how to get steam games 100% free 2018-2019
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how to get steam games 100% free 2018-2019

October 15, 2019

hey guys welcome back to another video
in this video I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to get free Steam games so this
is so this is thing that I wanted to do for a very long time but I was actually
kind of lazy but now I decide to do it and I wanna show you how so let’s start
so first you want to go to the Google Chrome or Safari your browser whatever
you use go to this thing thing unlock calm go to it you find this page over
here pre-installed for PC get free Steam games and the popular stuff on sim right
now it shows you there is a significant cuphead hitman orc fallout Skyrim rocket
League and any gaming one you want to download for free it will be on this
side so for example there was a game I saw I wanted um it’s called two point
hospital there it is you click on it you enter this site it tells you the
scripture about the game it tells you how to download it click here to
download and as you can see it tells you the size it’s one almost two gigabytes
so I’m gonna download it so I click download and here are some screenshots
of the game and comment who new game okay so you click on your fun here
download 5 here wait 5 seconds click download now I need to have WinRAR or
7-zip to to open the file you download should start now there it is really as
you can see and I’m gonna get back to you guys when it’s finished so guys now
that it’s done as you can see over here I’m gonna take it move it to my desktop
and now I’m gonna right click extract it here so now it’s done as you can see
guys over here here’s the poll we call to point hospital and diversion you open
the file go TP and you just open the application and we’ll start right now
you have the license you have and to prove to you guys that it worked I’m
gonna use it right now as you can see guys it’s working right
now it open F has the license and everything so I if you want me to upload
more videos like this to get three games want me to play the game then leave the
comment below saying that you want me to do more these videos only the game and
I’m gonna see what I can do so guys I’m if you enjoyed the video please share
the video so I’m gonna try to do my best and like I said I hope you and I’ll see
you next time

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