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How to get into archery

August 18, 2019

in this video I’m going to be telling
you about how to get into archery that’s what this video’s about. this video
is a kind of a combination of an audio lecture so hence why i’m talking over
the video and also some video footage of me and my girlfriend Coco. Our first time
at an archery range so keep watching if you want to get into archery well the reason that we got into archery
is because i used to play paintball and I didn’t want to play anymore but I
still enjoyed shooting sports and I don’t and I didn’t and still don’t have
a firearms licence Archery was the decision we made so if you’ve made the decision that you
want to get an archery for whatever reasons maybe you’ve seen Katniss
Everdeen on the Hunger Games and you think that that’s something that you
want to do you need to start looking for a local archery club so that means you
have google when you find a local archery club you need to make contact
with them and maybe that’s email maybe that’s phone, and try to attend a beginners
course usually archery clubs have a beginners course so what you’re seeing on the screen
right now as a beginners course in this particular video is the instructor,
he’s the club organizer guy named Lee And he’s instructing my girlfriend coco on
shooting so when you first arrive at an archery
club you’re going to pretty much dive almost straight into what you’re seeing
here on the screen there before this you’re probably going to have safety
rules you’ll get like a lecture or briefing or something on safety rules
and those safety rules are going to be things like bows down when collecting
arrows from the targets or bows are laid against the target
when collecting arrows it’s just a safety thing that you know
people actually have to stop shooting yeah you know you have designated
shooting zones designated non-shooting zones never nock an arrow unless
you’re about to fire it never point the arrow at another club member stuff like
that so that they will be a safety briefing stuff like that. We have been to 2 archery clubs and you know and the rules are very similar so you’ll have a safety briefing and
then you’ll jump into what you’re seeing here which is probably some basic 2d
shooting so the 2d shooting you’re seeing
right here this is me just shooting it at some 2d targets, about 10 or 15 meters away. now some basics
on how to fire a bow so you’re going to learn how to load up
the bow and how to shoot the feet are going to be placed usually
perpendicular to the target so the the feet and the body are not facing
towards the target they’re facing 90 degrees away. your lead arm you know usually like your left hand you
know it’s going to hold the bow out, your right arm is going to pull it back and
the string is gonna come all the way up and usually touch your cheek or
your jaw or your nose that’s called your anchor point and your
anchor point is critically important in learning to shoot a bow, because in order for you to be consistent and draw the bowstring – exactly the same point each time you must
have that anchor point and as you’re seeing on the video right
now i’m fumbling and you will fumble until you get the hang of it sometimes the fumbling is actually
caused by you know equipment that’s been used a bit to much and it’s not the
highest quality and right now you are seeing Lee observing coco. And her shooting stance And whilst we watch from this angle
you know it’s important to note a couple of things note the position of the feet
there they’re not facing towards the target, the
body is not facing towards the target it’s 90 degrees away And there must be what’s called correct bone alignment and these are the bones in
your left and your right arm, and your back so your left arm is generally straight it’s I could do a whole video about
that, and there is a really good guy who does this video is called
“nu sensei” he’s an Australian guy a Vietnamese guy that lives in australia
new sensei if you want to learn more specific
stuff about archery, check out his channel. so you got to have the correct
alignment you know in your you’re back in your
work your left and your right arm and you can see lee is adjusting cocos
position right there so essentially that is your shooting
form and your shooting form is going to be the the bread and butter of what
you’re going to experience on your first day of shooting so your first day of shooting you know
they’re not generally going to take on a lot of people they’re going to take on
five people 10 people or something like that and this particular Archery club the
Canterbury Archer’s society located just south of Christchurch in “tai tapu” they only take 5 to 10 people
per month and they only have 1 introductory session per month now after you have completed your
initial day at an archery range I’m jumping hit a little bit here you know there will be a sales pitch
they’re not they don’t give you like the hard sales pitch because they know it’s not a mainstream sport, they can’t be choosy about people so the sales pitch is going to be you
know to join their club it’s going to cost you this much… you
know and these are the expectations the expectations that when you come you basically must follow the rules. and the rules have basically already been explained to
you. chances are in the safety briefing actually clubs they do vary a bit and
price and terms of annual membership because you’ll have an annual
membership and you’ll have a green fee you know or field fee, whatever it is
that they call it you know that’s a fee that you pay each time you go, the
annual membership fee for archey clubs, the cheaper ones tend to be maybe
a hundred dollars a year and then they go up to probably four hundred dollars a
year at least that’s my experience locally, and if you like your
experience during your first time you’re going to want to go out and buy a bow,
and their chances are the people in the club will say don’t buy a bow, not straight away at least and i recommend doing that, following
that advice because it’s going to take you a few times of shooting different
bows till you really find the right one for you this is of critical importance
because a lot of people get what’s called being “over bowed” which means
that they actually pick out a bow that is way too heavy for them it is far more important in target archery to be actually be able to hit the target
with accuracy and get reasonable groupings and if you choose a bow that is too heavy for you the poundage is too big for the muscles
in your back and you simply can’t aim steadily enough
with it you will have poor accuracy, poor
performance and you won’t want to do archery again! And it will be your own
stupid fault because YOU rushed out and bought a bow, so don’t rush into buying
a bow, the things you want to buy are the lower cost things like your
shooting glove your, arm guard, your quiver so all those items those are lower cost things that you can
buy before you even touch a bow, and I’m must stress this again… do not buy a bow that is too powerful
for you most adults when they’re beginning
archery just starting, are only going to use maybe a 20 or 25 pound bow so just because you see bows out there
there are 40 or 50 pounds or your friend claims to be
able to shoot a 40 or 50 bow with no problem there’s more to it than that it! also
depends on what style of bow, recurve or compound bow. Compound bows are easier to shoot they simply are because they have that you lever wheel system which helps you draw the bow it’s called a “let off” it’s physically easier to shoot, not
the case with the recurve I actually shoot a 35-pound recurve and even
then on some days I find it’s a bit too powerful and i’m actually considering
going down to a 30 pound. so lastly just finishing off this video
we’re seeing a bit of 3d archery and this is target shooting at a moving target
and the 3d archery clubs where you shoot kind of like animals like models of
animals this one is like a flying pig made out of foam rubber they’re fun too.. you know if
you’ve got a 3d archery club I enjoy those ones too so we’re about to wrap up video now I
could go on forever and ever and ever and ever but if you’re after a specific Archery
stuff i recommend you look at Nu Sensei’s channel He does good archery videos but if you like travel
and adventure videos then yeah like this video leave a comment and
subscribe thanks for watching

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