How to Hide Game Activity on Steam[Working 2018]! Hide Recent Games on Steam! Remove Recent Games
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How to Hide Game Activity on Steam[Working 2018]! Hide Recent Games on Steam! Remove Recent Games

October 10, 2019

Hey guys my name is Scoby today, I’m gonna be showing you how to remove recent game activity on Steam! This is gonna be an updated tutorial for my previous version, which is currently patched this version requires no software, we can do it directly in steam It’s currently working for March 2018 if it gets patched again in the future I’ll be sure to make an updated version, but for now it’s a hundred percent working It doesn’t require any other software As you can see right now, I currently have my recent activity full on my Steam Let’s jump right in to fix this so the first thing you want to do is come to your store homepage So once you’re on your Steam homepage We’re gonna be coming up to the search bar on the top right and we’re gonna be searching for making of Furi Once you see this option right here we’re gonna be clicking into it and we’re gonna be using these free watchable episodes to completely remove our steam activity so the goal here is to open up this watch button, we’ll click it right here It’ll open up a little window and you want to shut it down as quick as possible So I’d recommend doing is cooking watch the very first time Find out where the X is and learn where to click that so you can instantly pop back to this location So our goal here is to do it with the first three episodes, so I’m gonna click watch in the first episode I know my X button is roughly here You want to click it down before the episode can fully load up you want to do this with the first three episodes To remove the first three options from your steam activity finally we’re gonna be clicking the last watch button and we’re gonna be exiting it down as quick as possible And if we do this correctly when we come back to our profile our steam recent activity should be completely gone as you can see it is right now now the trick here is with new videos like this I think steam is not able to recognize them until it fully loads up to the point where it starts loading the video So once you click the watch button steam picks up there’s a new option being added to the recent activity But when you close it down before you can load it what it’s doing is wiping the previous version so when we do all three Of these it will remove all three of the most recent activity on our steam list and it’s a really good method But it’s that easy to remove from game activity on Steam if you guys enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful I’m gonna leave a link down below to my PayPal if you want to support me, but anyway guys Thank you so much for watching be sure to drop a like subscribe if you’re new if you wanna request any more tutorials Let me know in the comments down below. I’ll be sure to get around to them anyway guys Thank you so much for watching until next time as always Keep it saucy peace

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  1. why the fuck would you willingly hide your games? So you can play cs:go and hide how many hours you have so you can hack? Disgusting, give me a good reason

  2. Worked thanks. Just wanted to get rid of all the card farm games I'd been idling, pretty shitty there's no 'legitimate' way within steam to do this.

    Edit: it > rid

  3. AS OF 6/9/18 – I had to do all four episodes, not three. That cleared my profile, while only doing the first three episodes left in the last episode as "played".

  4. Um i have a question. Is there anyway to hide my whole profile from someone¿(name and picture)

  5. Worked perfectly man, you got a like and sub from me,by the way can you do this multiple times? Or is it just for 1 time only?

  6. thanks so much man. was a tad doubtful at first but worked like a charm. sad you have to do something like this to trick the app and it isn't just added as an option.

  7. Jan 6th, 2019 This still works perfectly. It wipes all history of games played from your steam profile, but as soon as you start playing any game it will resume showing the full history of hours logged for that game on your profile (it doesn't reset the hours logged of any game to 0 hours). I used this to remove a couple games I don't play anymore from the "recent games played" section of my steam profile, so that the comments section of my profile wan't buried behind a bunch of games that I don't even play. Thanks for the great work, Scoby. (Based off of some comments I saw, I watched 4 free videos instead of the recommended 3, just in case. It worked perfectly right away).

  8. do you have to do that over and over whenever you want to play a game or you have to do it once and no one can ever see it (even if u play the game)

  9. Hi Everyone! So for those of you still looking to do this in 2019 there is actially a new and imporved method that is also much easier to do now. I have just uploaded the new video of this so be sure to check it our:


  10. Steam has an option for this…
    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Edit Profile
    3. My Privacy Settings
    4. Find Game Details
    5. Toggle the box that says "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details."

  11. it works and my recent activities are hidden for me. but are they hidden from my friends as well or will my friends still be able to view my recent activities?

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