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How To Get The Perfect Manual! | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

October 9, 2019

– Okay, it is time for Ask
GMBN, a chance where we can really answer any question
that you’ve got about mountain biking. Are you ready? – I’m ready, I’ve not
done this for a while but let’s get into it. – You going to be okay with it? – I think I am. Try my best anyway. First one’s aimed at you, Scotty, and this is from Hugo, he
says he’s noticed you had a pretty long career racing,
including the CUBE team. Why did you stop and do you
have your old racing jerseys? Why did I stop? Well, Neil
I just wanted to be in this shed with you, – Got poached, didn’t ya? – Yeah, I got poached. But,
I have got my old racing jerseys and one of them is
hanging right up there, it’s a new addition to the shed for 2017. – Nice, I’ve kept a racing jersey from every year I raced.
I’ve got a stack of them at home.
– Yeah, same here could have a right long clotheshorse
of them hanging there. – Yeah, next question
comes from KICK_FAT_KIDS, that’s a bit nasty, but
anyway, I’ll ask the question. GMBN, how do I convert from a
non-tapered to tapered fork? So, non-tapered to tapered. – Well, you can’t convert
the fork, can you? But what you could do is
you could convert the frame I guess, essentially, especially
if you had an inch and a half top and bottom cups. But, would you really?
– Yeah. It’s unlikely that you’d really want to be fair. – Yeah. – You might be able to convert
it if you’ve got one of those unusual frames, that
is one-half the whole way through but there aren’t
many of those around. – And of course, if you
did need to get the tapered steerer tube, then you
could actually just buy the tapered steerer tube, that’s
the only way to convert. – True. Right, next
question; Kenneth Helms. I spotted a Garmin Fenix and a Vivoactive on your wrists. That’s a Fenix actually. Do you guys use cycling computers as well or just wrist computers? – I mix it up a little bit.
I use cycling computers on the bigger rides that
I do, but in daily life, I use this bad boy for
absolutely everything. – Same answer, actually yeah.
I do quite like it on my cross-country bike where I’ve
got a longer stand, stick my computer right down there
and I can watch the numbers a little bit more. – Yeah, and you’ve got a bigger
screen to look at as well. – Yeah.
– It’s a little bit easier. And if it’s a long climb,
then it can sometimes be just a little bit of a distraction. – Plus, I’ve got a power
metre as well, so that’s stuff that I probably would want
to look at when I’m riding. Okay, Liam O’Neil, Are there
any rules for the wheel size you can use in slopestyle? Well, there’s definitely not any rules. – No, there’s rules, but people tend to do 26 inch, don’t they? – Smaller the better, really.
Smaller is gonna be stronger which is great for when
you do those big tricks and those big, heavy landings, so mainly 26. Maybe a few 27.5. – Yeah, we had a similar
question on this last week which was all about if you
could do big jumps on a 29’er and Blake’s decision was that
he’d never actually ridden one, which meant that 26
inch is the best for jumping. – That is true. – For these Slopestyle events,
what do the bikes look like? And what are the characteristics of them? Well, let’s have a look. 26 inch wheels, sometimes a hardtail, other times a full
suspension bike with only 100 millimetres of travel. Generally single-speed as well, and the rear derailluer is used as a way of tensioning the chain. – Next question comes from
Boris Van Cauteren, #AskGMBN. Hi, I ride a Trek Superfly,
which is a hardtail 29’er. Would it be an improvement
to fit my old 26 inch rims onto it when I ride trails
stroke light enduro? – I’m probably gonna not say
that it is an improvement but, there are a few cons to it. – Just cause you could do
it doesn’t mean you should. – Yeah, exactly. You’re gonna
have a lower bottom bracket, The geometry’s gonna be off. I actually think when pedalling
on some of the rougher trails you’d be catching your pedals,
which could be a result in going over the bars. – The only time I’ve ever
heard of this and it being good was, I remember that guy won
the Megavalanche when it was really muddy.
– True. – He put 26 inch wheels in a 27.5 just so he had more
clearance. But, like I say, it drops it down.
– Yeah, but that’s 27 and a half to 26. – That’s a big off. – 29 to 26? – We should try it, make a good video. – Yeah okay, let’s try it.
