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November 29, 2019

Hello spoopy humans, I have a spoopy guide for you today We are gonna go through and show you how to get all of the grim reaper and ghost Accessories i’m gonna call this the graveyard collection. They’re gonna jump right into our first Hunt to get the beautiful skull crown and I did this hunt with my dear friend Leah We are gonna become spoopy sisters with this item. I hope this helps you out. Enjoy the fence Oh gosh, I need so much candy Same girl ’bout to rip out all my hair. Oh, hey. Guess what? We’re doing the candy hunt Yes candy on time. So shall we shall we get started? Yes, so, here are we today? We are in misshu’s homestore. Misshu. are we gonna get a shoe when we finish? Maybe I guess we’re gonna they’ll have to wait and find out Boop. I already got the first candy. Okay, I did too We’re gonna go together So we’ll have all the same amount of candy, right? Yes. Yes exactly. We got to do it together another boop boo You know, what’s nice is if I go a second, I don’t even have to think I could just follow you. Oh Okay, oh I see mature on two, but you got to keep up girl No, I’m gonna I’m gonna help you out – okay, cuz there’s always ones we can’t find ah I’m gonna get it first! Over here right by the office. I’m going to the office So these are actually pretty big candy some maps just have really tiny candies Which is very annoying. I’m just gonna grab all the ones on the outside So I don’t have to worry about it. Okay, let’s make sure we don’t miss any. My gosh! We’re doing so good Look at how good we’re doing. I know twelve already. I’m here for that. Okay, 13 14.. Is that how many you have? 15. Yes!! We’re doing it! We’re doing so good. Okay, so let’s let’s start Oh, there’s more. Oh gosh. Okay. Wow, this is a really big Street I like that. I like the big candies – so Canada I think we should start with all the left-handed stores if there are a Yes, let’s do it. Do any of these stuff like secret doors or windows? Probably okay. Just just gonna jump on everything. I Know. Oh, no nothing. Okay. I think we should go in this store Yes, we’re already halfway done Yay. Whoo halfway there Wow. Oh Wait here. Did you go in the? Closer door I missed it somehow. Where did you get right here? All right you we’re in a cafe. I love it. This is one here. All right. All right. We’ve got some candy Oh one here back here. Oh nothing here Sorry, we’re closed no candy for you guys no clothes, and there’s like four right here Bye nudists test candies – they all have candy. Give me okay. Yeah, you have 27 I do have 27. Hey good Oh my gosh, we already had different amounts. I would be upset. I know I’d be like, how did we get here? Okay, so this seems like a store where she’s not trying to trick us Hopefully that’s always nice and she has one in two right here. Oh my gosh, my shoe. Thank you I was really cool. Are you oh, oh that’s I love you. Miss you. Oh, yeah. Oh, oh, I didn’t even see you I wouldn’t see this is why you should do it with a friend Mm-hmm here. It looks like Cheetos little rude Okay, I got you one right here wait a second do you see like a minion suit of armor? Oh I do Like a fancy minion it is oh my gosh, we a candidate and more candy here Oh, I got some left cyber meat. Oh, okay. We’re on the same page. Wait, there’s one over here here wait, we’re wait here. Oh They’re here right here. Oh my gosh. Okay, so we have 36, right? Yes good Actually, I have 38. Oh my gosh We’re doing so good We’re oh wait no, it’s not there. Where is it Oh, where’s the last? Boob sleeping get it. You’re blocking for me. I’m sorry. Sorry all ooh, do you see how she’s? There we go, there we go it’s that it’s the hair it’s two ball you think okay We need to go try on our item. Oh Okay, we’re sure Full crown shall we try it on um, yes. Oh I see as I already have a hat art I need to take off We’re gonna get hit by a car, but it’s worth it for this light waist. Yeah, I always know Let’s do a little a little pose because we are the spoopy sisters for real. Yes both basis, there’s pretty Oh my gosh, you know what? I like though. It only goes on the front of your head So it doesn’t stick anything over your hair. I love that. Oh my gosh We did now you guys know one of the easiest home stores easiest easy piece make you love you. Miss you. Thank you Thank you Know a cult outfit would be complete without a spiked Graveyard color and this item is from the pritus home store So I tried it plain and try to do black with some sort of metal color for the chain But I have to say I kind of dig it with a pattern to just a little heads up guys This is at pritus store. I hope this helps you out. Good luck You want to dress like the grim reaper well that you can if you go through the wish home store you can get the kawaii reaper accessory I can’t wait for death to come if it’s gonna be this cute Now last but definitely not least and probably the home store with the most secret location This is the miss home store You don’t need to cut a hole in your sheets or gonna get a ghost costume Feel like it goes with a theme of like death in a coal to graveyard. So here you go guys. Good luck Thank you guys so much for watching I hope this helped you out If you didn’t enjoy this Please leave a comment Also leave a like and share this video if you want to help some other friends out and help me out That I hope this helped you guys on your hunts. Have a wonderful day I love your faces, and I’ll see you in the next video Scooby sisters. Goodbye

