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How To Grow A Gaming Channel People Love

August 28, 2019

– Gamers! This is the video
that you’ve been looking for that’s going to give you real insight into making it here on YouTube, and we’re startin’ right now. (hip hop music) – What is goin’ on? My name is Nick from Welcome to another video. If
this is your first time here and you wanna learn how
to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of
other YouTube-related stuffs, start now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don’t miss anything. Okay, first, let’s talk about YOU. People give gamers a hard
time here on YouTube. They’re like, “Oh, well,
it’s the easiest type of content to make” and all that stuff, but here’s the truth: YOU are an expert at problem-solving and figuring things out. YOU are so driven that
you’ll stay up all night if you have to in order to beat a level. You’re great at identifying patterns, your focus is off the charts
because you have to be, and you have a strong dedication
to beat any game you play. And you’re good at it. As we’re going through
the rest of this video, here’s what I want you to think about: YouTube is a game, you’re
a gamer, play the game. Like any game, the very
first thing you wanna do here on YouTube is build your character. This is EXTREMELY important on YouTube because your character, your persona, what it is that you bring to the table, that’s what people are gonna connect with. And getting fans and
followers isn’t necessarily about the game that you’re playing, because there’s tons of people playing the same game that you’re playing. It’s about the connection
they feel with you. How you act and what you say on camera is arguably the most important thing, so it’s also important
to make sure that you’re designing your character to be unique. This is what’s gonna help you stand out. Jacksepticeye, I like to
use him as an example, he’s already built his character, so your job is to say,
“Okay, I’m not gonna be Jacksepticeye’s character
because he’s already taken, I’m gonna build MY character
based on MY personality and based on the things that I’m into, and how I want to present
myself to my audience.” How will you talk? Are you
excited? Are you laid-back? Are you animated? Are you
still? Do you color your hair? What is it that makes you different, that makes you identifiable
to other people in the game? If you build your character to stand out, it can help you win the game of YouTube. The next one on this list
is gonna tap into your expert gamer skills of
identifying patterns. On YouTube, the amount of
time people spend watching your videos or your livestreams
is EXTREMELY important. The longer they watch,
the better the videos typically perform because
it tells YouTube that people like your content enough to watch it. This part isn’t rocket science. All it is is we’re
compiling the information that they’ve given us in the game. What you wanna do with those patterns of recognition is you wanna go into the statistics of your videos,
of each individual video, and look at your audience
retention reports and try to find patterns
across all of your videos of things that caused people to stay or things that caused people to leave. For example, I worked
with somebody at one point that where they had this big long intro when the video first started. Typically, in the gaming world, that’s something that’s acceptable. But in this particular case, this gamer lost 75% on average of their audience retention just in that first sequence of the logo playing. That one was pretty easy to identify, but there’s gonna be some things that may or may not be as easy to identify as you’re looking in your
audience retention reports, trying to figure out what is it people are and are not responding to. And again, you want to
do this across a bunch of videos because you’re
looking for patterns. That’s all you’re looking for. What are things that continually happen that are causing people to leave? And then you wanna fix those. Once you figure out
what makes people stay, or what makes people go, then you can adjust as necessary
until you learn to beat the game of audience retention. The way that you’re gonna
know that you’ve won is that you’re going to
see a drastic increase in your audience retention reports. Maybe it’s gonna double,
maybe it’s gonna triple how much time that you’re actually getting per viewer on your videos. The idea is to improve
your audience retention so that you stand a chance
at beating the game. Next up, you want to
use those same pattern recognition skills to
figure out what makes people react to your thumbnails. In the statistics for
each one of your videos, you’re gonna find
something called the CTR. That stands for ‘click through
rate’ for your thumbnails. YouTube tells us that,
across the entire platform, the average is between
two and ten percent. So, if you’re on the low
end of that spectrum, then that says, “Hey,
I need to get to work, I need to start testing my thumbnails, I need to start modifying
what it is that I’m doing to my thumbnails and pay attention. When I do this, then I seem
to get more clicks on it. My click through rate goes up. And when I do this, my click
through rate goes down.” And pay really close attention to that, because, if you can pay
attention to the patterns of when you do one thing versus
when you do another thing in your thumbnails, and
the results that you’re gonna get from that, then
you’re gonna increase your click through rate, which is going to help overall across your channel. There’s actually a tool that can help you with this called TubeBuddy.
I’ll put a link to it down in the description below, it’ll actually help you test your thumbnails against each other. And that can really help you fine-tune what gets reactions from people versus what does not get reactions from people. Next, you’re gonna use those
pattern recognition skills again to go into your
statistics inside of YouTube and figure out which videos are driving the most subscribers and/or
the most amount of views. Use that pattern recognition skill to try to figure out why. Is it the topic that you’re talking about? Is it because you did
something in the thumbnail? Was it a trending thing? Like what exactly caused people
to watch those videos over the other videos
that you’re putting out? And once you figure those things out, you’ve almost beaten
the game, and then you just repeat that over and
over and over and over again. This is how this game works, and it’s important that you understand this. When you publish a new video, people click on that video or they don’t based on who it is that YouTube
is showing that video to. If they do decide to
click on your thumbnail, or your title, the next step, obviously, in the process is how long they actually watch your video for. From there, of course, other factors come into play, but when people click and how much time they
watch after they click, those are the main things
that you’re trying to beat. If you can take all of
that skill that you have, that you use all the time to play games, and you can approach
YouTube like it’s a game, like I’m telling you to, it’s gonna make a world of difference,
and you will have a chance to be on the leaderboards. If you wanna learn more
about growing your channel, making videos, and all types of other YouTube-related stuff,
start now by hitting the round subscribe icon
so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. This is part one in a series I'm putting together of videos for gamers so more to come soon. What do you want to know about YouTube gaming?