– Alright. Benjamin Samardzic sorry,
I’ve ruined that name. #AskGMBN, Is there any
significant difference in grip between tubeless and tube
tyres while both having the same pressure? – I’m gonna say yes. Would you agree? – I’m gonna say don’t know. – But this is a video that we’re actually talking about doing.
– Yeah. – So maybe in the future
you could watch this space, and we will have your answer done. – Yeah, let’s try it. – But I’m gonna say more grip. – I’m gonna say probably the same. Adam Grupetta, “What is
the point in Kashima coated stanchions? That’s Fox Kashima. The gold-plated, looks nice and shiny. What difference does it make, is it worth the extra money? – I don’t know about if
it’s worth the extra money, I’m gonna say yes, because
it does make it a little bit more supple, especially
the small bump compliance, really nice and the whole
thing behind the Kashima is, I’m looking for a special word. – Stiction.
– No, not even stiction, it’s all about that you can get more oil – Right.
– so it’s got the little kind of like porous so it can
– Oh, that’s right. – actually pull more
oil through the seals, and that is why it’s slipperier. If that’s a word. – Yeah, so, should make him work that a little bit better. Adenn; Hey, I’m looking
into buying a downhill bike but I’m not sure what size to get. I’m 14 years old and 191 centimetres tall, what size would you recommend?” – See, I took this question
because I thought 191 centimetres,
– It’s pretty tall. – that’s taller than I am,
and I ride a large or an extra large so I’m gonna say, you wanna get that extra large. – Sounds about right. – And we’ve got a video all
about this, and it’s all about Does size matter? Does it? – So, Scott, you’re always
talking about getting your bike set up perfectly for
your style of like, sag and tyre pressure and all
those things, have you ever wondered how much difference
it actually makes? I think we should have a race. Put a time in on this downhill
track on our own bikes, that we’ve set up ourselves,
swap bikes, I ride yours, you ride mine, see what
the time difference is. – Well, I’m always up for a
challenge, so I guess, why not? – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Next one comes from Tone. Hiya, does your new presenter know anything about the
mechanics of a mountain bike, or is he just really nervous? – He knows some things,
I would definitely say. – Yeah, he knows how to do
a good hack and a botch. – Yeah, he can definitely weld. – Yeah, there we go. – Right, Gapi; Can I put
a dropper seatpost onto a dirt jump bike? It’s another one of those, Yes you can, but probably, why would you? I suppose you could then
use the bike to get to and from the dirt jumps. – Yeah, but you’re probably
never gonna be able to get that same saddle height
that you actually want. Because you’re going to– – It always seemed a
bit extravagant to me, you might as well just
have a quick release if you ride it to and from the dirt jump, you’re gonna leave it in the same spot. – Quick release and
– Yeah, you can. – a really long seatpost.
– Yeah. Good. Mr. XB950, good name. Coil or air springs for cross-country? – Air springs. – Well, if you’re talking about
racing, almost exclusively. Actually, probably
exclusively for all the pros. Can’t think of anyone that runs coils. – Well, it’s so much heavier, that’s the straight-away big disadvantage. You’ve got an air sort
of spring compared to a coil spring and the coils
are generally made of steel, and they’re just that
bit heavier, and that is probably why you don’t see
any of the cross country World Cup racers ever riding one. – In fact, it really is only
downhill bikes I suppose now really with a coil spring.
– Couple of enduro bikes, still do it. Okay, next one. SA Challenge Masters, Does your height effect
a manual or a wheelie? – Can do a little bit, I’ll
say weight more than anything. I’ve seen young kids moving
around loads on the bike, but just because they
haven’t got quite the weight to throw around it can
be a little bit harder to pick the front wheel up into manual, the wheelie it probably
doesn’t matter quite so much ’cause you’re powering
that little bit more. So, yes it does. – And then, we should just
throw them straight to a video all about how to wheelie.
– Yeah. – And they can check it out
and get some top tips and hopefully make those
wheelies last a bit longer. (lively music) – So let’s start with setup.
