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How to Have Proper Archery Form | Archery Lessons

August 11, 2019

We’re going to now give Vickie a lesson. A lesson in proper archery form. It starts out by the stance. How she stands in relationship to the target. You should be perpendicular to the target
so that the shoulder is actually pointing toward the target. The stance with the bow in front of her and
her fingers on the string. This is called the resting position. From the resting position, we then can load
the bow as long as we are in proper stance and, of course, nobody is standing in front. We can load the bow by taking an arrow out
of the quiver, placing it on the bow by putting the back of the arrow on to the string first,
and then the front of the arrow on to the arrow rest. Once the arrow is in the bow, then we place
our fingers on the string in the proper position. With a recurve or traditional recurve bow,
the position of the fingers on the string is very important. The closer you are to the target, the lower
your finger has to be on the string so that the arrow can be brought up closer to the
eye for aiming purposes. We are close to the target at this point. The next thing we want to do is bring that
bow up into the ready position. In the ready position, we bend the arm sideways,
lift the elbow high. That’s to put the proper back muscles in line. From the ready position, we go into the anchor
position by pulling the bow back, placing the top finger in the corner of the mouth. That puts the arrow in a higher position for
aiming purposes. Let’s come back to rest and go over this quickly. Rest position. Ready position. Anchor position. Once you’re in the anchor position, you aim
by looking down the shaft of the arrow into the target, and then shooting. Shoot. The last thing would be to hold.

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  1. Get into a club and learn how to do it properly before you injure yourself or someone else!
    I think you're being a bit optimistic in thinking you can stop calling yourself an armature after just a couple of years. The "Pro's" take years to get that good and that's after practising every day! Can you give it that time and dedication? If you can then you may become a Pro but it takes more than "a year or two". Good luck!

  2. You should point out that you are instructing the "Barebow" technique and not "Freestyle" or "Olympic" style archery here as the anchor points and aiming are different.
    Also Her release and Follow through are pretty "Dead".

  3. She was not bending her elbow either. i would say she needs a lighter bow. Using the arrow to aim, not exacly instictive, but I guess it works for rookies. I only been shooting for about a month lol.

  4. this video would be like 100x better if she smiled and looked at the camera more… oh yeaahhh vicky 😛

  5. I wish he'd rename this video to how to not have proper archery form.

    Pretty much everything he said was off. Off by a little, but that'd make a big difference at the range.

  6. Videos like this should be banned from the internet. I can see a bunch of kids getting pissed at archery because the can't hit the target because this video messes with there form.

  7. . Most commonly, for finger shooters, the index finger is placed above the arrow and the next two fingers below, although several other techniques have their adherents around the world, involving three fingers below the arrow, or an arrow pinching technique. and thumb shootings

  8. I just cannot get use to the fingers under.. Esp. with a recurve, which is all I shoot! I dont see many recurve shooters shooting this way..

  9. If you want to learn proper form, DO NOT watch this video. Some of the stuff is right, but don't rely on this vid as a guide. One example is that her fingers are way too far below the knocking point- they should be right under it (shouldn't matter how close you are to the target). If you want to learn proper technique and form, go to your local archery or hunting store (unless it's the one in this vid lol)! Ok gotta go- time for target practice with my Hoyt Excel recurve =)

  10. I presume that's your daughter , Gorgeous ! and big over powering eyes and secondly but not less in importance your instruction was very very good however like I said I have to give it to the girl ….a great compliment to the video instruction . Cheers !

  11. Shouldn't the elbow be rotated so that the plane of motion is parallel to the horizon? She has hers pointing skyward.

  12. I always wanted to do archery, was going to in high school, but classes before mine broke all the arrows and our budget couldn't afford more. Maybe I'll take it in college, but I'm visually impaired (legally blind, but I see well enough to bike) so I fear they may take issue with that. Private instruction would be ideal.

  13. yeah, it is. people get interested in it for the wrong reason. and then they have the wrong perception of archery. its annoying when someone is like that

  14. I remember i was facinated with archery since i was a kid i got intrested in archery again cause of the new Tomb Raider game 😀 and Hunger Games and Hawk eye and Zombie survival guides LOL BOWS are awsome everywere

  15. although her form is pretty terrible the bow she is using is good for beginners. it's the ragim matrix take down recurve

  16. Please tell me this is a "things to never do" video.

    Follow any of this shit and you will be the shittiest archer at the range forever.

