How To Get FREE Steam Games! | 100% Legal | 2019

November 20, 2019

hey hey hey guys, what is up? My name is TechNoboOriginal
and today, I’m going to show you guys how to get practically any Steam game for free!
Yes, 100% for free… and it’s legal. So unfortunately for most of you, this ONLY works for youtubers
*(and streamers) of any size *50 subscribers. and all you have to do to get the games is
to apply for a key. You’re asking now: I want to get some games for free, yes! but are they
all bad spin-offs of Japanese text-adventure games that are borderline paedophilia? well,
short answer no, because they have a lot of games. The biggest being Just Cause 3, Fallout
4 and Call of Duty Black Ops III, at this time of recording. Now I have used this website
before, so I know it works 100%, but I’m going to show you guys how to sign up and how to
get around the site and to even get free games for yourself and your channel. This is not
a sponsored video in any way; I just feel that more YouTubers should have the opportunity
to expand their channel. It’s called KeyMailer and any YouTuber can go ahead and get free
games for themselves and their channels. Simply make sure you have a YouTube channel (if somehow
you forgot, I’m not sure how you’d forget a YouTube channel that you’ve created and
upload to) but anyway, head over to KeyMailer.co once you’re there, you’ll have to make a KeyMailer
account, confirm the email and then log in. Once logged in you’ll see a few games that
you can get Steam keys for, now currently this is only Steam compatible because obviously,
they use Steam keys to distribute games and I’m not sure how you’re going to use a Steam
key on a console… yeah… there are more games if you decide to search by genre, developer,
publisher or platform. So feel free to explore for more games. Now you wonder: what’s the
catch? Well… there is no catch, there is, however, a requirement to make a gameplay
for the game (at least one) and upload it to your registered channel, if you don’t,
your account will not be punished but you will not become a higher rank (in quotation
marks) So that’s not bad, if you request games that you’re going to play for your YouTube
channel, obviously you should play them for your YouTube channel. Do you have to say everything
positively? No, do you have to lie and sell the games you got for free? No, do you have
to promote the website? No, all this website is for is to help promote games by giving
them to YouTubers. Personally, I have not made gameplays of 100% of the keys that I’ve
got. I only did a few of the ones that I thought were deserving, it’s a great opportunity to
get early access to games and promote them and other good stuff like that. Again, link
in the description down below and hopefully this website is easy enough for you to find
your way around. Leave a like if you found this helpful and want free games for your
channel and remember to subscribe for more new awesome videos. Thank you all for watching,
I’ll see you all in the next video. Peace.

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