. you can pick it up and squish it in your
hands. So as you can see this comes apart really easily it’s really fresh and
moist so this is probably pretty pretty recent. So there’s deer in this area let’s go find them!
I also found this weird-looking mushroom here I don’t know what it is
but if anyone can tell what it is please post it below in the comment section I
would really like to know I don’t know if I should eat it
probably not could make this hunting trip really fun or it could end it
really quickly or it could just be a good tasty mushroom I don’t know after searching around for a bit longer
I decided to call it a day and start setting up my tree stand at the
intersection of cut lines that I discovered earlier where I bumped the
deer I sited a good location on a good tree that was set back a little bit past
the cut line and set up my tree stand this is just a basic tree stand it’s
very solid it’s great for all day sitting in the tree stand. I used a
ladder from another two-person tree stand just because it’s a lot easier
than using climbing sticks and it was a much faster setup process for me as you
can see I’m wearing two safety belts I like to be extra safe when I’m climbing
into my tree stand so I hook a belt above me and then I
move up and then I hook another belt above me and disconnect the lower one
and so on. After climbing into my stand I pull out my bow using a piece of
paracord that I had previously attached to the stand and I also got used to the
stand sitting in it and standing and firing my bow from different positions I
also set up targets at different distances below the stand and actually
shot some practice tip rounds into those targets just to get a good idea of what
the arrow would do when I fired it from different distances
I also ranged out the various distances that I could see in my shooting lanes
from my stand and I got used to all of the different distances and shooting
lanes around me then after I was comfortable with the
stand and my shooting lanes I got off the stand and I prepared to come back to
it the next morning when deer would be more active. Alright guys. I’m out here in the stand. I’ve been out here for about two hours. I’ve been hearing a lot of
movement around me but I haven’t seen any deer yet I’m set up at a crossroads of two different cut lines. I’m just waiting for something. I have not see anything yet. I’ll give you a look at what I’m looking at. unfortunately after sitting in the stand
from dawn till dusk I did not see any deer that day but that’s the nature of
hunting. Hunting especially bow hunting is not all about the kill. For me, it’s
about being out in the wilderness and trying my hardest to make opportunities
to harvest deer it’s about investigating game trails
rubs scat and other deer sign it’s about finding weird mushrooms
watching the Sun rise and set and being out in nature that’s what keeps me going
out there time and time again well thanks for watching guys and don’t
forget to hit that subscribe button see you on the trail

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  1. Mushroom looks like something you'd see in a video game ? Great video, making me miss hunting! I can't wait until September!

  2. but you are stalking on a road, not in the woods. stalk in the woods where its harder . with crunchy leaves and twigs .

  3. What boots are you wearing? I like..if you can do a boot video of your hunting boots…and gear ,would like..Thanks

  4. The Mushroom is a bracket mushroom. You can actually use the top few layers of that mushroom as a bandaid. and when dried it will take a spark and burn like charcoal.

  5. Why are you whispering just got out of your truck …you dont need bushnell crap or spray stink stuff….BEE fery fery quiet

  6. Yeah were I'm from you can't hunt on forestry roads. We hunt pine and oak Forest it's much harder to stalk the deer . I wish I could hunt open road intersections

  7. when i started hunting many years ago all the the old guy's said to put the quiver on with the feathers down so the cover over the broad heads did not get water in them , i noticed a lot of people now-a-day's have them upside down just wondered if that helps performance thanks great video ,

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