  2. im starting to blow up i recently restarted i private like 200 videos and im blowing up im like 50 subs away from 500 so yeah

  3. my god, i work so hard to make decent gaming videos and its tough out here trying to get views for channels like mine with a tiny amount of subs

  4. I think it was good tip but I think it can also apply generally not only for gaming channels, its like building your persona wheter you are vlogging gaming etc. Thanks for sharing with us

  5. thank you for video you right on everything im new to the gaming life on you tube i stay up all night live streaming it hard but im going just keep pushing and make my live better thank you

  6. thanks so much for the advice! i really don’t know yet what to do with my channel but imma figure it out and im just gonna have fun with it :3

  7. This was definitely helpful. It explained a lot of the analytics lingo that is sort of difficult to understand (like the CTR). I get an okay amount of views, but can't seem to gain any subs.

  8. Okay I get what you are saying 100% but what if my computer where I do all of my editing is broken… And I don't know how to get the statistics on my phone… Or how to make thumbnails from my phone… I love making thumbnails but I'm not sure I use the best site for that and again my computer is broke… idk how to make thumbnails from my phone…

  9. jacksepticeye and markiplier play games that not as famous, its upto their wish
    radbrad plays latest game (walkthrough)
    streamers play a particular type of game
    out of these which one has the best result, why ?
    i want to choose the first one but i dont know which game to play which not to?????

    before answering plz check jacksepticeye oldest video and plz tell me what is the pattern there


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  11. Nick, I love the way you put the marketing and strategy into gaming context. I watch at least two of your videos a day, none have disappointed yet. I’m very new at the game, and I am happy to have a virtual mentor such as yourself to follow. Great job as always.

  12. The thing a lot of small gaming channels get wrong is that they upload content that is unedited and is just one long chunk of gameplay with a cringy music intro. No one really wants that and I believe I have learned from my mistakes and I am putting quality into my videos because to not only give viewers entertainment but to also feel you are evolving and accomplishing more goals.

    (Any other small channels out there?)

  13. Your the man Nick! This video definitely is relatable and helpful in so many aspects! I have been implementing a lot that Ive learned from you and I see a noticeable change in the quality of work i do and my analytics. Hats off to you sir. Thank you

  14. Thanks for the great tips! I am playing Paper Mario and Silent Hill right now. I like retro gaming. I am also a drag queen, so I'd say I have a character lol.

  15. Thanks for the tips mate! I'm really going to take these on board and hopefully my channel grows!

  16. My channel focuses on fighting I enjoy I've been stuck around 880 subs and my videos used to do great but now everything has been going down. Could you help me solve my problem so I can succeed

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  18. How do you grow a channel of people like 50/50 love and hate I get some people loving my content and some other people leave hate

  19. Never give up!!! Do what you love to…you can do it keep working hard I know you will do well!! Work hard

  20. This is great info! Just started my channel this month. I'm a kid gamer, making KID-FRIENDLY gaming vids. Focusing mostly on Minecraft – but even more than that, is to keep focused on my vids staying family-friendly and ok for ALL ages to watch. I know there are a lot of young gamers that love Minecraft and I can't tell you how many times I've started watching YouTubers my age and they are cussing left and right. I immediately click off the vid when I hear that stuff. So unnecessary. CLEAN, CONSISTENT and FUN content is my goal. 🙂 I've already had a lot of harassment from "friends" because I'm not on the Fortnite bandwagon or I don't own an Xbox. My personal tip for YouTuber gamers is do what YOU love…play the games that YOU are passionate about. There will always be haters. I love Minecraft and I love Nintendo consoles. Not sure why that's something to be harassed about. There will always be bullies though. Stay strong fellow gamers! Just have fun and enjoy recording and creating.

  21. Iv watched and watched videos like this on how to grow my channel and get views through the years and still haven't really got anywhere its been 5 years and im only at 329 subs in which are very inactive iv asked for help but nobody answers

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  24. Meh, I personally just make my gaming videos for fun and don't really care much for views, so I'm glad I don't really have to bother with any of this stuff.
    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the comments on this video are from little kids who wanna run a gaming channel now, even though they really should wait until they are older. Because nobody wants to watch videos made by squeakers.

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