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  1. Me: Ew no
    Haters: dislikes!
    Me: Omg yes
    Viewers: likes!
    Me:Omg so no
    Haters: noobs!
    Me: totally correct
    Viewers: Potatoes!
    Me: Omg nooo this one!

    Read it backwards c;
    Pls dont try to invade me that these are my viewers or haters -.-

  2. Hi Cyber gotta tell u something while i was playing a witch came and then something happend just watch my video is called ''ROYALE HIGH SUNSET ISLAND CRAZY THING HPPEND MUST WATCH READ DESCRIPTION'' so i think is prob a new update? idk

  3. Hi, I have a story to tell you it’s about sunset island. So I was playing sunset island and after the competition my screen went black and it told me a story and I saw a witch setting fire to sunset island!! Then I went out of my tent and sunset island was on fire then in the morning it said to me RIP and the witch killed me!! Anyway hope you enjoyed my spooky story that happened to me in sunset island!!

  4. Aww I thought I would be first comment! The video came out a minute ago according to my video ?. Like if u enjoy Cybers videos!

  5. Whenever I go on royale high it’s the same earth as before just with the Halloween theme how do you get that version?


    K so i was in sunset island AND in the intermission I GOT A WEIRD ICE WITCH THINGY any ideas what this is about??

  7. I’m so dumb to the point where I still couldn’t find a few candies ; – ;

    (0n zé pridest homestore .-.)

  8. CYBERNOVAAA i finished my candy hunt and got ALL the candies in ALL the stores and i didn’t get my badge!!!! pls help me! ToT

  9. This is the wrong time but, punk bracelets in col1 black col2 white same with cat paws but colors switched thats an outfit hack xD for RH

  10. I always get lost and still have a last candy to get, even if I'm watching a video! Somehow, I have 29 candies and you have 32.

  11. My last one in wish’s homestore is the 14 one u got and also thank u for helping me getting almost all the accessories that i want

  12. Hey cyber remember when you did that video where it's like your a Witch flying with your broomstick
    Well guess what it also works with the Dragon Staff and maybe also the reaper

  13. leah: we are in misshu's homestore

    "are we gonna get a shoe"
    -Cyber 2019

    edit: 6 likes tysm wait why is it blue?

  14. when i was about to quit the ghost costume a randomgirl pushed me into a secret area and i wanted to thank the girl but i dont know where she went so im grateful when the girl pushed me in♡

    edit 1: cybers last one was where the girl pushed me

  15. This is help full, but please stop teleporting around in Pridest home store! I found slowing the vid WAYYYY down helps!

  16. Put the ribbon necklace from winter and sparkly body chain accessory from Halloween together! (2019 halloween and 2018 winter)

  17. You should play the screen queens home store you get the Halloween star earring hoops from that like the ones on the manikin near the stores in royale high

  18. cyber: does miss home store in a few seconds


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