Any bike can be wheelied. Cross-country bike, downhill
bike, hardtail, whatever. Some are easier than others, though. I like to do this with my
saddle nice and high, because you’re gonna be pedalling and
that’s the most comfortable position to be pedalling in. Also, gearing is really important,
if you have it in too low a gear, you’re gonna spin out
really quick and you won’t keep the front wheel up, so
have it in a gear that’s almost one or two gears too hard
for your current speed. Practise this on a slight
uphill so that you’re not gonna start going too fast and now
is the time to try and get that snap of the pedals
to get the front wheel up. I like to do this as my
favourite foot just goes past the top of the revolution
and starts to drop. Try both pedals and you’ll
find one feels better than the other and isn’t necessarily
your favourite foot. – Now it’s time for the quick
fire round. Are you ready? (gunshot sound) Whoa! ITSDILL, when is Scotty getting a haircut? – Done!
– Got one. – Teddy Pulett, GMBN, could
you do a video tutorial on tuck no handers? – Couldn’t you? – Uh, I can do them actually,
– Should we give that one to Blake?
– yes, but Blake is the man to do that. So, yes. Minja, can I use a floor
bike for interval training? – Yes. – Turbo training, I guess he
means. Yup, perfect for it. All MTB, what size wheel would you prefer for cross-country racing? – 29 inch. – Me too. Jake Brophy, do you need a
licence to do a downhill race? – I’m gonna say, yes, it’s advisable. – Not all of them, some
of the smaller races you might not, but probably. Declan Ritchie, how can you rail berms? – Just hit them harder, have
fun, smile, take your foot off, maybe we should do a video? – I think we probably have,
but yeah. We’ll do another. Is it okay to wheelie standing up? – Yeah. – Hayden that’s from, by the way. Yes, actually fine. Prince Amoako Dadey, If I ride a 400 watts with one leg versus someone riding a
400 watts with two legs, does it mean I’m stronger? – Man, he’s real strong!
But, I’m gonna say yes, I mean, I don’t know
if you’d get 800 watts by using both legs,
– Yeah, I presume so. – but I’m gonna say
400 watts with one leg, you’re a strong dude. – Yeah. Sam Walsh, what’s your
favourite riding conditions? – Wet and sloppy, so
you’re sliding everywhere. – I do like that, but my favourite would probably be bone dry.
– Actually, low. – Low. Low. All are good.
– Here or dirt. – Chris Hanson, Steel hardtail
or aluminium hardtail? Steel. – Steel.
– Nice, old school. Motocross Boy, will Blake do
tutorials on dirt jumpers? – Definitely. – That’s what he’s here for. Manuel Lizardi, did
Martin or Neil get fired? – Well, Neil’s here. – I’m back. I didn’t get fired,
I just wasn’t in that video. – Yeah.
– Couple of videos. – Martin will be here later. – Yup. – He’ll be here tomorrow on the dirt show. – That’s it for quick fire round. – Ahh, that was a good round. Remember, they can keep
leaving questions for us in the comment section down below
using the hashtag AskGMBN. And of course, sending
them to the email address, [email protected] But it’s time for,
correct me if I’m wrong. – It is.
– Are you ready? – I’m ready. Let’s get in there.
– This week, it’s from Ed Petit, and he’s really
struggling with manuals, and he wants to know how
can he do them better? – Let’s take a look. – Well Neil, what do you
think? Come on you’re the manual expert so give him some tips. – Well, actually it looks
really good, technique looks perfect, with the arms, the
arms straight, your waist back, what I would say,
makes it much easier to hold a manual of you bring your bum lower. So let’s say, that’s your rear axle, through the middle of your back wheel. And the closer you get
your weight to that, the less you have to move
around, see what I mean? Let’s think about it like a pie chart, with something in the
middle. If you’re up there, you have to move a long way
round, to get the same affect, but you’re close down
here, to moving that far. And, the lower you get, will
make that a lot easier and you’ll be able to hold the
manual that much longer. Hopefully. That’s it for this week’s Ask GMBN, don’t forget to leave
your questions down below. – And this logo right here is
here for one reason, and it is to subscribe, so by
subscribing, you never miss a video from GMBN again. – Click over here for How
to do a Suicide No-Hander. – And if you want to know how to manual, then click right here. And there’s only one thing left to do. – Give us a big thumbs-up if you enjoyed this sweet-ass GMBN. – And check out the shop. – Oh yeah, and that. Two things.

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