How To Get Free Steam Games 2018 – *WORKING May 2018* (VOICE TUTORIAL!)
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How To Get Free Steam Games 2018 – *WORKING May 2018* (VOICE TUTORIAL!)

October 9, 2019

I whip that white, you can snow me Stoner Young Thugger
I whip it, that bitch, yeah, she know me Young Thugger Yeah, she shinin’ like butter The bitch from Chicago, I call her young Cutler Leave it to Beaver yo what is up everybody It is MC here and Today im going to be showing you a cool video How to Get Free Steam Games So yeah let’s hop right in it Go to Link in the Description! And it will take you to this website By CroatCode Search him up on YouTube subscribe! You could read all these links up above If you have any problems if you think it’s illegal, it’s actually legal because they don’t host anything. Go ahead and look for a game category look for a game im just in the Horror and look at all these games. and it’s just horror, and there is much more. Im just going to click Bendy and the Ink Machine because i made a series on it Part 1 and i need Part 2 so yeah im just going to get it go ahead scroll down it tells you instructions if you need them. Just Click Download that’s what i did so this game is actually easy to download But before we download go ahead and go to the second link in the Description. It will tell you if your computer can play the game so you don’t want to download a game and you cant run it or like it lags it’s too slow your computer it will tell you everything as you can see i can run it i have a green Checkmark so yeah we are good to go so go back and go ahead and click Download alright so im on the Download Page Just download through your browser and just let this download Alright guys now once your download is done your going to go ahead and click Save in your download location yeah just click save Make sure you have WinRaR installed and yeah Show in Folder Right Click and Click Extract to (Game Name) and yeah it creates a folder go in the folder you see these files in the folder go ahead and run them like to install the game to install all the files you need as you see i don’t have this so i don’t need to do this just install the game files whatever you got to do it tells instructions I don’t need to install nothing so i can just play the game instantly. cause this game you can and yeah that is pretty much it guys Im going to let yall watch the rest of this gameplay it’s actually not a gameplay because Im trying to do this for a video part 2 so i just quit the game once im in Anyways guys thank you so much for watching Leave a Like, Comment, Subscribe if this helped you! and yeah guys i hope you enjoy this Thank you so much for watching and Peace!!!

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