  17. i don't know much about archery but is it possible that some people shoot better from different positions and there is not A best way to shoot… also I'm thinking about getting a bow i got 100$ to spend anyone have any tips for me i would like to get a bow that takes skill to master…

  18. I've been a competitive archer for twenty years, and I can tell you with absolute certainty it's a bad idea to ever change where you're nocking the arrow or where your fingers are on the string. The Ragim Matrix has a sight mount. Better moving a sight pin than start screwing with your nock rest or your release. One finger over the arrow and two underneath. There's a reason finger tabs have a gap in them!

  19. ALL THE THINGS HE DID WRONG: (may have missed a few)

    0:13 your feet should be parallel with the foot farther from the target more forward than the other foot
    0:36 you want your arm straight in the "resting position"
    0:56 thats if you have a back quiver, thats not how you load a bow, and the odd color feather needs to point out so it doesnt wack the bow and fly off track
    1:20 thats how you PROPERLY shoot (split fingers) althought most coachs teach 3 under first since new shooters tend to close the gap
    1:22 thats BS, the fingers should always be at the same place, regardless of distance 
    1:55 you anchor by putting your thumb on your pinkie and drawing it so that the back of your hand is along the jawline, it should be a snug fit and you'll know when your doing it right, the string should also be toughing your nose and lips
    2:03 more BS, that makes you rely on that method, shoot in the NORMAL position without a sight, its how most coaches start you out (instinctive shooting) and it is possible to shoot without a sight and in a normal form, its to get you to do the EXACT same thing over and over, its called CONSISTENCY  
    2:24 MORE BS, also, you want to turn that shoulder back as much as possible to get a follow through (you release by relaxing your fingers, so logically your arm should wack/go back)

    take it from me, ive been shooting for (only) 1 year, but my local range has a couple NAA level 4 coachs and a few NAA level 3 (only level 3 and above are certified to work/train/teach with archers)

    my guess is that this guy isnt even level 1 

  20. "How not to do archery" in a nutshell.

    Aiming with the arrow? what the fuck are you…. I don't even….. I do hope nobody takes this seriously, you either shoot with a sight (modern recurve/compound bows) or shoot instinctively with a longbow/recurve bow. you ALWAYS grip the string the same way while you are shooting regardless of range.

  21. I'm sorry but this video is somewhat misleading. There are several proper archery forms. Each of them serves a different style of archery branch.
    But I guess this is useful as a guidline for the very beginners

  22. this is wrong… she is hyper-extending her arm. also with a bow and arrow, tip the bow to the right slightly so the arrow does not fall off the bow.

  23. uhh… you're supposed to keep your elbow down. And she's holding the bow, and the string wrong. Also your fingers should always stay in the same place no matter what distance you are at..

  24. @Howcast  Still don't know what a kill shot arrow rest is.

    reminds me of medieval times back in the day….I always hated sharp objects coming toward me.

  25. Everything you just saw on this video is total bullshit.  I've been shooting arrows for many years and nothing this guy says in this video makes any sense.  Flush this crap out of your mind and go to pretty much any other instructional archery video and learn "real" proper form.    


  27. Note how at 2:28, her left arm is exactly what he told her not to do: her elbow joint line is 90° turned upwards from the desired position.

  28. Video on how to use proper form

    Thumbnail shows off form problems already (draw hand most clearly)
    Get your stuff right, man!

  29. i have been having trouble with my accuracy. people have told me to just guess. that didnt help. your video has just brought me up to a new level of accuracy. i am so very greatful for this video. thank you.

  30. Thank you for the lesson! My 7 year old daughter just got her first bow. (I was trying to remember back from high school)

  31. I haven't been doin archary since i was 3 an that was not even close to how i learnd and im 10 right now and i have a 5 foot tall bow

  32. One thing to remember when learning archery is that everyone thinks they're an expert and will tell you what to do all day long, but most everyone does things differently. What does that tell you? Listen to advice from people, but put it together for yourself based on what sounds legitimate.

  33. Level 2 coach here. This comment section is full of people who've had a year of free classes and think they're Brady god damn Ellison. String walking is a valid method of barebow shooting that IS used by high level barebow shooters. Same thing with shooting 3 under.

    That being said…

    The FIRST thing this coach should have done is fix her front arm, her elbow is down instead of out and her front shoulder (left shoulder) is super elevated. She's also not pulling with her back but her arm. Any consistent draw cycle will work, but that's a one way ticket to hurt shoulders.

  34. U pull the string and push the bow and aim at the same time .one motion not three.thats why u are so slow just to shoot one arrow.

  35. Hey Everyone! I’m an OR (Olympic Recurve) archer of 6 years and a USA Archery Level 1 Certified Instructor. I’m creating a reaction video of this video this coming Thursday! Subscribe and turn on notifications to be the first to know what’s up!

  36. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>     I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

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