How to Get Steam Overlay for Blizzard Games with the Launcher
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How to Get Steam Overlay for Blizzard Games with the Launcher

November 18, 2019

Hello everyone, and thank you for
viewing this how-to video. In this tutorial, I will show you how to
easily add the Steam overlay to Blizzard games without the need of scripts or installers,
and the file path will not break whenever there is a new version of
the Launcher. I will be demonstrating this process
with Hearthstone… a free Blizzard game that I have not tested
prior to putting together this video. First, click on Games
in your Steam client and select
Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. From there,
a list of installed programs will populate. Locate
and check the empty box in front of it, then click
Add Selected Programs. Go to your Games Library
and look for Once found, right click and select
Properties. In the Target field, notice Launcher.exe Remove “Launcher” in the Target field
until it says (without any spaces). Next, click on the end quotation
and add a space, and then type: battlenet://
followed by the abbreviation of the Blizzard game you would like to run
with the Steam overlay. For example, to run
Hearthstone with the Steam overlay, the Target shortcut should look
similar to “C:Program Files (x86)” battlenet://WTCG …or wherever
the drive and install location may be. Not only will this default to the selected
Blizzard game in the Launcher, it will download necessary game updates
before running. Be sure to change the name of your shortcut so it will display the Blizzard game
in your Steam status to your friends. It is also recommended to
exit the Launcher completely before launching a Blizzard game from Steam,
otherwise your “In Non-Steam Game” status will not update when exiting the game
instead of the Launcher. This can be configured from the General section
in your Launcher’s Settings. A side note… It could take up to 30 seconds for
your Steam status to reset after exiting the game. I have tested and uploaded
in-game screenshots from Diablo 3, Overwatch, and
Heroes of the Storm from the Steam overlay
without any issues. I would assume this works
similarly for all Blizzard games tied to the Launcher, but I am not 100% certain as
I do not own every Blizzard game to confirm. If you have World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2
and would like to try to add a Steam overlay using this method,
please let me know by posting your results in the comments.
I would very much appreciate it! Abbreviations for each Blizzard game to put into the
non-Steam games shortcut are in the description below. Thank you everyone for watching
and Happy Gaming!

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  1. Works for D3 & WoW. But have to start it up twice. First starts with steam overlay, and second time it starts the game with overlay.

  2. Tried with World of Warcraft. launcher does still appear but when I launch the game through that it works perfectly fine. Thanks for the help

  3. Does this only attach the steam overlay and NOT start the game? It'll open, but I still have to start the game from I do get the steam overlay while playing though. The game I've tested is StarCraft 2.

  4. Okay, so this aint working for me! Ive done everything in the video as well as the tips you posted in the pinned comment! …What happens is when i click on PLAY on Destiny2 threw steam it launches app….in the bottom right it gives me the whole "access steam menu bla bla" that is always saysin the bottom left when starting a game threw steam….but it does that on the window…..and the game never starts, so i have to click PLAY on the actual window , which that starts the game but as soon as the game boots on my steam status "Destiny 2" goes away back to "online" and the steam alt tab doesnt work while in game!?!? …any ideas??

  5. What is the working bo4 shortcut code? I've tried blackops4 and it opens the game but says I need to start the game using battlenet. I've followed all steps both on steam and battlenet

  6. I get an "ACCESS_VIOLATION" error on the login screen of WoW every time I launch it with this and it closes the game when I hit okay. I verified that I did it correctly. It doesn't seem to work.

  7. If I put battlenet under my D drive not under program files is that ok? that's where the battlenet launcher and app is.

  8. they specifically patched this….. like why?

    Edit: new work around was found thanks to this person. Everything works fine for now.

  9. this is how it works for me :
    "C:Program Files (x86)" –exec="launch WoW"

    you put it wrong in the description "C:Program Files (x86) Launcher.exe" –exec="launch D3"
    you forgot to remove Launcher as you mention in the video, but rather than that great info.

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